Zoo Tycoon - Dinosaur Digs Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Zoo Tycoon - Dinosaur Digs 
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 Zoo Tycoon - Dinosaur Digs Cheats

Zoo Tycoon - Dinosaur Digs

Money HexCheat:
Submitted by: Pham Quang Thien/Potter_PTH

Go to folder install Zoo Tycoon. Click right mouse in "zoo.ini" 
(Configuration Settings). Select Properties, click out Read Only then
click OK. Next, you open this file - zoo.ini - and then find line have
this text:

"MSStartingCash = 8888888
MSCashIncrement = 100000
MSMinCash       = 8888888
MSMaxCash       = 9999999"

and then you change value of money. Goodluck to you.

Name Cheats:
Rename one of your guests to the following entries to activate the
cheat function.

Result                                     Code
Blue guests and buildings                - Mr. Blue
Yellow guests and buildings              - Mr. Blonde
White guests and buildings               - Mr. White
Brown guests and buildings               - Mr. Brown
Orange guests and buildings              - Mr. Orange
Pink guests and buildings                - Mr. Pink
White birds attack                       - Alfred H
Fences deteriorate 100%                  - Russell C
Sick guests                              - Zeta Psi or Stinky
All scenarios                            - Akiyama
All animal enrichment research programs  - Lou Catanzaro
All animal care research programs	     - Adam Levesque
All animal buildings                     - Andrew Binder
All animal shelters available            - John Wheeler
All exhibit foliage                      - Charlie Peterson
All staff education research programs    - Hank Howie
All endangered animals research programs - Steve Serafino

Exhibit cheats:
After the game automatically names an exhibit, rename it to one of the 
following entries to get the animal or effect. 

Result                              Name
Triceratops                       - Cretaceous Corral
Unicorn                           - Xanadu
Chance that more guests enter zoo - Wonderland
Double exhibit donations          - Microsoft

More Money:
Submitted by: Haspa

During gameplay, press Shift + 4.

Zoo Tycoon and Dino Digs Hints:
Submitted by: Sharon Veatch

I have learned these through trial and error while playing the game for hours 
on end. All this information works on freeform and scenario games. It isn't 
foolproof and sometimes you can't get the guests happy no matter what.

Start the research as soon as you start playing the game, you need to get the 
zookeeper and worker training as soon as possible. Guests do not start coming 
until you buy an animal.If you have too many  guests, raise your entrance 
fee to over $50 and you won't get as many new ones.

The guests don't care whether you a beautiful zoo or not.  All they care about 
is food,trash,poo,bathrooms, and ANIMALS,ANIMALS,and MORE ANIMALS. The spacing 
of these things is extremely important. When you add ANY building, put a path 
to it and one path square under the entrance.

I play the game on Pause while I build exhibits and decorate so that I don't 
use all my time trying get the geusts happy. I only turn it back on to see if 
the animals like the exhibit or if I need to change something.Time does not 
pass while you are Paused. You can check the suitibility of the exhibit by 
clicking on the tree at the bottom right hand corner. The click on the exhibit 
name.Then put you cursor on the  end of last of the bars on the graph that should 
come up. This you suitiblity rating-it should be 90 or better-.  If it isn't, go 
back and add or subtract some foliage and rocks till it is.If your animals aren't 
happy, neither are your guests!!

The resaurant that is originally in the game has a bathroom and trash cans-use it 
only and you won't have any trash.
Be sure to place it facing different directions. One restaurant will feed about 75 
people. Be sure to place one within 20 squares of the entrance because they enter 
and get hungry FAST.

The only other buildings that the guests care about are the  petting zoo and animal 
theater, and occassionally , the japanese garden. The carousel works pretty well,too. 
The animal houses only please the children.

If you have a long path between restaurants ,place a large bathroom about half way,
this cuts down on complaints. Family bathrooms hold 8 people at a time and small 
ones hold 2.

It does not matter which fence or which path you use for anything you build. If 
you leave a row of grass between the exhibits and your path the animals will not 
feel crowded by guests and the guests can still see them. Exhibits shoud be at 
lest 10 fence sections in each direction-be sure to put windows so guests can 
see in.

Make sure that your guests are always walking past an animal exhibit--even when 
there is resaurant or animal house on one side-put an exhibit on the other side 
or around the building and showing on each side of it. They are not happy if 
they can't see animals!!

Once you place a trash can or a bench you will get trash everwhere and guests 
will complain about no seating and the the trash. I do not put benches in, or 
trash cans.If you use any of the small buildings, the same thing happens.

Hire lots of maintenence workers and they will take care of the trash and repair 
fences. One for every 50 guests works pretty good.

Assign one zoo keeper per exhibit- it will get you better care of animals. 
Then put one in and  don't assign him\her  to an exhibit-he will roam and help 
the others.

The savannah animals are least popular so I put them in the front of my zoo so 
that they see them first. More popular animals in the back will draw your guests 
that direction.

