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  Hints and Tips for: Zwinky 
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 Zwinky Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: sweethart5w

How to stay asleep. All you have to do it type //afk in the talk box.

Stay asleep:
Well people can doo it but i can't yoo can stay asleep when yoo click bored it has
Zzz's and then it goes off realli quick soo yoo can't fall to sleep i realli want 
to no pweese. tell me how to do it.

Shirt, Pant:
go win canp n dash 3 time

Unlockable           How to unlock
shirt, pant, pet  - Go win camp n dash 3 time

Double stuff:
Double click on spme thing then type cv and another 1 will appear.

Unlocking your wardrobe:
Submitted  by: Daniel 

To unlock your wardrobe, click on something that has a lock on and pess Ctrl and N at 
the same time. Another one is, if you press f5 and it unlocks it! Or, if you want to 
be good, then just get 2,000 achiviements.

Rules of Zwinky:
No-one should be allowed to get boyfriends on Zwinky, so I suggest stay safe and
ignore anyone that tries to get with you. Make sure you dont give out any personal
information, such as your email or addres OR phone number. I dont think that trying
to swear such as putting letters in swear words is very appropriate. Please accept
the rules of Zwinky, but I think that there should be an easier way to get 2000

How to climb on walls:
Submitted by: Kate

Hold down the left mouse button on the place you want to go (a wall) then press 
tab twice and then enter and you will go there, if that doesnt work, just press 
tab once or three times or four times, it depends on the computer and the room.

Submitted by: christelle

If u like more games in zwinky u click on a game and wait until it loads then at
the top atleast at the very top like were the close minimize maximize button is 
then see the http thingy click on that then see the numbers at the last word in
the http box changit to something 11-23 numbers only thats the only new games 10
 and below are old games.

ZChat Secret Whisper:
There is a secret trick for private conversations on zchat which allows you to chat
with your favorite Zwinky in a way that only he/she can read what you write and no 
one else would be able to see what you're typing. In order to do this you have to 
click on the Maximize button in the zchat window and then click on the name of 
person that you want to chat with, and start your conversation.

Cheat to unlocking pets, shirts and pants for Zwinkys:
You have to win Campus Dash 3 times to unlock these freebies for your wardrobe, then 
you can have more fun dressing your Zwinky.

Life Preserver secret Password:
On the Zwinktopia page, if you click Life Preserver you will notice that you need a 
password to enter it. So here is the password! The password is: "zafety"

Submitted by: Michelle 

When you randumly want to fall asleep all you do is in your chat box you type //afk 
and your person will fall asleep and stay untill you move or you talk to somebody.

Submitted by: Maria

Hey i guess you wanna see an animal or an object.In order to do this, you have open 
your zwinky chat box (maximize it) and type //dog (to see a dog) and there more also 
like //crown //cat or //book.

Submitted by: Shorty

If have less than 2,000 zchievements, and you want yor entire wardrobe unlocked, 
I have a cheat for you. Here's the website.

Put this in the Adress bar on your internet browser and a website will come out! 
Everything on that website will be unlocked, and your Zwinky will be on the screen. 
Feel free to dress it howver you would like it.
NOTE: You must be logged on Zwinky

Submitted by: yasmin

There is an easy way to get a lot of money on the game alphapets all you have to do 
is go to then download the anagram master then open it before
you play the game and type in the letters in the box then click 7 and type in the 
words then click 6 and type in the words and so on.

Hide your Zwinky:
If you would like to hide your Zwinky under your desktop, press Restore, then click 
on your Zwinky's foot and drag it down. Click the Tab twice and then press enter. 
This way your Zwinky will be under the desktop. Now you can maximize the screen if
you would like to do so.

This is how to mae your bubble say nothing:
Submitted by: kisser4eva

Okay first you move the space bar over 2 or more times and click enter. easy cheat huh!

