Whisker Squadron: Survivor Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Whisker Squadron: Survivor 
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 Whisker Squadron: Survivor Cheats

Whisker Squadron: Survivor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Obtain Unstoppable Achievement:
* Use the Gatling Laser: Currently the best laser in the game, no 
  contest. Just be sure to manage your energy well.
* Use Crater Missiles: Donít be afraid to spam these bad boys, helps   
  a ton for clearing out things and just making tougher enemies weaker 
  so your Gatling can finish them off quick. You can spam pretty freely
  once you have upgraded your shipís missile capacity especially.
* Ship I used was The Hammer: It has a lot of Hull but also has more 
  Shield I think. Seems that way at least, could be wrong. Having good
  shield helps defend your combo as it only breaks if you run out of
  time or take hull damage. Dagger is also a good ship due to its high 
  energy and fire rate but has low shield.
* Pilot Max: I used Max as that extra option in leveling up helps with 
  getting the right upgrades sooner
* Mission Neonfall: While more difficult, I find it easier to keep killing 
  Swarm on this mission due to the smaller corridor size

-=Items I go for on level ups below=-
* Magnet: Always pick this up if it shows up, at least until you get it 
  to level 3. But I like maxing it out to 5 in most cases. It pays for 
  itself and letís you focus on fighting and not collecting exp. Also 
  basically gives you your Crater Missiles back as well.
* Combo Enhancer: A must imo. You can carry a combo to the next zone with 
  a high enough level of it and with good timing on your last kill in the 
  current zone. Kill a Swarm just before you exit the zone and then hold 
  boost and pray for a good spawn so you can continue the combo.
* Time Extender (I believe thatís what it is called): increases time based 
  ship augmentations by 20% at first level. This makes Combo Enhancer even 
* Fire Rate: This is a very important one. The more DPS you got, the faster 
  enemies melt. One of the only upgrades Iíve seen that got to Level 6 instead
  of capping at 5 from my experience.
* Gatling and Crater upgrades: I usually try to get my Gatling to level 4 at 
  least and Crater to level 3.
* Laser Drone: Works super well with Gatling. Auto aims so it can helps pick 
  off enemies you arenít currently aiming at.
* Energy given back on Crits: Another important one, should have at least 
  level 1 of this
* Combo Damage: I like this one personally as it can really increase your 
  damage once you get a combo going, which is what youíre going for so yea, 
  helps melt faster. Not as high as others on this list but still good

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