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  Hints and Tips for: Zoo Tycoon 2 
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 Zoo Tycoon 2 Cheats

Zoo Tycoon 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Free trees and other stuff:
When you are in any zoo mode (campaign, challenge, and freeform) most zoos should 
have already existing trees(and occasionally things like flower beds, benches, 
etc.) at the start. All you have to do is left click the item you want and move
it to where you want it.This saves money when you are on a tight budget and is 
really easy.

Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode: Since left-clicking the mouse makes 
you walk in Zoo Guest and Photo Safari Mode, and so does W or Up, you can walk 
twice as fast (aka run) by holding two of these. 

Submitted by: CzarnyKot


Walk faster:
While in Zoo Guest mode, hold [Cursor Forward] + Left Mouse Button to walk faster
(run). Alternately, press [Up] + W in Zoo Guest mode.

To run even faster in Zoo Guest or Zookeeper mode, hold [Shift] + [Forward] (or W)
+ Left Mouse Button.

More starting money in challenge mode: 
In challenge mode, put the pointer over the "Up" button hat increases your money,
but do not click on it. Press the [Up] key on the keyboard to increase your money
twice as fast.

Put a fence around the entrance to the zoo so that the entire zoo qualifies as 
a cage. Then, cover the whole zoo in savana grass and add plants and lakes. Place
some animals then walk around as a zoo keeper/guest. To do this faster, do not get
staff, food/water dishes or shelters. It will look unnatural. If you put gazelles 
in a pack, only put about two to six of them or some might ditch the pack. If you 
encounter across a dirty animal, wash it or all the animals will get sick and die.
Note: Plant eaters will get eaten.

Monkey meat:
Make a small pen. Put meat eating animals in it and put a vulnerable herbivore in it. 
Eventually a carnivore will kill it and the herbivore will become a carcass of meat. 

You do not need two animals to have a baby. Just adopt a female animal and wait for
about a month. Then, adopt a male of the same species and place him in with the female.
Do not do anything from the time that you adopt him until the female gets pregnant. 
When she does, select "Undo". That will undo the adoption of the male and your female
will still be pregnant. 

Jungle theme:
Complete five game challenges. 

African theme:
Complete five photo safari challenges. 

Mysterious Panda campaign:
Complete all scenarios in the Conservation Programs campaign. 

Flower arch:
Complete all scenarios in the Troubled Zoos campaign. 

Flower post:
Complete all scenarios in the Zookeeper In Training campaign. 

Gilded Panda statue:
Complete all scenarios in The Mysterious Panda campaign. 

Globe statue:
Complete all scenarios in The Globe campaign. 

Sundial statue:
Complete all scenarios in the Prevent Animal Abuse campaign.

Make water deeper:
Choose the "Deep Water" tool, and use it as you normally would. Then, select the "Ditch" 
tool and use in the deep water you just created.

Successful freeform zoo:
Close your zoo when you first begin a new zoo so that no guests are unhappy while you are 
building it. First, put in two food stands, two drink stands, dessert stands, one restaurant,
and one zoo exhibit before opening your zoo again. Guests also like donation boxes. Make sure
three of your four walls are made with the hill device in the "Landscaping" section. The other
wall should be made with a fence so that guests can see the animals. Set all of your prices 
low, including the admission price. Do not forget benches, restrooms, and ATMs. 
For entertainment, add photo souvenir stands, arches, playgrounds (make an area out of sand
path and put your playground equipment on top), fountains and statues. Also put in picnic 
tables and gift shops. With any extra money, crate playgrounds or peacock exhibits with one
male peacock. They are more beautiful and will amuse guests. 
Note: Make sure to fully close exhibits with natural walls. Sometimes animals can squeeze out
and chase guests. Double-check the exhibits with big cats, grizzly bears, and elephants.

Submitted by: webkinz1996

If you want to have a herd of horses or a pack of wolves or a pride of lions make sure you 
have about 2 to 5 horses in an exibit. And 2 to 5 wolves, and 3 ot 9 lions. If you put more 
than that some of them will ditch the group.

To go underwater go to zoo guest mode, go to a lake or deep water and face it (so you are 
looking at it) and click the mouse to go down, then you can actually go under water.