Submitted by: Catherine

When you are in the Omegaad in Zwinkitopia,click anywhere on the wall and press tab 
twice and then enter. You will notice that the picture of the flower will start to 

How to make bubble say nothing: 
Submitted by: logan

Easy just go to speaking bar and type in a plus sign then enter.

Submitted by: katrina

When your on zwinky go to the end zone and play the game keep on shufferling then wait
after that click on quit and you will get money even though u never played its an
awesome cheat.

Anagram master:
To earn cash, go to google and search anagram master, then download. open the anagram
master when you play alphabets. click on number of letters submit letters and you get
all possible words. not every word will work.

Hint see pictures:
Submitted by: Rica

If you like to see pictures, beside the zchatbox,there are 2 buttons maximize and minimize 
click maximize and then gets bigger to see pictures,you have to type on the chat box the 
following://angel (if you want to see an angel)
,//puppy //bad //tele //smile //devil //rose //mail //money //ball //good //angry //sun

Hint free Items:
Submitted by: Anna

To get free items go to the safety room which is next to the shark fin on the map and 
its in the red and white safety raft, click on it. Then when youre inside click on the
tv screen inside the page then read the statements then do the test/quiz...If you get 
enough right. you get free items!

Submitted by: baybegurl

To fall asleep fast press //afk well u knoe tht....... now to wake up without moving 1 bit 
press //afb and u will wake up instantly.

Submitted by: b-man

To unlock all ur things on zwinky the new version 2008. hold down [Crtl] [Alt] and [F5] at 
the same time and it should unlock every thing.

Hint: Zwinky how to get lot's of money:
Submitted by: sebrina

If you want to get lot's of money you have to the pizza game you keep playing till
you finish press cash in and when your in zwinky log out then log in the you see 
more money and keep playing and logging out and in and if u want tips find my name
on zwinky sebrina999.

Submitted by: nia

uhh shorty wen u go on da web nd ur logged onto zwinky does ur zwinky person change 2 
wat u changed on da web o nd every else misscasey deleted all da cheats nd i no 1 get 
8 popcorns from zeeplex nd therow em at tiketlady dont belive da hoe who thought of da 
(da one on utube)kkk my username is _stay_my_baby_ ty jt yall im on ace park rite na 
nowww bye.

Hints - Change Skin:
Submitted by: Angie

It's not actually a cheat code, but alot of people talk about a tan cheat. All you 
do is. When you are in your wardrobe, click on skin and instead of choosing on of 
the big boxes just click on the little box next to your zwinky picture. You can 
then change your zwinky's skin color to any color you want.

Submitted by: chyna

Stupid ppl the code to unlock your wardrobe is actually alt and f5 and the cheat for
u to have an awesome tan is also alt and f5 but then if u dont like those clothes u 
can get ur money bac for it even thou aint pay for it i was sooo happy.

Have 10000 Zcard:
Submitted by: Wayne Ho 

Go to Zwinchester and go into ShoeBuy buy two shoe without Zcard.

Easy Zbucks:
All you have to do is play the game crib gear every day. Instead of playing, press 
all the shuffles and get points. Then click QUIT to cash the points in. You may not
get a lot but in will get you yo the 300 piont limit very quickly.

Submitted by: claire

If you want the pets in wardrobe and the electronics and other stuff to show up u have
to go to scenes then chose a scene and then also go to a thing in appearence where ur 
zwinkie's face will show up really close then mouse over it and it will move it wait 
till its all the way to the right then save ur outfit the pets or electronics will 
show up.

How to get a date on zwinky:
First, if your a guy do this go to z avenue and buy the wild unkept hair and make it 
bleach blonde then go to z's gretings and get the duck tee and make it black then go 
to the lair and buy the chain baggy pant and choose the coulor red for girls go to the
surf shop and buy the blow up ducky dino and buy the duck tee at z's greetings and at 
like dat buy rhinestoned jeans and then go to the park and say 123 4 me for boys and

Submitted by: mike

Hi i have a hint for you. The hint is how to put you talk box in zwinky up to the top 
of your screen. First:move your curser to the talk box and move it till you see the 4 
arrows come up and then you can move it up and down.

