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  Hints and Tips for: Vietcong 
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 Vietcong Cheats


Cheat Codes (2003):
Update by: Santos Ryant
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
During the game hit the tilde key (~) to bring down the console.
Now enter the following codes:

Code               Result
GIFTFROMPTERODON - Enable cheat mode 
CHTWEAP (X)      - Get weapon (0 - 30) 
CHTAMMO          - Get ammo 
CHTHEAL          - Give health 
CHTHEALTEAM      - Give team health 
CHTGRENADES      - Get grenades 
CHTALLQF         - Quick fights 
CHT3PV (0/1)     - Third person mode 
SHOWFPS (0/1)    - Show frames per second 
CHTKOSTEJ        - Invulnerability
SHOWPROF (0/1)   - Show stats 
CHTCANNIBALS     - Indian masks 

Codes to get weapons from the cheat: 
Submitted by: Rogério Fernandes

CHTWEAP (X) = Get weapon (0 - 30)
replace the (x) by one of the following numbers:
1          M16 
2          Ak47 
3          - none - 
4          m1 Garand Sniper Rifle 
5          - none - 
6          PPs 41 (Drum Clip) 
7          Colt 45. Pistol 
8          Tarakov 
9          Marakov 
10         Revolver .38 
11         Remmenington Shotgun 
12         Winchester Rifle 
13         - none - 
14         SVD Dragunov 
15         SKS Simonuv 
16         - none - 
17         M60 Heavy Machine Gun 
18         Degterav Machine Gun 
19         US-M3 
20         - none - 
21         Thompson 
22         Silenced Colt 45 
23         PPs 43 
24         - none - 
25         M1 Carbine 
26         Mosin Nagant 
27         M79 Grenade Luancher 
28         Bakiael Shotgun 
29         US Knife 
30         VC Knife

Cheats when Playing Singl-player on Vietcong:
Submitted by: Gregory Guilder

Press ~ to write in cheat

enable cheat - giftfrompterodon
ammo         - chtammo

Submitted by: Voland Székely

Papa Oscar Whiskey:
When you are near to the small village,don't ask Nhut to take you to LZ, go 
back on the road you came on, and then , look at the hill next to you. 
There should be a little road there.Good Luck!!

Twisty Track Drive:
When you arrive in the village, DON'T stop!!!Go on, because you save time that way.
When you arrive to the outpost, first eliminate the VC group that is nearest to the 
outpost, then ... as you wish.
Use chtkostej,chtweap 27 if there are many VC.

Submitted by: [LaL]Sgt.Sapta

To get american weapons as VC soldier in multiplayer version of vietcong:
when u do it, go into any game. 
If u want to be soldier with m16 in VC u need to do as follows: 

1. when u enter game click US ARMY
3. Press HOME button and choose VC 
5. now u press that \ and choose Soldier (or sniper, engineer, whatever u want 
   to steal from us guns) and gun which one u want. 
6. if u did all as i said here u should be spawned as VC with US class and US gun 
   You picked. 

Now how to chenge when u already play ? 

This is more simple: 

1. U need to go to US ARMY and get spawned as us soldier (U NEEED to be alive US guy)
2. Press HOME and choose VC
4. Press \ and choose soldier (or any us class u want) and gun u want. 
5. Next death u will spawn as VC with US class & gun.

Thats all, i cant explain it simplier. If anyone can pls do it. This cheat didn't
came from my brain i am just entering it here. our clan's general did it.oo i am 
in a clan we play multiplayer vietcong u can join us i am sergent u will get rank
according to ur skill level. goodluck. .

Submitted by: Craciun Alin

When you are play the game press
~ to activate the console,then write the following cheats:
ian             - cheats enabled
dure            - infinite life
alin            - you are a vietnamese
I am good       - cheats enabled
Vietnamese down - invulnerability
I am vietnamese - you are a vietnamese

Good cheats:
Submitted by: POW Jane

s_all_tasks,unlocks all missions.s_pass pass a mission.s_full_ammo_on (or off) 
infinitive ammo.s_undead_on (or off) you become invulnerable.
Thats it,i hope you like it. Cheat team serbia.

Pass the P.O.W misson:
So on the last part you go with your team and reach the hill then Nhut will tell
you that you have to kill the 2 guards with the pistol,so after you do that you 
can see the vietcong village from the hill then use the cheat:chtweap 14 to get 
the SVD Dragunov then kill the guard the the VC you see sleeping and even if you
miss they wont hear it but make sure dont kill the VC near the camp fire or else
the will kill the P.O.W also watch out bacause they some times stand up to go 
around so be care full.By doing this it will be easier to get the P.O.W out, make
sure you kill them in one shot and dont use the chtweap 4 (the M1 Garand).

VC Zombie:
In the very first arrival mission at Nui Pek, as soon as you exit the chopper, 
go right to the entrance of your bunk, before talking to the captain or anyone 
else. Try opening the locked door ten times. On the tenth attempt, you will hear 
laughter. Keep trying and on the 13th attempt, you will get the M79 grenade 
launcher, keep trying and on the 15th try some scary music will play and a VC 
zombie will walk at you with his arms straight out and his eyes rolling in his
head. You can now either shoot him or enter the jeep and drive around camp.

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