If you build terrain use the cliff type one,animals like it better. When you put 
in foliage or rocks- put four in each square- it is denser and the animals like 
it better. Use Control-G to turn the grid on and off so you can see the squares. 
Most of the animals like the little rocks better. Whey you stop getting happy 
faces ad get a red one- stop putting that item in. Most animals like more than 
one kind of tree-experiment and you have prettier exhibits.

I hope all this helps ease some of the frustration while playing this game. You can 
get more animals,objects and builing on line at  the different Zoo Tycoon sites and 
some great cheats and hacks,too.  If you have not upgraded you game through the 
Microsoft game upgrade available on the Microsft site, you will never get animals 
or guests happy. I play with all the cheats and hacks because for me the obect of 
tha game is to have fun and enjoy the experiece!!!!!!

Name a guest Dinoman to unlock all dinosaurs:
Submitted by: demon_hunter

Name a maintenance worker Bob V all currently broken fences are fixed
Name a guest Eggman all dinosaur eggs hatch more quickly
Name a guest Ron Propst to unlock all Dinosaur Foliage research program
Name an exhibit Copralite Corner, all dinosaur poo turns into rocks
Name an exhibit wonderland and get a bonus toward the chance of guests 
entering the zoo
Name an exhibit Super Croc to unlock Dienosuchus

New animals:
Submitted by: demon_hunter

name an exhibit Super Croc to unlock Deinosuchus

Download new animals from:
Submitted by: demon_hunter

How to get a dragon:
Submitted by: hannah

You name an exhibit mystery island.Then you go to adopt an animal 
panal and there is you drogon.

Scaring guests with dinosaurs:
If you want to be mean, then buy two or more big dinosaurs that are the same 
and place them in an electrified exhibit. First, cover the door with a massive 
rock so that the guests cannot escape. Then, pick up guests one by one and 
drop them in the exhibit until there are hundreds of them. The best way of 
getting the dinosaurs to chase guests is to make them angry by placing lots 
of trees and rocks that they do not like; and put shops, paths, and benches 
in them. Then, put the dinosaurs in a different exhibit and wait for the 
guests to settle in and buy things. Once they have settled in, put the 
dinosaurs back in their original exhibit and watch them run. Also, the 
blocked door means that they cannot get out. An angry dinosaur chases 
the guests better.

Easy fence repair:
Instead of waiting for a maintenance worker, just buy the same kind of fence 
and replace the deteriorating part. If you are low on money, pick up the 
worker and move him to the fence. However, there is no guarantee he will 
work on it -- they will just walk away.

Use any fence with dinosaurs:
To use any fence to hold dinosaurs (and save money), decrease the elevation 
of the exhibit two to four spaces down and surround it with any fence. The 
dinosaurs will not get out. Decreasing it by four spaces is Recommended for 
T-Rex, Allosaurus, and Spinosaurus. 

No rubble or trampled terrain:
To stop a dinosaur from making rubble, use rocks that they like as a fence to 
keep them out of part of the exhibit, then put trees in that part. Also, for 
Zoo Tycoon animals, block off part of the exhibit then put terrain that can be 
trampled there. In their part of the exhibit, put Dirt, Sand, Brown or Gray 
Stone, or Snow. You can also use water as a fence if the animal cannot swim.

Corral a group of T-Rexes in a large cage. Make sure they are well nourished. 
Allosaurs also work just as well, and may work even better when with T-Rex. 
Wait until they are full grown. By this time you should have a good sized zoo. 
This works best on large maps with lots of statues and objects, and quite a lot 
of customers and staff. If you want to save any one from the apocalypse, make a 
large electrified exhibit and put the animals you want to save and a few 
commodities such as stalls, rest rooms, trash cans, benches, and finish it off 
with some plants and grass. 
The chosen ones who get to be in the "anti-apocalypse" cage will be living well, 
while out side this lush environment is a wasteland full of despair and misery. 
To even further increase the entertainment value of all this, the Allosaurs 
and T-Rex will eat the guests and staff.

Unlockable: Animals:
To Unlock Deinosuchus name a ready made exhibit 'Super Croc'. 
To Unlock the Unicorn, Name a Ready-made Exhibit 'Xanadu'. 
Unlock Triceratops by naming a ready-made exhibit 'Cretaceous Corral'. 

Note: If you don't have a Ready-made Exhibit, then build a few exhibits,
and then name the first one 'Super Croc' ect.

Unlock Deinosuchus:
To unlock the Deinosuchus, complete all scenarios. Select "No" when the final 
scenario concludes and you will be told that the Deinosuchus has been unlocked.

Another way of feeding giant lizards (e.g T-Rex) is putting a herbivore dinosaur
in the carnivore's exhibit. But, remember, carnivore dinosaurs such as T-Rexes 
or Allosauruses will be most likely to step on the eggs and break them.
To prevent this from happening, either:

Raise a patch of terrain high enough so the T-Rex or Allosaurus dosen't reach it.
Make a small exhibit, put the egg in there and wait for it to hatch. When the 
dinosaur hatches, put it in the carnivore cage and the carnivore will roar then
it will chase after it. If it touches it, dust and stars will appear in the 
carnivore cage and most likely the herbivore would have been eaten by the 

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