Submitted by: Poo

There is No Cheat For the " Unlock you Wardrobe" I've tryed them all! I've found a way to 
make it much easier to earn 2,000 Zchievements. Studie One picticular game and keep playing 
that game and soon you will know the answers off by heart! I Know the SAW Music Answers 
and i got my 2,000 Zchievements really fast! Hope you get your Zchievements fast :)

Wardobe Unlocking:
Submitted by: -daisy-duke-

If u want to unlock ur wardorbe on zwinky u have to click on an item u want then press
[F5] u hav to continue doin that for a couple of days then ur wardrobe will be fully

See objects:
Maximize the chat window, then enter one of the following commands to see 
the corresponding object. 

Object       Command 	
Angel     - //angel
Ball      - //ball
Book      - //book
Cat       - //cat
Crown     - //crown
Devil     - //devil
Dog       - //dog
Mail      - //mail
Money     - //money
Puppy     - //puppy
Rose      - //rose
Sun       - //sun
Unknown   - //bad
Unknown   - //tele
Unknown   - //smile
Unknown   - //good
Unknown   - //angry

Campus Dash: rewards:
* Win Campus Dash two times to get a new shirt and pants.
* Win Campus Dash two times to get a new shirt, pants, and pet.

Easy money:
Submitted by: Joeys

* Keep playing the Pizza game. When you finish, select "Cash In". When you are in
  Zwinky, logout then login again. You will have more money.  
* Play the game Crib Gear every day. Instead of playing, press all the shuffles and 
  get points. Then, click "Quit" to cash the points in. You may not get a lot, but 
  it adds up. 
* Go to the End Zone and play the game. Keep shuffling then wait. After that, click
  on "Quit". You will get money even though you have not actually played.

Unlock your clothes:
Submitted by: sami..x..

Most people say to kust press [F5] but when i tried that it let me try them on but not go
out in them! thats y its much better to keep playing campuss rush or alphabets or wateva
ur save game is until u reach 2000 zchievements!!!i now have my zchievments!!! :)

How to look hot as a new person:
Submitted by: miranda

Put on ponytail2 black hair hot pink hair band tan skin girl1 face black eyes no make-up 
mad expression a hot pink t-shert stonewashed jeans color black and sneakers 4 boyz wear.
short unkempt hair color black tan skin make ur face stud1 color black expression the last 
emotion on the bottom border sweater colors black and hot green leather pants color black 
leather shoes that r black...well bye! koolkatoxo on zwinky...bye!

To make u look fabulous on ur first day:
Submitted by: Kiley =D

Ok first go shopping buy alot of clothes that u think looks nice and cute. then buy side 
ponytail #2 in black at z avenue. then open ur wardrobe and put the clothes on that chu 
bought next go into apperence have a tan colour in ur skin then have the girl 1 eyes in 
light blue or white. lastley make ur emotion angrey and u got a hot zwinkey (this is for 
girls only).

How to get emo flippy hair:
Submitted by: Acid_trippin

Well first The hair Im Talking about it the 55 z card hair that every little guy has on there. 
But you need to have just one emo spikey hair. But to get more colors press random, till you 
find it. Just get someone to buy you one color and form there you can get as many colors as 
you need. :) BTW you may have to click random a lot of times, but its worth it. :) 
Also Im Acid_trippin if you need me on zwinky. Bye bYe! Hope you enjoy.

How to Become VERY cute on zwinky:
Submitted by: I Dunno

If you unlocked clothes then make this outfit.

try on the STRAIGHT N' LONG6 dark brown
then skin color ivory (which is the second skin color)
face:girl2 eyecolor:dark brown
makeup:no makeup (lips:dark pink)
scene:look for coastal scene
symbol: cutie pie
try on top: flower top
try on bottom: capri pants
shoe:ribbon pumps dark pink
necklace: heart choker
earring: pink hearts
bracelet:heart charm 2 (pink)
hat:bunny ears
misc:butterfly wings
food:ice cream
find a boy in the
neighborhood and
befriend him
and ask him for a

Have fun looking cute!

