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  Hints and Tips for: Zeppelin 
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 Zeppelin Cheats


1) Crack on Money              =Offs. 452 Hex
2) Crack on Sience             =Offs. 471 Hex
3) Building time chance        =Offs. 465 and 466 Hex
4) Move Location               =Offs. 485 and 47B Hex
5) New Type of Airship         =Offs. 4A2 Hex
6) Higher the crew             =Offs. 4A8 Hex
7) Higher Airship Speed        =Offs. 4AA Hex
8) Higher Max Passagers.       =Offs. 4AC Hex
9) Higher Max Freight Capacity =Offs. 4AE Hex
1) Place 7F to have ˙2.132.706.432,00.  
   (If you do 8F, it will turn negative.)
2) Place 7F to have 127% sience on your next ship.
3) Place 01 00 to have no time on next ship buld time. 
   (Do !NOT! Place 00 00.)
4) Place number of location:
               -Athens    = 00
               -Bagdad    = 01
               -Berlin    = 02
               -Cairo     = 03
               -London    = 04
               -Madrid    = 05
               -Mexico    = 06
               -Moscow    = 07
               -N.Dheli   = 08
               -N.Orlrans = 09
               -N.York    = 0A
               -Paris     = 0B
               -San Frans.= 0C
               -Vienna    = 0E

5) To chance this, enter a Hexadecimal number of choice 
   (7F is an unexisted one)
6) Look at 5)
7) Look at 5)
8) Look at 5)
9) Look at 5)

General tips:
There are some general tips that make gameplay a lot easier. A top 
priority is to assign 30 scientists to R&D right at the start. You 
should be able to build the best airships as soon as possible. To 
help you up, you might want to take two Mark loans 
for a period of six years. It is usually a good idea to focus on 
Europe during the first years, since you have to reach the location
of a new assignment in a maximum time of three weeks. Raise the fees
for airship travels to 650 Marks. And save your game before you sign
a contract. If you have your first orders, hire 233 workers - this is
 the exact number that finishes an airship in tree weeks. 

Do not forget to fire them after they've finished their work. Once 
your financial situation becomes more comfortable, hire 10 new 
scientists every time an airship has been developed. This will 
decrease the time needed for R&D significantly. Since your hangar 
can only hold an amount of three airships, you will have to destroy 
older models once your scientists come up with better zeppelins.

It will increase your fame among the people, when your ships join 

The highest regarded route is New Delhi - San Francisco.

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