Extra Babies:
Ok, if you have a pregnate animal after it gives birth put the baby up for adoption after a
while the mother will get pregnate again. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING ELSE THAT CAN BE 
NOTE: this doesn't work with twins.

Cavemen in iceburgs (it will take a while to melt):
If you have Z.T 2 Extinct animals then buy an iceburg(Buy an alpine animal or a sabre tooth
tiger and its on animal enrichment) and if you are lucky, then there will be a caveman 
inside. It will act like any other guest!
- DONT sell the iceburg or the caveman will disappear.

Unlockable - Animals:
Unlockable - How to unlock
DOLPHIN   - first get the marine version then right click the dolphin(when in exibit) then exit 
            then put the normal version in and name a water stand	
PUMA      - get every animal then type puma and the will be unlocked	
ZEBRA     - name a penguin,moose,lion,and kabob stand
MANTA RAY - unlock the penguin,the lion/lioness,the moose,and the zebra then buy a hot dog 
            stand and name it	
BLUE JAY  - buy a kabob stand and name it
PELICAN   - get a palce near water then buy a restroom/bathroom and name it
SEAL      - Go to Tundra buy a Sushi Stand name it
SEA LION  - Go to Tundra and buy a restroom/bathroom name it
DODO BIRD - get the extinscint version get the dodo bird then exit and put in normal version 
            and name a coffee stand

More money:
When you start a game or start a scenario there will be a lot of trees. get rid of all of them 
then you have money...

Name the first person to come in your Zoo "DinoMan" and go to the animal adoption section. You 
will see a number of prehistoric creatures such as Dinosaurs, Pterasaurs, and Plesiasaurs.

Put a cage around the whole perimeter of the park and put the path at the entrance. Put a path 
through the door and in the cage. Put tons of animals in the cage. As long as your path doesn't
end the guests will keep walking through.

Screaming Globe:
Click on the globe and move the mouse left or right really fast. Do this a few times and the 
globe will scream!

More Cash:
When you need more cash I find this works great,you must have the african Adventure though
and a little starting money at least $60 to begin.Go to build a jeep path and make several
rows next to each other(out of the way of you main zoo perferablly) then build the cheapest
fence across the rows forming rows of gates instead then you bulldoze all the gates and 
repeat till you think you have enough cash.I have tryed other cheats for more money but 
this one that I discovered works. The path is $10 and the fence is $50(using the cheapest)
this all you need and keep building up from there.Dont sell your paths though just the gates!
The fence cost $50 and you sell them as gates for $128!Thats a nice profit I think.

Reviving animals:
If your animal is "going to die", crate it, and hopefully it will decide to do something
else instead.

Walk twice as fast:
Run in Zoo Guest Mode and Photo Safari Mode: Since left-clicking the mouse makes you walk
in Zoo Guest and Photo Safari Mode, and so does W or Up, you can walk twice as fast (aka 
run) by holding two of these.

Few hints:
1. When placing buildings, these are the basics:
Make a little area and put buildings around the edges of it. Then put picnic tables/umbrella 
tables on the area, along with garbage cans/recycling bins.

The usual buildings for a small zoo are this:
1/2 areas
2/4 small restrooms
6/12 picnic tables/umbrella tables
7/16 recycling bins/garbage cans
and grow as you keep expanding your zoo.

2. When dealing with animals, 3 words- choose the cheapest. 
It's good for you and hey, your guests will like it too.
Put at least 3/12 trees/plants/rocks for scenery.
To save money, put natural water instead of bowls. It saves you money and looks better, too.
Only put food when absolutely needed(I.E. carnivore). Herbivores can graze, but they need the 
occasional pile of branches.Put a little quiet spot for your animals in the exhibits. They won't
be happy if they're being stared at from every corner of the exhibit by guests.

Submitted by: zak

To get 2 stars on zoo tycoon 2 put lions, thomson gazzeles, and tigers in because the guests 
really like theese animals.

Annoying zookeepers No More:
I found that it is very hard to get zookeepers to do what they are supposed to do. 
Unless, you do what I do:

-Make the exhibit so that there is atleast one corner big enough to fit a staff center in.
-Place the staff center in that corner and fence it in with a strong fence and place a gait
 that leads into the rest of the exhibit.
-Place the zookeeper in there.
- If you haven't actually set up the animal exhibit do so now. 

