Zoo Tycoon - Complete Collection Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Zoo Tycoon - Complete Collection 
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 Zoo Tycoon - Complete Collection Cheats

Zoo Tycoon - Complete Collection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Additional Money: 
This requires you to do some file editing, but it's very easy. Open the 
"zoo.ini" in your Zoo Tycoon directory with notepad or a similar text editor.
Find the line that says "MSMaxCash". Change the figure next to it to 
whatever you want. This will change the maximum amount of money you can
choose from when you start a zoo in the sandbox mode, for example. 

Developer Mode: 
If you have one of the BETA versions, hit Ctrl-D to access the Developer Mode.
It will allow you to move zoo entrances and fences, add odd buildings, and even
add vehicles. Remember, this only works in the BETA builds of Zoo Tycoon. 
I tried it with the full version, and it didn't work. 

Make Trees or Grid Disappear/Appear: 
By pressing CRTL + F, you can make all trees in your zoo ''disappear'' (they
still exist, they are just invisible for building purposes). Select CRTL + F
again to make them reappear. 

By pressing CRTL + G, you can make the main zoo grid appear of dissappear,
allowed you to judge the zoo from a regular smooth vantage point, or see 
each individual square. 

Unlock Triceratops:
Name one of your exhibits "Cretaceous Corral". This will unlock the Triceratops.
I should also note that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will
crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this,
so keep it in mind. 

Yellow brick road: 
Make an exhibit with a lion, a tiger and a bear. This will unlock the yellow
brick path.

Exhibit codes: 
Name one of your exhibits accordingly for the desired effect. 
It should also be noted that if you name a brand new exhibit using 
this cheat, it will crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new 
exhibit has experienced this, so keep it in mind.

Microsoft  - Double Exhibit Donations 
Blue Fang  - Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions 
Wonderland - More people come 
Xanadu     - unlock the Unicorn 

Guest Name Codes: 
Rename a guest to the name given for the desired effect.

John Wheeler     - All Animal Shelters Available 
Akiyama          - All Scenarios Completed 
Dr Dolittle      - animals breed more 
Alfred H         - birds frighten guests 
Mr. Pink         - Change's everyone's shirt to pink. 
Mr. Blue         - Changes everyone's shirt blue 
Mr. Brown        - Changes everyone's shirt to brown. 
Mr. Orange       - Changes everyone's shirt to orange. 
Mr. White        - Changes everyone's shirt to white. 
Mr. Blonde       - Changes everyone's shirt to yellow. 
Bill Gates       - donates a lot of money 
Adam Levesque    - Get all Animal Shelters 
Bill Clinton     - hamburger demand goes up 
Russell          - Make Fences Deteriorate 
Zeta Psi         - Make Some Guests Puke 
Hank Howie       - Research all Staff Research Automatically 
Andrew Binder    - Unlock all Animal Houses and types 
Lou Catanzaro    - Unlock all animal toys 
Charlie Peterson - Unlock All Foliage 
Steve Serafino   - Unlock Endangered animals

Submitted by: the Beautiful fairy

Please type:Magic,Magic,Magic:::::
Look carefully in the list. Infact,the zoo tycoon list, if it doesn't say zoo
tycoon perhaps it will say ALL click and hold on the word then, select zootycoon.
And maybe just possible you'll find a beautiful unicorn.