Zwinky fashion tips for unlocked girls!:
Submitted by: samantha

APEARANCE:hair,straight n long regular color,skin color,6th box,face,girl1 in white,
makeup,lips in dark pink eye liner in white and mascara in white,emotions,sad.
WARDROBE:shirt,belted bandeau in dark purple and belt in blak,pants,hot pants2 in 
blak,jacket,border vest in blak,shoes,lace up boots in dark purple and laces in blak,
hat,bunny ears,necklace,strand of pearls,hoisery,border socks in dark purple and blak,
gloves,gloves w/charm in blak,bags,saddle bag in blak,earings,silver hoops. 

How to look hott on zwinky:
Submitted by: jelly

First if ur a girl pick as ur hair the "ponytail2" in bleach blonde "black head band"
then the eyes u pick are"girl1"in blue or brown"then no makeup. Then go to shirts and
put on "polo shirt" in hot pink "for second color put black" then for pants put "short
pants"in black"second color in pink "for ur shoes put" leather sandels "in black both
colors"and to mention ur skin color should be the sixth one.

If ur a guy put for ur hair "short unkempt5" in bleach blonde". Then u go to face and 
use "stud1" in blue or green" then dont use a shirt but go to jackets and use "down 
jacket" in black "then go to pants and use "cargo pants" and for shoes use "leather 
boots in white "ur skin should be the sixth one.
well thanx for reading, bye.

Submitted by: Jasmine

-Put on Wevy n long2 for hair.
-Go to shirts get the skull top and change it to what ever color you like.
-Go to bottoms and put on the hot pants (your choice in color).
-For shoes put onthe fur boots or lace up boots (make sure they are the same color as your.
 pants and shirt.
-Go to hoisery and put on the fishnet tights make sure they kind of look like your skin.
-The belt is optional and you can get the grossgrain belt.
-For necklaces either get a crown charm or diamond chain.
-Then go to hats and put on the wool beret.
-Last for the girls your bag is optional but if u want a bag use the saddle bag.

-Put on long n' straight hair.
-For eyes put stud1 and keep the color.
-Put on a simple t-shirt (keep it white).
-Put on a dawn vest and turn it black.
-Put on black wide jeans.
-Then put on black and white leather boots.

How To Look Hot On Zwinky Girl:
Submitted by: alyssa

- put the hair wavy n long 3 in dark brown
- put the eyes on girl 1 leave the color
- put the skin color on the sixth color
- put the makeup on and leave it as it is
- for the shirt put on the skull top and leave the color
- for the bottoms put on the ruffle minnie in purple
- then go to hoisery and put on the spiderweb leggings leave the color
- then for the shoes put on the fur boots 2 put the first color black and the second 
  color purple.
have fun and go party !!

Hints Cheats Tips:
Submitted by: Kaitlyn

Hi my name is Kaitlyn... A hint that i have on is if u want to look hot this 
is what u have to look like...but the best part is... u don't have to have everything unlocked
make up:

-color-keep it as is dont change the color
pants:check pants
-color-keep it as is dont change the color
Thanks hope it helps u get romance look 4 my other cheats and please look 4 me im always looking 4 
new friends and i have a lot of cheats that i can't put them all up on here my name is 
princesskatexxx (i know lame but hey i was only 9 iv grown sense then don't worry im not 9)

Looking good on ZWINKY:
Submitted by: Panda

Ok everyone before me needs to get a life. That is not hott. Everyone likes scene/emo now. 
SO here is my advice

* Be a cutie
* Messy Hair In All black
* Girl1 eyes color 33ffff
* Lips ff99ff
* Blush Same
* Everything else black
* The Shy Emotion
* Shirts Striped Tank Top 33ffff
* Bottoms Striped Pants yellow and black
* Shoes Furry Slippers
* CHeckered Scarf
* Lion ears color 1 ff33ff color 2 00ff99
* Costume-Masks Bat Mask Color 6600ff
* U need the dino innertube (surf shop)
* and the pail and bucket (surf shop)
* AND TADA! SCENE/EMO the hottest trend at your fingertips :]^

