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  Hints and Tips for: Wild Hearts 
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 Wild Hearts Cheats

Wild Hearts

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Blue Spots Tips:
* Those blue spots. 
* You need to do damage to those areas.
* Based on your controls, learn to climb (RB). 
* That can highlight blue spots to ranged archers and ninja claw kids.
* Break that spot!
* Then, climb onto the monster, go to that spot, and hit your hunter 
  arm to break it and boost your strings over limit.
* Use those excess strings to rain down hell.

Where in Wild Hearts can obtain the Fumebeak Toxic Lung?:
You must locate the Fumebeak and fight the kemono guarding its chest 
to acquire a Fumebeak Toxic Lung. There are Fumebeaks in many places, 
including Harugasumi Way, Akikure Canyon, and Fuyufusagi Fort. Because 
this beast can fly, you’ll have to chase it after engaging it in combat 
for a short time. Always act in line with the kemono and employ various 
Karakuri to increase your position. The Flying Vine can attach an arrow 
to the back of the kemono and strike from below.

The Fumebeak Toxin Lung is a difficult and rare material to obtain, and 
the Fumebeak itself is challenging to hit as it can fly away easily. This 
is the best method to get this material. The following essential components 
can be obtained from fumebeaks.

It is strongly advised to construct a Bulwark in order to shield yourself 
from the devastating damage that the Fumebeak causes when it swoops down 
from the sky. In Wild Hearts, you will come across normal, mighty and deadly 
Fumebeaks. The more powerful kemonos will offer you better and more valuable 
materials. It is crucial to eliminate the more powerful kemonos before you 
kill the. In this game, you’ll need Fumebeak Toxic Hearts to upgrade and 
craft various weapons.

How to increase Normal and Rare Rewards:
Written By Mirasein

Some tips to increase the rates from getting rewards on Wild Hearts and make 
the RNG less tedious.

-=You can use two skills; Acquisition Art and Connoisseur=-
* Acquisition Art: increases the amount of materials gained from a quest.
* Connoisseur: increases the chance of finding rare materials from a quest.

-=With the following bonus the final % resultis will be=-
* 21% from Acquisition Art and 20% Connoisseur with 5% Axial Foil
* 31% Acquisition Art and 10% Connoisseur with 5% Axial Foil

-=Here's a list of some items in game that grants some %=-
* Frozen Fort Gauntlets and Frozen Fort Hakama both increase your Acquisition 
  Art by 5% each.

* Harvest Canyon Gauntlets and Harvest Canyon Hakama increase your Connoisseur 
  by 5% each.

* Every weapon class has a X of Nature's Splendor on the bottom left of the 
  tree one branch away from its final boss counterpart, consisting of both 10% 
  Acquisition Art and 10% Connoisseur.

-=Foods to improve Acquisition Art=-
* Spiral Fern: 3% Acquisition Art 5% Axial Foil (Increases stamina loss) , 
  Food cost: 35
* Dried Spiral Fern: 6% Acquisition Art, Food cost: 55
* Smoked Dried Spiral Fern: 8% Acquisition Art, Food cost: 55

Some Talismans give bonus too that myself didn't get yet but i think it's 

I found this usefull info somewhere in the web and i hope it help you too.

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