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  Hints and Tips for: Zoo Tycoon 
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 Zoo Tycoon Cheats

Zoo Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Sharon Veatch

The current list of cheats that do work on all versions of the game are as follows: 
Name a guest while the game is Not paused and get the following things, be sure to 
type with capitol letters!

John Wheeler              - all animal shelters
Hank Howie                - all staff resarch
Steve Serafino            - All endangered species
Andrew Binder             - All animal houses
Charlie Peterson          - All foliage
Lou Catanzaro             - All animal toys
Adam Levesque             - All animal care programs
Akiyama                   - Unlock all scenarios
Bill Gates                - higher donations
Alfred H                  - white birds attack and scare  people
Yoko Ono                  - all fences deteriate

Name a tour guide Rosalie and all your guides will work for free.

Name an exhibit: 
(go to the exhibit list and change the name after the game has named it)

Xanadu                    - get unicorn
Creteaous(check spelling) - get trriceratops
Microsoft                 - more donations
Blue Fang                 - more people want to come to your zoo
Control-F                 - folaige off and on
Control G                 - grid off and on
Shift-4                   - all the mony you want . 

Keep holding them down and you will get tons of money, but do it at the 
beginning of the game because it tears down your fences-you must NOT have 
the game paused while doing this.

The down side to all these cheats is that they disappear when you save a 
game and then load it to play again. But you can type them in again and 
they will work.

Submitted by: Pham Quang Thien/Potter_PTH

Go to folder install Zoo Tycoon. Click right mouse in "zoo.ini"
(Configuration Settings) Select Properties, click out Read Only then click
OK. Next, you open this file - zoo.ini - and then find line have this text:

"MSStartingCash = 8888888
MSCashIncrement = 100000
MSMinCash       = 8888888
MSMaxCash       = 9999999"

and then you change value of money. Goodluck to you.

Submitted by: AJK1030

Put penguins and warthogs in the same pen. In a few minuts you should see one
of the penguins attacking or killing one of the warthogs. This cheat is just 
for fun. I found it out my self!

Submitted by: Dj Simo

To make a baby animal of any species then build an exhibit. Go to the Adopt an
Animal then in between the middle and the bottom you will see three golden symbols.
A circle with an arrow pointing southeast, an I, and a circle with a cross pointing
down. Click on any species then the circle with the arrow. Put to animals in the 
exhibit. Then click on the circle with the cross on it. Put two of that species 
in the exhibit. Then try to make that species really happy and you will get a baby.
(It takes time)

Submitted by: Dr.minesh vadsmiya

To reduce the cost of animals and everything of this game: Open any file with *.ztd
extension like animals2.ztd with winzip/winrar, than search for *.ai files like and open it with notepad and search for cpurchasecost and reduce the cost
and save it.. by changing cost of all animals, stones, fences, items and everything 
in the game you can reduce the cost.

Bonus $10,000:
Submitted by: Levi

Hold down shift and 4 to get $10,000.note do this before starting to build your zoo
because while doing this cheat the fences will wear out very quickly.

Name cheats:
Submitted by: stuff

Click on a geust and then rename them

Result                         Code 
Blue shirts                    Mr. Blue  
Yellow shirts                  Mr. Blonde  
White shirts                   Mr. White  
Brown shirts                   Mr. Brown  
Orange shirts                  Mr. Orange  
Pink shirts                    Mr. Pink  
White birds attack             Alfred H  
Fences deteriorate 100%        Russell C  
Sick guests                    Zeta Psi  
All animal shelters available  John Wheeler  
All research complete          Hank Howie  

Exhibit cheats:
After the game automatically names an exhibit, 
rename it to one of the following entries to get 
the corresponding animal. 

Animal        Name 
Triceratops   Cretaceous Corral  
Unicorn       Xanadu 

Yellow brick road footpath:
Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit.

All scenarios:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; 
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. 
Use a text editor to edit the \"zoo.ini\" file. Add 
the following entries under the [scenario] section. 


