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  Hints and Tips for: Webkinz 
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 Webkinz Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlimited money:
Note: Coupons will go away after you log off. Make sure you have at least one
coupon. Go to the W shop. Buy something that is too expensive. Buy as many as
you have coupons. Put the coupon(s) on the item(s) then remove the coupon(s).
Exit the W shop. Look at how many coupons you have. You can repeat this as many
times as desired and use them on anything.

Dr. Quack's sign:
The eye chart in Dr. Quack's office reads as follows.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Pet sleeps on wrong end of bed:
Buy a bed. Put your pet to sleep. Click the lower portion of the bed as your pet
sleeps. Wait for one or two seconds. Your pet should now be sleeping on the wrong
end of the bed.

Free Webkinz + 10,000 kinzcash:
It is rumered that if you go to the Adoption Center and type in 117yuihd as a 
secret code you will recive a love puppy and aton of kinzcash. But there is one
downside if you don't do it correctly you could get banned like me if your 
curious and you want to compare Webkinz to Neopets or shining stars this is a
good idea to try it!

Chocolate Easter Eggs:
To find this wierd easter egg (litteraly) you have to wait until it's around 
easter time and sometimes when your playing in your room you may see an easter 
egg floating across your screen, click on it the chocolate easter eggs will 
appear in your dock. you can sell these for 10 kinzcash at the w-shop.

Speed up time:
When you log on to Webkinz, go to "Things To Do", then go to the arcade and 
click on the Wheel Of Wow. Click "Spin" and minimize your browser. Open your 
browser and go to any other website. You will hear the wheel spin very fast 
then another noise. Open up Webkinz and the Wheel Of Wow will have been done
in five seconds.

Pet stands up on bed:
Put your Webkinz to sleep. While he or she is sleeping, talk to them. After 
you say something, your pet will stand up on the bed as he or she replies to

First you must play checkers. Then when the opponet is in front of you click 
your colored pawn and click on the opponets peice. If this worked correctly 
your pawn would be hidden and could not be jumped.

How To Get 10000000 Kinzcash:
-Log into your Webkinz account and from your room call and invite your 
 friend by Webkinz phone. 
-Friend must decline the call three times in a row. 
-Power down the phone and then power it up again. 
-Press the alt key on the keyboard and hold it down. 
-Press f1, then release both keys. 
-Press and release the crtl key. 
-Press and hold the alt key and while holding down press and hold down 
 the ctrl key. 
-While still holding down the keys type
-Spend your 10000000 Kinzcash, they all are yours! 

Type 889ry5ui and you will get 100000. Repeat 100 times.

For both cheats you will need a webkinz friend and plenty of time.

First cheat is a way to earn 5000 kinzcash/hour. You take your friend and go 
to the tourment area to play a game called dicekinz. Eash of you take turns 
going away from your computer for an hour or so while the other person keeps 
playing and winning the big bucks!

Second one is the way to earn 7000 kinzcash/hour. Again, you with your pal go 
to the tourment area and play a game dicekinz. Each of you take turns clicking 
the x in the upper right coner of the Dicekinz mini-game, NOT your Webkinz 
World browser window. Keep doing this over and over and make a pile of money!

Webkinz items:
Register one of the following Webkinz online to unlock the corresponding item.

Pig: Fortune Telling Pig 
Elephant: Big Top Cart 
St. Bernard: Ski Lodge Fireplace 
Cow: Milk Truck 
Hippo: Wallowing Tub 
Basset Hound: Detective Desk 
Black Bear: Cave Bed 
Golden Retriever: Retriever Treadmill 
Black/White Cat: Yarn Ball Sofa 
Lion: Monarch of the Beasts Throne 
Cocker Spaniel: Bone Fridge 
Gold/White Cat: Kitty Dairy Fridge 
Unicorn: Magic Meadow Bed 
Rabbit: Rabbit Eared Television 
Cheeky Cat: Cheeky Cat Range 
Monkey: Monkey Business Sofa 
Frog: Lily Pad Water Bed 
Chihuahua: Poco Fiesta Throne 
Poodle: Pretty Poodle Vanity 
Tiger: Tiger Stripe Convertible 
Gorilla: Great Gorilla Hanging Chair 
Gray/White Cat: Cat Trick Trampoline 
Cheeky Dog: Cheeky Dog Grill 
Alley Cat: Big City Window 
Pegasus: Rainbow Cloud Couch 
Pink Poodle: Pink Convertible 
Google: Google Scrying Pond 
Horse: Racetrack Window 
Cheeky Monkey: Banana Hammock 
Polar Bear: Arctic Window 
Pug: Puggy Bark-o-Lounger 
Yorkie: Shaggy Yorkie Couch 
Tree Frog: Tree Frog Trampoline 
White Terrier: Trailblazin' Terrier Scooter 
Panda: Panda Ming Vase Fridge 
Bull Frog: Lord of the Pond Throne 
Pink Pony: Beautiful Blush Treadmill 
Dalmation: Rapid Rescue Fire Truck 
Bull Dog: Fire Hydrant Fridge 
Persian Cat: Super Fluffy Sofa 
Love Puppy: Tender Hearts Loveseat 
Beagle: Pawprint Dining Table 
Black Lab: Autumn Pawprint Window 
Sherbert Bunny: Springtime Basket Chair 
Spotted Frog: Reeds and Rushes Sofa 
Leapord: Wilds of the Jungle Sofa 
Koala: Wacky Eucalyptus TV 
Clydesdayle Horse: Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace 
Chocolate Lab: Cocoa Basket Bed 
Black Cat: Witche's Brew Bathtub 
Brown Arabian: Horse Show Victory Photo 
Husky: Northern Nights Bed 
German Shepard: Puppy Patrol Car 
Yellow Lab: Lap it up Pool 
Raccoon: Garbage Can Fridge 
Reindeer: Far North Sleigh 
Charcoal Cat: Paw Print Fireplace 
Black Friesian: Hay Bale Sofa 
Seal: Icy Ocean Bathtub 
Collie: Ossily Plant 
Penguin: Icy Fishing Hole Fridge 
Velvety Elephant: Elephant's Travel Trunk 
Duck: Wetlands Pond Bathtub 
Love Frog: Love Pond 
Tye-Dye Frog: Tye-Dye Frog Kaleidoscope 
Schnauzer: Schnauzer Jalopy 
Pinto: Wooden Trough Bathtub 
Gray Arabian: Three Wishes Genie Lamp 
Himalayan Cat: Yeti Mountain Window 
Turtle: Shell Racer 
Black Poodle: Poofy Poodle Chair 
Kangaroo: Desert Jumper Jeep 
Black and White Cheeky Dog: Black and Chrome Paw Stove 
Tiger Snake: Serpentine Stream 
Pink White Cat: Pink and White Scratching Post Chair 
Leapord Lizard: Lizard Lounge Chair 
Bengal Tiger: Rock Ledge Bed 
American Cocker Spaniel: FASTCAR Racer 
Brown Dog: Patchwork Couch 
Chicken: Egg Chair 

