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  Hints and Tips for: Voice Love on Air 
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 Voice Love on Air Cheats

Voice Love on Air

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Simple Guide You May Need:
Written by Miko

-=Yuki’s Route Walkthrough=-
You need to complete the game once first (either ending, but my first 
ending was Aki’s ending), then Yuki’s route will unlock on the second 
game onwards.

-=Brief summary steps to take=-
1. Send Yuki tons of gifts that he likes.
   – His favourite gifts are eel and candies.
   – Normal gift is teddy bear.
   – AFAIK, he dislikes perfume, any food that you buy to him because he 
     thinks those are unhealthy lol.
     (The gifts not mentioned are because I never bothered to give them out to 
     him or I don’t remember)

2. Make him record radio dramas (especially his personal radio dramas) to raise 
   his friendliness fast.

3. Visit him as much as you can if you’re not busy with other characters with 
   the exclamation mark.

4. Just pick Yuki whenever an event pops up telling you to choose which person 
   to pick.

5. Yuki will invite you for beach cleaning, new year’s eve, aquarium date. 
   Do attend those.

6. You have to complete Yuki’s 3rd radio drama before June and have his 
   friendliness maxed because that’s when he will come to save you (around 
   mid June) when you get attacked.

7. Just keep on with your radio drama and routines until Yuki’s 3rd lock gets 
   unlocked around September of year 2, he will confess around mid-October later.

8. After the awkward confession, invite Yuki out on dates as much as you can to 
   read some heart-aching dialogues between the two of them.
   – Dating spots:
     (a) Friends (lock 1 unlocked)
   – Commercial Centre
   – Fun Park
    (b) Close Friends (lock 2 unlocked)
   – Cinema
   – Aquarium
     (c) Friends with Benefits? [Because they kissed each other before getting 
     together lmao] (lock 3 unlocked)
   – Beach

9. Finish Yuki’s 4th radio drama and invite him to do the final radio drama 
   that is based on the story that Aki’s sister wrote for him.

10. After the voice director of the year award and after the credits screen (if 
    you see Yuki first on the credits screen, then congrats you accomplished 
    Yuki’s ending!), you will see Aki confessing his love for Yuki ??

-=How to Get Kazunari on the Team Before the Camp at the Beach/Mountain=-
Required stats for the scripts are in this format: [Profession, Communication, 
  – Please prepare the stats so that you do not fall off track of the schedule. 
    KAZUNARI will join on the week of August 28.
  – You are advised to buy and consume items that give instant stats provided 
    you budget your money properly for the upcoming loan repayment.
1. Do the 1st compulsory radio drama (the marriage one). [40, 39, 30]
   – I send Ryousei and Junichi (believe me you need to get the friendliness 
     with Junichi up very quick)

2. Visit Junichi as much as possible, don’t bother visiting other people first 
   until you get Junichi’s 1st radio drama [82, 91, 94]. Send gifts to the 
   other guys if you see their favourite gifts on sale.

3. In the meantime, you should only visit and get Wesley on the team after you 
   read the news about him. You should unlock Ryousei’s 1st radio drama before 
   Junichi’s recording completes.

4. After finishing Junichi’s 1st radio drama, you should start working on 
   Ryousei’s 1st radio drama [104, 141, 104].

5. You should visit Wesley from time to time to get his 1st radio drama 
   [122, 234, 224] and complete it.

6. Keep learning to level up your stats before Junichi’s 2nd radio drama 
   [309, 308, 342].
   – Preparations must be completed on the week of July 24 – 28.

7. Start Junichi’s 2nd radio drama on July 31. You should be able to get Kazunari 
   joining the team on the week of August 28.

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