Submitted by: Stephanie Spicer

Hit ctrl+d, this puts you in developers mode. Now you will see a 
little "x" on the bottom right hand side of the screen. 
Hit the "x" and you will be able to give your self as much 
money as you want PLUS there are a few other things you can do. 
Found this by accident so hope ya like it!

Submitted by: nightraider
This method works for Freeform games only, for the scenarios you have to edit
scnXX.scn, where XX means the number of the scenario, and which is located in

Open "", then search for the file "economy.cfg". Open it with Notepad,
the search the following line:cash=50000. Enter the amount of money you would 
like to have, than save the file. When you start a new game you will have the 
cash you wanted. I discovered this myself,so if you use this cheat on your web
site then please give me the credits. 

Editable scenarios:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the
file before proceeding. To change a scenario feature, edit a scn.scn file, where
indicates the number of the scenario, located in the "" file.

Change starting money:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a 
backup copy of the file before proceeding. Open the "" 
file, then search for the file "economy.cfg". Use a text editor 
to edit that file and search for the "cash=50000" line. Enter 
the amount of money you would like to have, than save the file.

Unlock the Triceratops:
Name one of your exhibits "Cretaceous Corral". This will unlock the Triceratops. 

Unlock the Unicorn:
Name one of your exhibits "Xanadu". This will unlock the Unicorn. 

Cheat Method:
1. Open config.ztd with winzip.
2. Open Economy.cfg with notepad or wordpad.
3. Search for cZooDooRecyclingAmount and change the number 
   to whatever you want. This will be the profit for every 
   recycle you do. Normally you recycle around 8-12 times per month. 
4. Also, look for cKeeperCost which should be 800. This is the salary 
   you pay your zoo keepers. Change it to something lower and your 
   expenses will decrease dramatically. 
5. If you want more money at start of the game, edit zoo.ini with notepad 
or wordpad and find a line called MSMaxCash. Change that to whatever 
you want and you can start out with a couple of million. 

Getting More Cash In The Demo Version:
Submited by nick

in your zoo tycoon demo directory find the zoodemo.ini 
and open it with notepad. Find where it has "MSStartingCash" 
and type the amount of money you want to start with. 
Under that you will see a "MSCashIncrement" skip that 
and go to "MSMinCash" and type the minimum amount of 
cash you can get. Under that you will see a "MSMaxCash" 
and type the amount you want the max cash you can get to 

Getting More Cash In The Demo Version:
Suvmitted by: S.karthik ,Chennai

Open the path where ZOO TYCOON is installed. Click the zoodemo (not the game
file which has a eye with the word ZOO)which is the configuration settings 
file.Search for MSStartingCash= 75000. Change the 75000 into some other value.
Run ZOO TYCOON, and play a FreeForm game.Now you will have the amount you

Submitterd by: Mental

Crazy fountain: 
Enter the menu to buy a fountain. Right click on the "Elephant Fountain" and 
press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Alt]. Your fountain will spray water all over your 

Set all tour guides salaries to zero:
Name one of the tour guides Rosalie. 

Dancing cucumbers guests: 
Name your zoo Green Brine and on May 17 a group of dancing cucumbers 
with hula skirts will appear. 

Jurassic Park: 
Name a guest Barney. The guest should now be in a Barney the dinosaur 
costume. Rename the same guest Bad Weekend. Open the Freedom game menu 
and select the "Jurassic Park" entry. 

Darth Vader worker: 
Name any staff Darker Side. Darth Vader will be on the Hire Staff screen. 

Evil Penguins: 
Put a herbivore with a penguin. After a fight, all penguins will be evil. 

Killer bees: 
Put an insect house in a crocodile's exhibit. A swarm of killer bees will 
attack your guests. 

Animals rampage:
Put all the animals in the same exhibit then set them free. They will tear 
down your trees, trample your paths, and reduce your buildings to rubble. 

Yellow brick road footpath: 
Place a lion, tiger, and a bear in an exhibit. 

Zoo Tycoon and Dino Digs Hints:
Submitted by: Sharon Veatch

I have learned these through trial and error while playing the game for hours 
on end. All this information works on freeform and scenario games. It isn't 
foolproof and sometimes you can't get the guests happy no matter what.