And there you go, that (or those) zookeepers can only go into the staff center and back into
the exhibit. Never will you have to worry about your zookeepers being in the wrong place again.

Underwater objects:
First buy an object like lets say an ice cream cart*. Next move the cart to a pool of water, 
tank ect.. Now move the cursor over to the menu and click on the pick up/drop item. Finally exit
the window. Voilla!! You now have an underwater icecream cart!
*-Any object will work.
Sometimes a caveman will me in yur glaciers. When that happens go to camera mode and take a pic 
of him to find out his name(optoinal). Mine happened to be Stone Grindstone:D. Now go to the guest
list and click on him. Then click the pick up button and drop him inside your zoo.

Submitted by: Lux

If you have Extinct Animals, then get out your Fossil Finder. Hold down ">" on the keyboard, 
then, keeping the other key held down, hold down "shift" and while holding down both of the 
keys press "?" on the keyboard, not on the screen. It will pause your game while you are in 
Zoo Guest Mode, and you can run through walls or buildings! It will stop if you put your Fossil 
Finder away, I think. It might not work the first few times but keep trying and it will work.

Cross-bred baby giraffe:
So when you are creating a Savannah exhibit, put in one Masai Giraffe( male or female) and one
reticulated giraffe( male or female). You will get credit for two different species, and get a
baby in return. Either it will turn out to be Masai or reticulated.

Submitted by: James Morgan

If u put zebras and quaggas in the same exibit they will quite happily live and breed together 
the end reslt will either be zebra or a quagga.

How To Unlock Some Objects:
Complete These.

Unlockable	How to unlock	
Flower Post              - Complete The "Zookeeper In Training".
Flower Arch              - Complete The"Troubled Zoos'.
Sundial Statue           - Complete The "Prevent Animal Abuse".
Globe Statue             - Complete The "The Globe".
Myterious Panda Campaign - Complete The "Conservation Programs".
Gilded Panda Statue      - Complete The "Mysterious Panda".
Rainforest Themed        - 5 Photo Challenges.
Savannah Themed          - 5 Game Challenges.

Put animals in the same cage without fighting:
Okay you can put animals from the same biome in the same cage including predators. 
How? Well just create a small cage for the prey the beside it exactly put a predator 

Dfferent Colors:
Submitted by: lila

To make exhibits more interesting for you and your guests you can get different color or 
pattern varients for your animals these are the ones i have discovered so far, african 
wild dogs, zebras, jaguars, tigers, saber toothe cats, green sea turtles, dolphins, and
thats all that i can remember right now. but all those are already in the game, no 
downloads nessasary and all you have to do is make a bunch of those animals, find what
colors you want in your exhibit, and adopt out the rest. Note: these changes will only 
be evident when the game is not paused.

Running faster:
Submitted by: Gillian

When you are trying to run faster you can press the shift button click the left mouse
button, and you could also use left button on the mouse to move.

Saber tooth Cat:
Submitted by: Ali

Instead of plain old brown saber coats try this,pause the game put in about 10 (males
and females) sabers then unpause the game and some will have rare coulors such as, white
with black stripes, Black,Dark brown,Greyish,Snow white,and tan.

Submitted by: Ali

some animals can produce hybrid creatures the animals are
Lion+tiger                  =liger cubs
sivathrium+okapi            =sivathrapi
zebra+quagga                =zwagga
any 2 different bear breeds =a bear mix

Have The Choice of How Big The Terrian(Grassland,Tundra):
Submitted by: Rebeka Highland

Make An exhibit Of Any Animal.Place One Terrian(Grassland,Tundra,ect.).Then Pick A Different 
(Note: Make An Exhibit With The Wrong Terrian.)Then Place The Right Terrian.NOW YOU HAVE THE 

Giant red pandas:
Submitted by: lila

Okay, this is really cool and easy to do. get two red pandas and breed them so they have a baby, 
wait untill the phrase "red panda # has just grown from young to adult!" pops up on the message 
bar. hurry up and click that then click the little hand icon and pick it up then put it down, 
then, as soon as you do this adopt it out, then press undo and then you will have your own giant
red panda. and btw, it's not giant, like king kong giant, but it is roughly the size of a regular
panda. oh, and you have to all those steps really quickley because, if not, then the red panda 
will just shrink back to normal size.

