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  Hints and Tips for: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 
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 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Cheats

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Tips to Fight Bosses:
Hold guard and try to read all enemy normal attacks

Great thing is you can actually guard in this game unlike Elden Ring. 
You don’t took chipped damage either so be patient and guard. However, 
guarding so often will cause the guard gauge became full and your guard 
will break BUT if you can deflect one blow the gauge will decrease so 
that you can guard again. Sounds fair huh?

You won’t do much damage which normal attack so don’t rush

Look for chances to deflect a red attack. This is the hardest part because 
not everyone is good at timing. You have to do it yourself. If you find it 
too much then try looking for some gameplay on utube. Watching people beating
bosses can actually help because it will spoil the boss’s attack patterns and
how player can get away with it.

-=Another major tip=-
* Elemental resistances matter more than raw defensive numbers, especially 
  on enemies that use those attacks.

How to Fix Framedrop Issues:
Important note: This works on MS version.

* Go to “Nvidia Control Panel”.
* Then “Manage 3D Settings”.
* Then “Max Frame Rate” set your frame rate.

Blue Screen Fix:
This guide actually for Nvidia users only.

* If you are Nvidia user, try to rollback your graphic drivers/
  GeForce Experience.

How to Beat the First Boss:
If you go through Phase #1 easily but he is just too fast in Phase #2 
and have a wide range attack with his tentacle, then this guide will 
help you!

-=How to Beat=-
* Use a weapon with high deflection percent. 
* Makes things easier to deflect. Hit and run tactics.
* Don’t try to parry all his normal attacks.
* Dodge them if you’re not confident. 
* Always try to parry his red glowing attacks if you gonna use hit and run 
  tactics otherwise you’ll be fighting him for the next 20 minutes.

When is the Best Time to Use These Skills?:
Spirit Attacks kinda useless most of the time if you have a decent martial art 
to replace them. The only time when they matter is when you’re using them for 

* Martial Arts depend entirely on the move. 
* They either have some utility (block frames, gap closer etc) or is simply 
  better than spirit attacks.

Both are unblockable and landing either of them when you have a positive spirit 
bar will shave away enemy max spirit, so you need to abuse them.

Deflect Counter Attack is interesting. What I don’t ever see mentioned is how 
they recover all your negative spirit in one parry and puts the bar in neutral,
so they are useful if you are in a really bad spot and don’t fancy trying to 
parry a whole chain to reset yourself.

How to Unlock Chapters:
The chapter unlock method is different in NG+.

* It works on a % completion rather than main missions completion, so just 
  do a few sub missions and new chapters should unlock!

Note: Someone said you unlock a new chapter every 20% but I didn’t check 
to confirm.

How to Trivialize Mid to Late Game:
Written by BORN2DIE

* Travel to sub-mission Shadow of the Sacred Mountain (part 3).
* Jump up on the rock pillars to your right and grab the dragon’s cure powder.
* Jump down to the flag and travel to the same location.
* Pick up another powder and keep doing until you have 10 of them – if you have 
  fast loading times it should take you just a couple of minutes.
* Now you have 10 surprisingly powerful regen items that should boost your 
  healing capabilities by a lot. Equip them to your quick slot and use one and 
  start face tanking bosses. Repeat until all bosses are dead.

Useful Tips:
Written by LoOOoLq8

Here are quick tips for people who play for so long the first time.

* When you start fighting’s don’t attack first let your enemies attack you 
  then parry after parrying the attack.
* After parrying use a fast attack if your enemy is stunning use a heavy attack.
* Always use light gears to move faster and avoid attacks.
* You can repeat the same level to farm or play a side quest by going to the 
  flags and then travelling.
* Upgrade your gears and character and weapons from master smith hammer you can 
  find her from the hidden village or some levels.
* If you want to go to a hidden village go to flag the. travel than others then 
  you will find a level called a hidden village.

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