Start the research as soon as you start playing the game, you need to get the 
zookeeper and worker training as soon as possible. Guests do not start coming 
until you buy an animal.If you have too many  guests, raise your entrance 
fee to over $50 and you won't get as many new ones.

The guests don't care whether you a beautiful zoo or not.  All they care about 
is food,trash,poo,bathrooms, and ANIMALS,ANIMALS,and MORE ANIMALS. The spacing 
of these things is extremely important. When you add ANY building, put a path 
to it and one path square under the entrance.

I play the game on Pause while I build exhibits and decorate so that I don't 
use all my time trying get the geusts happy. I only turn it back on to see if 
the animals like the exhibit or if I need to change something.Time does not 
pass while you are Paused. You can check the suitibility of the exhibit by 
clicking on the tree at the bottom right hand corner. The click on the exhibit 
name.Then put you cursor on the  end of last of the bars on the graph that should 
come up. This you suitiblity rating-it should be 90 or better-.  If it isn't, go 
back and add or subtract some foliage and rocks till it is.If your animals aren't 
happy, neither are your guests!!

The resaurant that is originally in the game has a bathroom and trash cans-use it 
only and you won't have any trash.
Be sure to place it facing different directions. One restaurant will feed about 75 
people. Be sure to place one within 20 squares of the entrance because they enter 
and get hungry FAST.

The only other buildings that the guests care about are the  petting zoo and animal 
theater, and occassionally , the japanese garden. The carousel works pretty well,too. 
The animal houses only please the children.

If you have a long path between restaurants ,place a large bathroom about half way,
this cuts down on complaints. Family bathrooms hold 8 people at a time and small 
ones hold 2.

It does not matter which fence or which path you use for anything you build. If 
you leave a row of grass between the exhibits and your path the animals will not 
feel crowded by guests and the guests can still see them. Exhibits shoud be at 
lest 10 fence sections in each direction-be sure to put windows so guests can 
see in.

Make sure that your guests are always walking past an animal exhibit--even when 
there is resaurant or animal house on one side-put an exhibit on the other side 
or around the building and showing on each side of it. They are not happy if 
they can't see animals!!

Once you place a trash can or a bench you will get trash everwhere and guests 
will complain about no seating and the the trash. I do not put benches in, or 
trash cans.If you use any of the small buildings, the same thing happens.

Hire lots of maintenence workers and they will take care of the trash and repair 
fences. One for every 50 guests works pretty good.

Assign one zoo keeper per exhibit- it will get you better care of animals. 
Then put one in and  don't assign him\her  to an exhibit-he will roam and help 
the others.

The savannah animals are least popular so I put them in the front of my zoo so 
that they see them first. More popular animals in the back will draw your guests 
that direction.

If you build terrain use the cliff type one,animals like it better. When you put 
in foliage or rocks- put four in each square- it is denser and the animals like 
it better. Use Control-G to turn the grid on and off so you can see the squares. 
Most of the animals like the little rocks better. Whey you stop getting happy 
faces ad get a red one- stop putting that item in. Most animals like more than 
one kind of tree-experiment and you have prettier exhibits.

I hope all this helps ease some of the frustration while playing this game. You can 
get more animals,objects and builing on line at  the different Zoo Tycoon sites and 
some great cheats and hacks,too.  If you have not upgraded you game through the 
Microsoft game upgrade available on the Microsft site, you will never get animals 
or guests happy. I play with all the cheats and hacks because for me the obect of 
tha game is to have fun and enjoy the experiece!!!!!!

unlock the dragon:
Submitted by: hannah

You name an exhibit fire reptile.

Submitted by: harsh

Place a lion and a girafe in an will see that 
the lion eats the giraffe in a few moments.

Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

#cheat1)Additional Money 
This requires you to do some file editing, but it's very easy. Open the zoo.ini 
in your Zoo Tycoon directory with notepad or a similar text editor. Find the line 
that says ''MSMaxCash''. Change the figure next to it to whatever you want. 
This will change the maximum amount of money you can choose from when you 
start a zoo in the sandbox mode, for example 

#cheat2)Additional Money (2nd Method) 
Press Shift+4 (basically like typing the $), and you'll get an instant $10,000 

#cheat3)All Animal Shelters Available 
Rename one of the guests to John Wheeler 

#cheat4)All animal toys 
Rename one of your guests Lou Catanzaro and you'll receive all the animal toys 

#cheat5)Change Guest's Shirt Color 
Rename the guests to the name indicated below to get the desired color: 

Mr. Blue - Changes everyone's shirt blue. 
Mr. Blonde - Changes everyone's shirt to yellow. 
Mr. White - Changes everyone's shirt to white. 
Mr. Brown - Changes everyone's shirt to brown. 
Mr. Orange - Changes everyone's shirt to orange. 
Mr. Pink - Change's everyone's shirt to pink. 

#cheat6)Developer Mode 
If you have one of the BETA versions, hit Ctrl-D to access the Developer Mode. 
It will allow you to move zoo entrances and fences, add odd buildings, and even 
add vehicles. Remember, this only works in the BETA builds of Zoo Tycoon. 
I tried it with the full version, and it didn't work.  

#cheat7)Double Exhibit Donations 
Name one of your exhibits ''Microsoft.'' 

#cheat8)Get all Animal Shelters 
Name one visitor to your zoo Adam Levesque to unlock all Animal Shelters 

#cheat9)Get All Scenarios Completed 
Name any visitor to your zoo Akiyama, and all scenarios will become unlocked. 

#cheat10)Make Fences Deteriorate 
Rename one of the guests to Russell C 
#cheat11)Make Some Guests Puke 
Rename one of the guests to Zeta Psi 

#cheat12)Make Trees or Grid Disappear/Appear 
By pressing CRTL + F, you can make all trees in your zoo ''disappear'' 
(they still exist, they are just invisible for building purposes). 
Select CRTL + F again to make them reappear 

By pressing CRTL + G, you can make the main zoo grid appear of dissappear, 
allowed you to judge the zoo from a regular smooth vantage point, or see 
each individual square. 

#cheat13)Research all Staff Research Automatically 
Rename one of the guests to Hank Howie 

#cheat14)Unlock all animal toys 
Re-name a guest 'Lou Catanzaro' to unlock all researchable animal toys 

#cheat15)Unlock All Foliage 
To unlock all foliage, name a guest Charlie Peterson. 

#cheat16)Unlock all of Animal Houses and types 
Name a guest Andrew Binder 

#cheat17)Unlock Endangered animals 
Re-name a guest 'Steve Serafino' to unlock all the researchable endangered animals 

#cheat18)Unlock Triceratops 
Name one of your exhibits ''Cretaceous Corral''. This will unlock the Triceratops. 
I should also note that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will 
crash the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, 
so keep it in mind. 

#cheat19)Unlock Unicorn 
Name one of your exhibits ''Xanadu''. This will unlock the Unicorn. I should 
also note that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash 
the game. Everyone who's done it with a new exhibit has experienced this, so 
keep it in mind. 

#cheat20)Yellow brick road 
Make an exhibit with a lion, a tiger and a bear. This will unlock the yellow brick path.

Zoo Tycoon: General Game Tips:
Submitted by:  abhishek

Here's where you'll find tips on the basics of exhibit creation, animal
care, guest relations, and zoo finances. Be sure to check out the Hints and
Tips list for more articles with additional in-depth information.

This article will cover some basic tips on Exhibits, Guests, Animal Care,

One of the keys to animal happiness is exhibit suitability. Click an animal
to view the Animal Information panel; the "I" tab displays four bars that
measure the animal's happiness, hunger, health, and exhibit suitability.
Hover your mouse over any bar to see the exact number rating. Generally
speaking, if the "tree" bar (representing the exhibit suitability) is in the
green, the animal finds its home satisfactory. If the bar is yellow, click
the Zookeeper Recommendations button (the guy in the hat) and adjust the
exhibit according to the Zookeeper's suggestions.