The Screams Heard 'Round The World:
On the zoo select screen with the globe, if you spin it fast enough, you'll hear the entire 
world scream!

Submitted by: Jake

Put a coffee stand in your zoo. When you put in zookeepers it should say at the top something
like 'zookeepers on coffee run ' or something.

Three headed entertainer:
All you gotta do is get a stage for entertainers then get an entertainers and then when the
entertainer takes out the puppets sell the stage while it has the puppets out and then it 
can't take of the puppets! (Hint: You have to have extinct animals for this).

Survival Hint!:
Submitted by: zt2luv

If you make a safari (wild) zoo, only place herbivores in at first. Small groups do better, 
and about 3-4 species. Wait until they breed, then place in carnivores. If you do this, 
you can have a sustainable population of prey for your carnivores. 
PS, No more than 12 carnivores (individuals) in a large zoo. Some will starve of lack of 
prey, others will ditch the pride or pack, and some will kill other carnivores.

Cheap Animal Care:
* Don't put in a zookeeper until you absolutely need to. Care for the animals yourself while
  your zoo is small.
* Use natural water instead of water bowls. It looks much prettier, doesn't need to be 
  refilled, and is free.
* If you have multiple animals from the same biome (just not predator and prey), put them
  in the same exhibit (if it's big enough). One big exhibit is cheaper than several normal-
  sized exhibits, your guests enjoy seeing different species together, and you'll have to 
  buy less food if they eat the same thing.

Free Tanks:
Tanks are more expensive and harder to edit than normal exhibits, so we're probably 
reluctant to make them. I have a way to make tanks that are free and easy to change the
shape of. Just use the biome brush and put down deep water of your animal's biome instead
of making a tank with walls. This works with all marine animals except for the ones that 
also go on land (sea lions, sea turtles, etc). Your guests might even jump in to swim 
with your animals! Mine seemed to enjoy swimming with my blue marlins. But they probably
won't like swimming with dangerous animals, so those ones should probably be in proper 

No Tank Walls!!:
Submitted by: ZootycoonFreakgirl

To do this select the biome of your marine animal (like an orca) then select deep water 
place it to about the size of a real exhibit then make the deepest ditch in the water all 
over the exhibit place the animals needs then the animal(s) and your done if it is a shark 
or something feel free to place fences ( note if no fences are place then the guest will 
swim with the animals and no marine shows can be done this way)

White lion:
Submitted by: Fisaa7

To obtain White Lions, Put a pack of 7 Male lions and 2 should be white
Please Note: This will only work if you have the Endangered Species expansion pack.

Easy money:
Submitted by: Aditya Singh

If you want to get money you can try this:-
1)Make any biome with dense forest at any of your land.
2)you may have grown some trees,shrubs and rocks.
3)now go to recycle option.
4)recycle all the plants,trees etc.
5)if you recycle it all of them (Note:-when you recycle all them it will give you money for recycling)
6)Yes you can do as many times as you want.Cool!hmm!!!

Free dinosaurs:
Submitted by: evan

if you want free dinosaurs put a research lab in your zoo then find the bones useing the fossil 
finder click the lab then click the fossil put your dino toghether once your done click the green 
tube click the buttons it says once your done you'll see a crate outside that's your dinosaur!! 
Make a habitait put him in and uncrate him your good to go this save a whole lot of money if your 
playing champigain mode.

Small dinosaurs:
Submitted by: evan

When you make a dinosaur from the extinct research lab it will come out small then make a cage for 
it it will grow up soon but in the meantime take good care of it you can do it again and again(just 
make sure you put its bones together).

Submitted by: nyob

Some animals (such as lions, zebras, gazzelles, etc.) like to be social. 
They will "move as herd" or "greet" other animals. Lions can be in prides of 7-9. 
Also, you can put a herd of gazzelles into one big exibhit with your lions and the lions can 
eat 'em. Hope this is helpful!

Unicorns, Mermaids, Yellow Brick Road:
Submitted by: Akito

To unlock unicorns, create an exhibit and name it Xanadu. 

To make mermaids (female only) build a tank and place a mermaid statue from decorations 
inside the tank. 

To unlock the yellow brick road path, build a cage and put a bengal tiger, a grizzly bear, 
and a lion in the same cage.