Lil' Kinz items:
Register one of the following Lil' Kinz online to unlock the corresponding item.

Pig             - Fortune Telling Pig
Elephant        - Big Top Cart
St. Bernard     - Ski Lodge Fireplace
Cow             - Milk Truck
Hippo           - Wallowing Tub
Basset Hound    - Detective Desk
Black Bear      - Cave Bed
Golden Retriver - Retriver Treadmill
Black/White Cat - Yarn Ball Sofa
Lion            - Monarch of the Beasts Throne
Cocker Spaniel  - Bone Fridge
Gold/White Cat  - Kitty Dairy Fridge
Unicorn         - Magic Meadow Bed
Rabbit          - Rabbit Eared Television
Cheeky Cat      - Cheeky Cat Range
Monkey          - Monkey Business Sofa
Frog            - Lily Pad Water Bed
Chihuahua       - Poco Feista Throne
Poodle          - Pretty Poodle Vanity
Tiger           - Tiger Stripe Convertable
Gorilla         - Great Gorilla Hanging Chair
Gray/White Cat  - Cat Trick Trampoline
Cheeky Dog      - Cheeky Dog Grill
Alley Cat       - Big City Window
Pegasus         - Rainbow Cloud Couch
Pink Poodle     - Pink Convertable
Google          - Google Scrying Pond
Horse           - Racetrack Window
Cheeky Monkey   - Banana Hammok
Polar Bear      - Arctic Window
Pug             - Puggy Bark-o-Lounger
Yorkie          - Shaggy Yorkie Couch
Tree Frog       - Tree Frog Trampoline
White Mouse     - Swiss Cheese Table

15 ways to be popular in webkinz world:
These are some tips on popularity in webkinz world

* Get some cute (cool if boy) clothes. They can even be from the kinzstyle outlet.
* Have a lot of friends and hang out with them as much as possible.
* Always draw a crowd.
* Invite people to your house.
* Decorate your room really cool and invite friends and even other webkinz you 
  don't know.
* Tell your friends about webkinz and convince them to get a code for webkinz 
  (be sure they are on your friends list, and you hang out with them a lot.)
* Tell people from social or cheat websites (if you do any) about webkinz.
* Make sure you keep on hanging out with other webkinz.
* Go to the kinzville park and go to a busy park so you can draw a really big 
* Talk to a friend about something that interests you and your friend, and 
  see if other people have the same interests.
* Be nice. Don't be the kind of popular girl (or boy) who is snobby and rude.
* Walk around talking to a friend that is following you, so that the other 
  webkinz can see you.
* Always have a positive attitude, and see if other webkinz will do the same.
* Only report people who are severely breaking the rules. Don't tell them you
  did it though, you don't want people to think you are being mean, that could 
  cause you to not be popular
* Never, and I mean never, stalk someone who is not wanting to hang out with you, 
  people will most likely think you're a stalker, and will not want to be friends 
  with you!

Note: This is how to be popular in webkinz world, not doing these rules will most 
likely cause you to not be popular, and potentially never make you popular!

Clothing combos:
Here are some clothing machine combos I know. You might not have the taste
for some of these.

Kimono                  - Chalk Flower Top, Bright Green Swim Trunks, 
                          Smocked Sun dress
Glass Slippers          - Ruby Red Shoes, Princess Hat, Pink Glasses
Superstar Shirt         - Purple Mod Hat, White Hollywood Shades, Funky Flower Pants.
Beautiful Blue Ballgown - Powdered Blue Skirt, Blue Bow, Ballerina Top.

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