Bigger is better: Build your exhibits initially larger than you think you
need to. Should the animal require a mate and have babies, you will
eventually need a larger exhibit. It's best to head this problem off from
the start.

When you build exhibits, it's a good idea to use the zoo walls as part of
the exhibit's borders. It not only saves on fence costs, but zoo walls never
deteriorate. No maintenance required! (On those sections, at least.)

Some types of foliage and other exhibit features only take up ¼ of a tile.
Filling each square completely with foliage often improves the suitability
for animals. Press Ctrl+G to reveal the map grid and then, using your
foliage tool, fill the square completely with the creatures' favorite plant.

You get what you pay for! Expensive fencing is made of higher quality
materials and will deteriorate more slowly over time. Buy the most expensive
fences when you can afford it.

When you build exhibits, it's a good idea to use the zoo walls as part of
the exhibit's borders. It not only saves on fence costs, but zoo walls never
deteriorate. No maintenance required! (On those sections, at least.)

Another (free!) way to refresh fences is to use the gate tool. Click the
gate tool and move the gate to the section of decaying fence. You can then
move the gate back to any healthy section of fence for free.

Place entrances (gate tool) to allow your Zoo Keepers easy access.

Maintenance workers are the best value for fence repair (besides cheating!).
Be sure to hire enough of them to keep your fences sound.

Trash is the number one hit on guest happiness. Find a balance between
enough garbage cans (not too many!) and enough Maintenance Workers to empty

If your zoo is becoming over-crowded, try raising the price of admission.
This should thin out crowds, and may even earn you some extra cash.

Different guests like different animals and zoo buildings. For example,
children like the petting zoo, whereas the adults would rather visit the
aviary. Try to keep your exhibits and buildings well rounded, so there is
something for everyone.

Be sure to care for your guests with strategically placed drink stands, food
stands, benches, tables, and bathrooms. If your guests' basic needs aren't
met, they'll become upset and leave!

Remember that guests come to see the animals. If you're animals are sick or
generally unhappy , you're guests will become upset as well.

Guests also appreciate an aesthetically pleasing environment. Place statues,
flower beds, archways, etc. to help make your guests feel good about their
surroundings. This will go a long way towards pleasing your customers.

For more information on making your guests happy, see the article on Guest

Animal Care
Herbivores are genrally easier to care for and easier to please.

Animals may be happy with several types of foliage, but will always be
happiest with their favorite, as listed in the Creature Adoption panel.

Some animals prefer a companion, but not necessarily a mate. If you don't
want lots of babies, place two animals of the same sex in your exhibit.

Some animals will complain about feeling crowded by all the guests. Try to
keep the zoo paths one square away from the exhibits. For especially shy
animals, try building portions of the exhibit with fences guests can't see

Some animals won't be happy until their favorite foliage or toy has become
available. Be sure to spend some money on Research programs like Exhibit
Foliage and Animal Enrichment to make these items available.

For help with individual animal preferences please see the article on Animal

Zoo Finances
To earn more revenue for your zoo, take advantage of attractions with an
entrance fee. The Carousel, Elephant Ride, Restaurant, and Animal Theater
can earn your zoo thousands of dollars!

Adjust prices at drink and food stands as well as your zoo's admission
price. Be careful though. while guests will tolerate some increases in
price, they get cranky if the prices are too high.

Breeding endangered species in your zoo is a great way to earn conservation
grants and other large cash donations for your zoo. Fund the Endangered
Animals Conservation program and these exotic animals will become available
for adoption.

Compost Buildings help earn revenue by selling off the "poo" produced by the
animals. Be sure to place the building far away from paths and exhibits so
it doesn't irritate your guests.

On many maps there are items, such as trees and rocks that you can recycle
(click on the bulldozer icon) to gain extra cash. This is an underused but
highly effective means of gaining cash.

Sell off extra animals to earn money and keep exhibit population within
reasonable limits.