Newcomers outfit for a boyfriend:
Submitted by: Beautifulbabee/Emma

Ok i have tried some of the outfits put by other people and i am going to show u one.
1. Be a Hottie Girl
2. Put on Updo then choose ur hair colour u want
3. Same with 2 for skin colour
4. choose eyes 2 and change them to ANY colour
5. Choose a background and Symbols.
6. then go to tops and choose button down
7. then go to dresses and choose leather dress
8. then go to hosiery and choose fishnets
9. then put on short boots ad turn the black and white
10.Go to park and say 123 for me!
  :) hope it helped :P

Up to date outfit on Zwinky:
Submitted by: BEST OUTFIT*

BEST OUTFIT ON HERE!!! Follow these simple cute steps to be the best!!!

YOUR DONE!! DONE FORGET TO SAVE YOUR OUTFIT!! If you like this outfit want more fun ideas, 
I have a Hotline: email me at HAVE FUN IN YOUR SEXY OUTFIT!

How To Be Cute In Boys - Japorms(Cool):
Submitted by: Dessiree - Romantic Gurl - 

1.Hair - short unkempt3 - Peach Like Yellow
2.Facial Hair - goatee - Peach Like Yellow
3.Skin Color - The Third Skin Color 
4.Face - stud3 - eyes color dark blue
5.Shirts - tuxedo2 - original color
6.bottoms - wide pants - black - sneakers2 - black and white
8.necklaces - dog tags
9.Hats - pimp hat - black

The Quiz In ZSI Safety Room:
Submitted by: Dessiree - Romantic Gurl - 

1.Say nothing
2.Alert your parents and/or site administrators
3.Tell them you cant go

Then You Will Get Your Free Items

Cute outfit:
Submitted by: Shelbu

Okay first go to z avenue and get the hair "cute n straight" in the color 996600. Then for
a shirt get "polka dot top" from The Lair.For pants wear the "short pants" from your wardrobe
both colors 00000.For face do "girl1" leave the color. For earrings use "silver hoops". 
For make-up do any colors you want. You'll look good.

Fashion tips:
Submitted by: taj

-=ok first u do=-
hair     - long wavy hair (you get it at the daily keepsake) and if you dont have it go 
           with wevy n long2 brown.
face     - girl2 color black
makeup   - lips any clor of pink blush hot pink eye shadow white eye liner balck
skin     - 6 icon
necklace - leather choker dark black
shirt    - flower top both dark black
bottoms  - mini skirt dark black
shoes    - leather wedge first black then white
bag      - canvas bag first black then white
head     - thick headband white
i wish you best of luck.

Fashion for female hottie:
Submitted by: tonimarie

hair       - straight n long
skin color - 5th box
face       - girl1 deep blue eyes
make       - up-dark red lipstick, black mascara and eyeliner
emotions   - angry
scene      - jail
symbol     - welcome
shirt      - border sweater in dark blue and red
bottoms    - jeans
shoes      - sparkle pumps in pink
thats it have fun

The REAL Fashion Statement! GIRLS ONLY!:
Submitted by: Ash

Ok guys! If you need to use this tip, you are kind of a loser. I mean, someone 
who needs tips on how to be hot! But, oh well, here is a winner outfit!!!