Cheat & Hints:
Submitted by: Coolio Doolio

Guest Name          Cheats 
John Wheeler      - All Animal Shelters Available.
Akiyama           - All Scenarios Completed.
Dr Dolittle       - Animals breed more.
Alfred H          - Birds frighten guests.
Mr. Pink          - Change's everyone's shirt to pink.
Mr. Blue          - Changes everyone's shirt blue.
Mr. Brown         - Changes everyone's shirt to brown.
Mr. Orange        - Changes everyone's shirt to orange.
Mr. White         - Changes everyone's shirt to white.
Mr. Blonde        - Changes everyone's shirt to yellow.
Bill Gates        - Donates a lot of money.
Adam Levesque     - Get all Animal Shelters.
Bill Clinton      - hamburger demand goes up.
Russell C         - All Fences Deteriorate.
Russell           - All Fences Deteriorate.
Zeta Psi          - Make Some Guests Puke.
Hank Howie        - Research all Staff Research Automatically.
Andrew Binder     - Unlock all Animal Houses and types.
Lou Catanzaro     - Unlock all animal toys.
Charlie Peterson  - Unlock All Foliage.
Steve Serafino    - Unlock Endangered animals.
Bill Gates        - Donates a Lot of Money.
Dinoman           - Unlock All Dinos.
Eggman            - Eggs Hatch Immediately After a Scientist Checks It.
Ron Propst        - Dinosaur Foliage Research Program.
foringus loringus - Turn 1 Mermaid into A Merman.
Horse             - Unlock the Seahorse.
Name 2 Guests Fin - Unlock the Angelfish.

Exhibit codes 
Microsoft         - Double Exhibit Donations.
Blue Fang         - Guests pay 2x original amount for attractions.
Wonderland        - More people come.
Xanadu            - Unlock the Unicorn.
mystery island    - Unlock the Dragon.
xandoo            - Unlock the Yeti.
Copralite Corner  - All dinosaur poo turns into rocks.
Super Croc        - Unlock the Dienosuchus.
fire reptile      - Unlock the Dragon.
doflopnok         - Do-Do Bird.

Animal Unlocks 
Water Clam        - Put a Pacific Clam (from structures) in an exibhit 
Mermaid           - Put a Mermaid Statue in a tank of water 
Dodo              - Name a Dodo Mr.Dodo (Dodo from Alice in Wonderland).
White Dodo        - Name a Dodo Doflopnok 
Red Panda         - Name a Panda Blackly 
Bigfoot           - Name a Yeti Bigfoot 
Spyro's Friend, Bentley - Name a Yeti Bentley 
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Name a Reindeer Rulpoln 
Spyro's Friend, Agent9 - Name a Monkey Agent9 
Orangutan         - Name a Ape, Chimpanzee, or Gorilla Borneo 
Wallaby           - Name a Ape Kangaroo 
Mountain Gorilla  - Name a Gorilla Mountain 
Magnet The Polar Bear - Name a Tiger Nope 
All Worker Dogs and Great Dane - Name a Tiger Dog 
White Elephant & White Fox - Name Your Zoo SANI AND RAFI MIYA BHAI 
Hector Dolphins - Name a Bottlenose Dolphin Hector 
Killer Bees     - Put an Insect House in a Crocodiles Exhibit 

Shift + 4 ($) 
Note-Destroys Fences and Pollutes Water 

Change pointer hand color 
Press [Ctrl] + C. 

Jurassic Park 
Name a guest Barney. The guest should now be in a Barney the dinosaur 
costume. Rename the same guest Bad Weekend. Open the Freedom game menu 
and select the "Jurassic Park" entry. 

Darth Vader worker 
Name any staff Darker Side. Darth Vader will be on the Hire Staff screen. 

Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania Demo Game 
Up, Left, Down, Left, Right, Left at the title screen. 
A sound will confirm code entry 

Fix All Fences 
Name a Male Maintenance Worker Bob V 

Scientists Walk Faster 
Name a Scientist Dr. Scholl 

Cut Off Tour Guide Salaries 
Name a tour guide Rosalie 

Unlock the Photo Booth 
After winning the Shark World scenario, you'll unlock the photo booth. 
Check your structures menu and it will be there. 

Yellow Brick Road Footpath 
Place a lion tiger and bear in the same exibit 

Crazy fountain 
Enter the menu to buy a fountain. Right click on the 
"Elephant Fountain" and press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Alt]. 
Your fountain will spray water all over your guests. 

If you want any animal or every animals shelters,toys,and everything in 
the demo or any other version just type 'everything we want'when you are 
playing the game.Make sure that the game is not paused.And if you want 
baby animals and male and female animals just type family. 
and all your cheats will work. 