A Note on Freeform Games
The freeform games are the "sandboxes" of Zoo Tycoon--let your imagination
run wild with nearly unlimited funds! Build however you want. There are no
goals or restrictions other than what you set for yourself. If you want a
challenge, you can adjust the amount of starting Available Cash on the
Freeform Map selection screen.
In freeform games, you start off with a small collection of objects,
buildings, and animals to choose from. If you're patient, more objects and
animals become available over time (about every 3 months). You can also fund
various Research and Conservation programs to earn more objects and animals,
improve conditions, and increase staff training.

Money Cheat:(Without Cheat codes):
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

1.Build an exhibit.
2.Place any two animals.(Male and Female)
3.After some time you see a small baby of the same species.
4.Sell that baby for more and x-tra money.

Name 4 Fame:
Submitted by: Virus

Call your zoo 'Alex Lutchford is a bloody-fucking-bastard' and you 
will get an £100000000000000000000000000000000 grant 4 being the 
smartest man in the world.

Submited by:DJ

Build a PENGUIN and LION exhibit and adopt 1 PENGUIN and 1 LION.
Then move Penguin to Lion cage.
They will start killing them self.If they will not then try 
with more lions.

Submitted by: sani_samarty

change your zoo name and name it
"SANI AND RAFI MIYA BHAI" and get white elephant & white fox

Submitted by: Christopher.Bellarmine

If you want any animal or every animals shelters,toys,and everything in 
the demo or any other version just type 'everything we want'when you are 
playing the game.Make sure that the game is not paused.And if you want 
baby animals and male and female animals just type family.
and all your cheats will work.

Unlimited money:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "zoo.ini" file in the 
game folder. Locate the following lines and change the values after the "=" 
as indicated. Note: The changes only affect new games and do not work on saved 

All scenarios:

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "zoo.ini" file in the game 
folder. Add the following entries under the "[scenario]" section. 

Crazy guests:
When your guests are looking at an animal from the side of an exhibit, quickly 
pause game play and build another exhibit around the guests. Place some lions or 
crocodiles in the exhibit and resume the game. The guests will begin running around 

Free construction:
Pause game play then start building. No money will be taken.

Completing the Breeding Giant Pandas scenario:
To get Panda Research you need to complete the Breeding Giant Pandas scenario. You need 
to breed Giant Pandas, but you cannot get them until you make fifteen excellent exhibits. 
You also need to do all Panda Research and get their cave and bamboo. You can then get 
only two pandas, one male and female. To increase your chance of breeding your pandas, 
build their exhibit, pause game play, then buy as many pandas as needed before resuming 
the game. Then wait until the scenario ends.

Escaping monkeys:
if the monkeys are put in an exhibit at ground level, sometimes the Chimpanzees will 
escape from their exhibit. It is is better if you lower the ground about two or three 
levels then put a wall on top next to the pavement. However, do not put it on the low 
ground. The monkeys will not be able to reach the fence to jump out. Do not put any 
trees close to the edges. They could climb the trees. You now will have an inescapable 
exhibit. This can also be done for other animals.

Submitted by: Amy

Press and hold shift and 4 (shift first then 4)and you will gain $100,000 every second!
Warning: Only do this on a brand new zoo, or animals will get sick, fences will be 
deleated, ect.

Submitted by: Maddie Belarmino

If you name a Man Mr. Pink All The Shirts turn Pink!same if you say Mr. Blonde the 
shirt will turn yellow! you get what I'm trying to tell you?

Submitted by: Maddie Belarmino

If you put your mouse over the gate and press shift or press space bar you will get a 
diferent mouse!

Submitted by: Rio

Press shift and 4 and your money will go up but fences get ruined

Submitted by: 666=Evil

Name a zoo keeper Gotfree and you will get a Cats in the Kettle fast food stand. ('-')

No pain for unlimited money:
Press $ and shift and hold them and watch your money go up rapidly! But to make sure
there's no pain in getting millions of money make sure you do it at the beginning of
the game when you have no enclosures otherwise the fences will break and your animals
will escape and then you'll have to buy new animals and new fences which will drain 
away your new money!