Hair     : Straight n' Long (the last one) in Strawberry Red.
Skin     : The Third box
Face     : Girl 1 in Green
Makeup   : First, click no makeup, then do eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara in White.
Emoticons: Sad (the blue one)
Scenes   : Flowers (the second one) Make both colors the same
Custom Color 2 in your favorite color
Symbols: Your Angel

Shirts       : Capsleeve Top in Hot Pink
Bottoms      : Plaid Mini, both colors white
Jackets      : Fur Jacket, white on white
Hosiery      : Flower socks, socks in Hot pink, pom poms in white
Shoes        : Lace Up Boots, In Hot pink and white, in any order.
Belts        : Chain Belt
Necklace     : Crystal Charms
Earrings     : Silver Hoops
Bracelets    : Wooden Bangle in Hot Pink
Hats         : Polka Dot Band in White and Hot pink (that order)
Bags         : Flower Bag in White
Miscellaneous: Mistletoe

Now, go out there and get yourself a hot guy!!!

How to get a second floor:
Submitted by: lauren

Just get a rectangle rug and make it big and it looks like a second floor.

Submitted by: crystal

HATS   : thick headband color 1: cc0000
belts: leather belt you cant change the color

so if you like it find me on zwinky my username is quantejab

The Awesome Hot Girl Outfit Unlocked Wardrobes Only:
Submitted by: Jasmine

make up-girl1 eyes
emotion-sad or angry
hair-straight n' long
shirt-skull top or tube top hot pnk and black
hosiery-border leggings any color to match top i prefer pnk and black
shorts-hot pants white or black
earrings-silver hoops
skin color-6th one
shoes-lace up boots white laces pnk
gloves-knit gloves3 pnk and black 
bag-trick or treat2 black and white
necklace-diamond chain
miscellaneous-evil bear black and white
hat-lion ears inside black
lips-hot pink
blush-black trust me looks gud
glasses-go out and buy hot pnk goggles

Fashion Tips:
Submitted by: Haylie

To make your girl look hot heres what u need to do...
Make your girls face the 3 face and make your eyes blue.
Then make your skin color the 6 one.
Then make your expresion angrey.
then if you have a zcard make your hair the flower updo in dark brown.
if no zcard make our hair the side pony tail2
make your shirt the flower top in dark purple
make your pants white tight pants (skinny jeans)
make your shoes the cow skin flats
put on the pearls necklace
then put on the striped scarf and make the colors dark purple and white
wear a rose mine is black and white
then put on the bow headband
Have fun looking hot!!!!!!!

Fashion on zwinky!:
Submitted by: hot-hot-hot777

ok heres the fashion: theme: casual!
Hair: the daily keepstakes straight bob short, and if u dont have it, straight and long 
6 in the color: ffff99
face: girl 1 in 33ccff
makeup: no makeup, then blush in pink, eyeshadow in color of your shirt, and eyeliner 
and mascara in black
emotion: angry (the red 1)
shirt: tubetop 2 in hot pink (color ff0099)
jaket: none
pants: hotpants 2, dont change color
hoisery: border socks
color 1: ff0099
color 2: black
shoes: sneakers, both colors white
belt: butterfly belt, white
bag: saddle bag, white with black color 2

Yet another fashion tip:
Submitted by: hot-hot-hot777

This is a REAL fahion statement. The theme is party
Hair: straight hair in 663300
skin: ffcc99
face: girl 1
makeup: no makeup, then light pink blush, hot pink eyshadow and black mascara and eyeliner
emotion: happy (the orangey-pink one)
top: tube top 2 in color cc0000
pants: ruffle mini color 1 black color 2 white
hosiery: star leggings color 1: ffcc99 color 2: black
shoes: high heels in black
gloves: arm warmers in cc0000
bag: flower bag in black
~sexy Cutie goth~
Hair: side ponytail, dont change color
Skin: 2nd box
face:girl 5
makeup: lips and blush dark red, then the rest black
Expression: angry (the red 1)
scene: skeletons
symbol: Be afraid
Top: corset top color 1 black color 2 dark red
Bottoms: goth pants, dont change color
shoes: lace up boots, black
gloves: fencenet
hats: devil horns
necklace: if u have it, collar corset, if u dont, none
earrings:skull earrings, dont change color
misc: bat wings in grey
now go to a party in the 1st ome and a goth party in the 2nd one! TY and add me!

Change the Color of your ZCARD Hair For Free:
Note: This works only if you have the hair.