More Money
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "zoo.ini" file in
the game folder. Locate the following lines and change the values after the 
"=" as indicated. Note: The changes only affect new games and do not work on 
saved games. 


Egg contents change:
Name a scientist Dr. Frankenstein for a 10% chance that an egg will change its 
contents when the scientist visits.

Christmas tree:
Set the system date to December 25th. A Christmas tree will be available in the tree 
section, directly above the plants that grow in water. 

Wait until you get the mermaid statue. When you get it, place it in a water tank. You 
will have to wait a moment for it to appear.

No rubble or trampled terrain:
Block off part of the exhibit then put terrain that can be trampled there. In their 
part of the exhibit, put Dirt, Sand, Brown or Gray Stone, or Snow. You can also use 
water as a fence if the animal cannot swim.

Submitted by: Stevan

Go to the kids zoo and name a saltwater crocodile Double Slaper and it will grow two 
tails and put in another male and the one that has two tails will slap the other one

Feed Guests to Squids:
First, make a sea tank with those giant squids in it, then grab a guest, pick it up, 
and drop him in the tank, he will swim away but you can stop that by constantly grabbing 
the guest, if the squids reach him he/she will be pulled underwater, the guest will come 
back above water, but it's rather fun to see it.

More money:
Press [Shift] + 4 to get $1,000. Note: When this code is used your park fences will 
break and your animals will escape. This code is best used before any exhibits are 

Guests get eaten by T. Rex:
Make sure a guest is near by. If you have a T. Rex relese it. The guest should get eaten.
Note: seel the entrance so no one can get out. Also,don't a the DRT, otherwise it won't 

Submitted by: 666=Evil
Name a hippo Fat. It will sumo restle with another hippo.

How to get snowman:
Submitted by: Yazdan

Change the date to 25 December.In the animals menu the will be a snowman.

Submitted by: Bratzgirl411

Name a male guest Boogyman and he will scare all of the children he walks by 
away and leave.

How To Get More Money:
Submitted by: ranny scholl

All you have to do is push shift and number 4 and you will get more money but by 5,000 
per time you press it. Hold IT DOWN!!!

Jurassic Park: 
Submitted by: Blaze The Cat

Name A Guest: Dr. Malcolm
And Then Put The Same Guest In A T-Rex Exhibit.
Go To The Free Form Game Menu And There Will Be A Jurassic Park Scene. Click It And All 
The Dinosaurs From Jurassic Park Will Be In The Dinosaur Digs place. 

Make dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs eggs:
Submitted by: hahaigetit

You know the dinosaur before the allasaurus? Well the only way to make them happy is to 
give them other dinosaurs eggs. Note: They will eat the eggs you put in so you cant mix 
other dinos with those ones unless you make another exibit inside of it and take away 
the fence when it hatches.

Marine Mania Tank Door:
On Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection, instead of moving the animals to a Tank when you want
them to perform, hook a Show and a Exibit tank together and a Little door will be made 
for them to go throught to make it to and from the show tank.

Submitted by: Jeroen v

Dinosaurs make trees crumble and when they do the say that they don't like rumble.
What i do was to put the trees behind the water.
The great dinosaurs don't swim.

How To Get Animals Right After You Can't:
Submitted by: Anonymus

If Your Animals Are Unhappy And It Says You Cannot Buy Animals Until You Make Them Happy 
Grab Whoever Takes Care Of That Animal And Place Them IN The Animals Exhibit Or Tank A 
Couple Times And Then It Will Say That You Can Buy Animals. 
(Note:This Cheat Only Works If The Game Is Not Paused)

Angry Guests?:
Submitted by: Leah

Got any angry guests? Then hatch an Allosaurus! They have an appetite for LIVE meat. 
Pick up your angry guest(s), place them in the Allosaurus cage, and be sure to block 
the exit with a wall. Shortly, your Allosaurus will attack and eat the guest.

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