Flying Reindeer:
To have your reindeer flying, name them after Santa's reindeer. (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer,
Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen) They don't fly all the time, but eventually stars 
will appear under their feet and they'lll glide across the exhibit.

How to unlock the Yeti:
Name an Exhibit Kathmandu
Note:name an exhibit number 1 then rename the exhibit kathmandu other wise the game 
will crash!

How To Make A Bridge:
Here is how you make a bridge. Go to the raise and lower ground thing (note: it looks
like a steamroller) then go to the hill maker and a large hill and then get the other
hill maker (note: this one has no slants). Then get the other hill maker to put the 
end of it. If you make it big enough the gests will see the whole zoo.

Santa And Whitch:
On Chrismas Day (1st December) Santa Will fly over your zoo. The same will happen on
Halloween (31st October) a whitch will fly over on her broom.

See an movie:
When a person goes into the animal theater, at the roof, it will show a bear standing
and sitting.

Wild animals:
Put all the animals in the same exhibit and then let them free. They will tear down 
your trees trample your paths and reduce your buildings to rubble.

Another way of feeding:
If a zookeeper can't access an exhibit because it's blocked, you can either:
1.Put the zookeeper in the exhibit, he/she will place the food, then take him/her out 
  again and put him/her back on path.
2.Adopt a herbivore, such as a tom gazelle or a sheep family animal into a carnivore's
  cage. Although red angry faces will rise up from the carnivore's head, it will chase
  after the herbivore and BOOM! Then wait and the herbivore will be gone.

Pool Tycoon:
Zoo Tycoon isn't just for creating animals in exhibits, tanks, cages, or whatever. Try
putting a patch of salt or fresh water on the ground. No exhibit fencing is needed. 
Then watch the guests as they might swim in the water, like you would play a game called
Pool Tycoon! And, in Marine Mania, there is a shack called a Swim with Dolphins ride. 
Make a tank, and watch the guests swim with dolphins or other tame animals.

Cool Exhibit:
First get a fence (any low or HIGH FENCE) and then use the rolling ground thing and if its
a HIGH fence go down 2 times if it is a low fence go down 1 time and put the landspace 
fences (use Post and a rope or hedge landspaceing fences) put them were the guestes stand
then put some animals in the exhibit too!. EXTRA!!! Name a Exhibit Xanadu then unlock and
adopt a UNICORN! Name and exhibit cretaceous corral and then UNLOCK THE TRIECATOPS!! Name
an exhibit wonderland then MORE AND MORE people come!! Name a guest mr. then pink, blonde,
blue and orange (chouse the color you would like) then all the buildings and guests shirts
will turn the color you chose!! name a guest bill clinton then people will want hambugers 

Animal Terror:
Submitted by: very mental

When you have a lot of guests, first pause the game and block the zoo entrance w/ a brick 
fence or a statue, then delete all your zookeepers, once you done that, then delete all 
your fences for your exhibits, then press play. Your animals will start chasing your guests.
Bears, tigers, lions and other carnivores are more aggressive and literally throw your 
guests in the air when attacking.

Weird dance:
Submitted by: Mark

You put a pengin and a african wardhog together and they will fight and the penguin will
win. sometimes when the penguin wins it does this wierd dance.

The penguin some times does a wierd dance when it finishes figting the wardhog.
NOTE-ward hog must be put in same exibit as penguin

Another way of feeding:
If a zookeeper can't access an exhibit because it's blocked, you can either:

1.Put the zookeeper in the exhibit, he/she will place the food, then take him/her out again
  and put him/her back on path.

2.Adopt a herbivore, such as a tom gazelle or a sheep family animal into a carnivore's cage.
  Although red angry faces will rise up from the carnivore's head, it will chase after the 
  herbivore and BOOM! Then wait and the herbivore will be gone.

Fix Fences After Shift+4:
After using the Shift+4 to gain money, some of the fences are broken. A simple trick is 
to name a male maitenence worker "Bob V" and it will fix all broken fences.

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