How to Breed Animals Faster:
Submitted by: Zoo Tycoon 2 Lover

WARNING: These items are from the regular zoo tycoon 2. I am just doing the regular because 
it would be to much if I did it all.

To get your animals to breed faster instead of waiting a month, you can make them super happy 
just by giving them one of everything. Here is an example: If you are making an exhibit for 
a Giant Panda then you need to put down these things in it's exhibit...FOOD: Bamboo, Food 
dish with bamboo, water dish, bamboo trough, water trough (both, and you need to place the 
substrate pile of bamboo.
ENRICHMENT ITEMS: Small toy ball, pursuit ball, ball with rattle, rubber toy plastic barrel, 
car tire.
ANIMAL SHELTERS: Shading structure, small and large wooden shelter, small and large concrete 
shelter, small and large rock cave, small and large snow cave, cubbing den, raised sleeping 
platform, hollow tree stump.
TREES: Birch and Maple tree.
PLANTS: Fountain bamboo, lily of the valley flower, water bamboo, white lilies.
ROCKS: Large, small, medium rocks(temperate).
EXHIBIT SIZE: 15 by 17 either way
SIZE OF EXHIBIT ANIMALS: Two pandas can be in an exhibit this size.
REAL WATER: Put real water in the exhibit so the animals can have that water if they 
run out of food dish and trough water.

Submitted by: Tigerluv

ok if u wan't to make a indoor exibit with the tank walls if u don't feel like makein a 
staff gate just make a tank then put a little tank in the middle of it delete the little
tank and the water disapears.

Minature Ethopian wolf:
Submitted by: Echo21
Want minature Ethopian wolves?

Well just follow thease steps but you have to be fast!

Wait till a pup is starting to grow, head over as fats as you can, pick him up and set 
him back down, adopt him out then Undo a Ta-Da! What every size you atopted him out at 
is the size he will permenetly stay! You can now have Mini Etheopian wolves!
*Note This may work with other animals ;)

Do you hate makeing a zoo and haveing to keep the guests happy all the time?

1.Put fenceing at the gate to the zoo that way the animels wont run away.
2.Scater the food the animel(s) you want to have eat.
3.Put animels in but NO zookeepers they ruin it. your animels run free breeding runing arond and evin hunting!

Cheat with CE:
Search google for (Cheat Engine) now if you know how to change value in a game already 
then I don't have to tell you but if you don't know how then open CE and take the tutorial.

Now to the point open CE and select zoo tycoon 2 as target then find a column with a word
"Scan type" in front of it this can be found under the longest column now change the the 
column by pressing the \/ at the end of the column and change the "4 bytes" to 
"All(bytes to double)" then you know what to do do it like in the tutorial but this may
takes long but it works.

Extra Cash in Campaign mode:
Finding it hard to complete a scenario because if the limited amount of cash in campaign mode?
The easiest way to increase your cash is to select the scenario you want to play and before 
entering the map hold the "UP" arrow key on your keyboard. you should then see the amount of 
cash begin to increase. you can hold it for as long as you like or until your happy with the 
If you don't see an increase just select another scenario and hold up. once you see it increase 
you just go back to the level you want and it should work when you hold up again.

* This trick counts towards completing the level and allows you to unlock the next scenario so 
  you don't have to redo the stage on the set/original amount.
* once you complete a scenario you have to exit back to the main menu and adjust the amount 
  manually again for the next level.

This also makes campaign mode a lot easier so I wouldn't use it if you prefer a challenge.

Boosting Budgets:
Submitted by: SaltyTheFry

When starting a challenge game you normally start with a very low budget leading to problems later 
in the zoo. The ways you can solve this are below

1)Remove all trees,plants, and rocks from map with bulldozer tool.
2)Try cleaning up animal poop yourself rather than buying zookeepers when the zoo is small, and yo 
  should get a recycling check at the end of the month
If you have done this and need help managing the budget
1)Buy the cheapest animal possible at the time and put only what is most needed ex:Food,Water, and Shelter
2)Try managing 3 to 5 exhibits yourself then add one to two zookeepers for the next three to five exhibits
3) Try having a basic lunch room with:
x1 Food stand
x1 Drink stand
x1 Large restroom
x2 Picnic tables
x4 Trashcan
x1 Gift stand and snack stand


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