1. Go to any Outfit.
2. Click on Hair in Appearence and Choose any Hair with 2 COLOURS.
3. Keep Clicking Suprise me Until you get the Hair STYLE on the zcard Hair.
4. Finally Chang the Colors and the Oufit in any way you want!

Hot outfit:
Submitted by: lala
Hot girl
Hair: Ponytail2 color:ffff99
Face:girl 1 eyecolor:3333ff
Make up: your kind
shirt: border tube top in blue and white
jacket: animal print jacket in blue and white
pants; jeannickers in white
shoes: furboots 2 in blue and white
belt: change belt 3
extras if u like them
scarf: stripedscarf2 in blue in white
hat: knit cap in whitw
pets doggie 2
electorinics_ cell phone 4
food- water
tulip blue

ZCARD Hottie:
Submitted by: zw1nkyg1rl

HAIR:Braids-color cc9966 (tan)[BOO-TIQUE]
EYES:Girls1-color ccffff (light blue)
EXPRESSION:Sad (blue one)
MAKEUP:Eyes-color 000000 (black), Lips-color ffcccc (light pink), 
Blush-color NONE
HAT:Bonnet-color ffffff (white)-OR- Oversized Bow-color ffffff (white)
JACKET:Fur Jacket-color(s) 1:ffcccc (light pink), 2:ffffff (white)
SHIRT:Ruffled Tankini Top-color ffcccc (light pink)[THE SURF SHOP]
BOTTOMS:Bikini Bottom-color ffcccc (light pink)
HOISERY:Skull Socks-color 717171 (dark grey)
SHOES:Skechers Keepsakes Postage [SHOEBUY]
MISCELLANEOUS:Umbrella-color(s) 1:ffcccc (light pink), 
2:ffffff (white) [BOO-TIQUE]
BAGS:Canvas bag-color(s) 1:ffffff (white), 2:ffffff (white)
GLOVES:Gloves With Charm-color ffffff (white)
EARINGS:Silver hoops
SCARF:Plaid Scarf-color ffffff (white) [DAILY KEEPSAKES]
That's it, hope you like it!

How to look pretty!!! (unlocked ) Girls:
Submitted by: Daileygirly678

Hair:Dorothy (Bootique)
Skin: 5th one
Face: 3rd color:limegreen
Makeup: Lips:maroon,Blush:None,Eyeshadow:Blue,Eyeliner:black,Mascara:Black
Emotions:Anger [Red]
Shirt:Dark blue Curtis is here [Like Dat]
Pants: Leopard Shorts color: Dark blue spots, white
Shoes:Plaid Boots [The Liar]
Earrings:Skull Dangles [The Liar]
Necklace: Silver coins [Z Avenue]
Have Fun Lookin Hot!

The REAL REAL fashion statement:
Submitted by: hot-hot-hot777

hey, here is an outfit that's SOO hot right now (wardrobe gotta b unlocked)
Hair   : straight and long (the last one) in color 663300
Face   : Girl 1 in 996600 OR 996633 (nearly the same)
Top    : lace camisole 2 color 1: cc3399 color 2: 3333ff
Jacket : border vest in f3f3f3
bottoms: border skirt color 1: 0e0e0e color 2: cc3399
hosiery: fishnet tights color 1: ffcc99 color 2: black
shoes  : flat shoes (from the keepsakes) if u have it in cc3399 OR 3333ff if u don't 
         have it leather boots in 0e0e0e
hat    : wool beret in 3333ff
bag    : heart bag in 3333ff
misc   : true love
makeup : lips red blush cc3399 eyeshadow 3333ff the rest black
emotion: shy (the last one, its pink)
scene  : Hollywood
symbol : add me, girls rule, sexy OR your horoscope sign (LEO IS ADORABLE!)

How 2 dress like a PUNK!:
Submitted by: Katherine

Heii there,
Im Katherine 'n I'll show u how 2 dress like a punk. THIS FASHION HINT IS 4 GURLS ONLII!


Uhmh, this is wat u'll need:
Hair_Anything u like.
Face_Choose da 3rd face wit any color eyes u prefer.
Make-up_Everything BLACK except da lips, choose red.
Shirt_Choose da "off shoulder 2" 'n make it dark red.
Pant_Find da "hot pants" on da last page 'n make it black.
Jacket_Look 4 da "border vest" 'n make it black.
Hosiery_Take da "border leggings" 'n first choose da color black then white.
Hat_Find da "fur cap" 'n first choose da color black then white.
Shoes_Go 2 Z-Avenue if u don't alreadii have this yet. Buy da "sandals w/bows" 'n make it white.
Sports Items_Put on da "fins" 'n it have 2 bii white.. If u don't have this yet, go 2 The Surf Shop.
Glasses_Go 2 The Surf Shop 'n get a pair of "diving mask" 'n make it black or white, ur choice.
Miscellaneous_Go 2 The Castle 'n get a "sword left or sword right" ur choice. Make it any color u 
think match wit ur oufit da most. Put it on.

Again, Im Katherine. My zwinky user is k3th3rin3_g3t_sw3gg, ( this one i hadn't got a zcard on 
it yet ) katiexxxcutie, ( my sis but i use wit her permission of course 'n it have a zcard ) 
and superstar_6677. 'N now u got a cute punk outfit. Hope u would win every fashion show u go 2. 
Buhhbii. x]]

How to look great (Unlocked wardrobe):
Submitted by: Ady Hawkins

This is my way to look gorgeous!(girls only)
1:Short and straight hair from zavanue (zcard)
sideponytail2 from zavanue (not zcard)
2:6th tile skin color
3:Face, girl1 eyecolor=black
lips; dark pink
blush; brown
eyeshadow; Black
eyeliner; black
mascara; black
5:Emotion, sad
6:Background, Subway
7:Symbol, gangsta
8:Top, Belted Bandeua (dark purple, black belt)
9:Pants,hot pants (black)
10:Shoes, Lace up boots (purple laces, black boot)
11:Necklace, Diamond Chain
12: braclets, three bangles
13: hats, lion ears (color purple)
If you where that you'll get a bf in no time 

Faceless Cheat!:
Ok, First make sure you have a purchased mask, Such as Elf ears, (it doesnt matter what mask
you use, and works on all body types) go to your purchases and put the masks on, then go to 
the bit where you change your eyetype and the mask will show in a white box, click it and 
the mask will go, finally go to you purchases and take the mask off.

Submitted by: Fashion guru

ok, I have over 210 zcard items, so I know alot about this stuff and I will give u three 
outfits that are super sexy and the latest styles ;]
ok, 1st outfit
shirt: bikini top 2, both colours hot pink
bottoms: hot pants in light or dark grey your choice
shoes: *this is zcard* gold circles sandals
gloves: knit gloves 3, in light green
belt: *zcard* Snoop dogg belt
hat: Santa hat, all black
miscellanious: *zcard* Star tattoo
Mask: *from boo-tique* Boxer, any colours
Hair *zcard* It girl light brown, if you dont have that then wevy2 in light brown
this is the second outfit ;D
Shirt: tube top, all black
bottoms: splattered denim in colour 669999
shoes gold circle sandals
belt: dark star belt
Necklace: Green beads
Earrings: RW hoops
braclet: three bangles, green
Glasses: cyber googles, any colour
Hat: santa hat, all black
Miscellanious: Heart wand
3rd outfit ;D
shirt: Hajuku top, white and black
bottoms: hot pants, any light green
hosiery: Hajuku Socks
shoes: Jessica simpson fisper
earrings: Drop oval earrings
Hats: santa hat, black
Miscellanious: georgia pom poms
Sports Items: fins, dark grey
Hair: Wevy2, light brown

How to Have a Good look in zwinky:
Submitted by: Krisha Anne P. Fulgeras

Hello,this is a very good look.It's for everyone.If you unlock your wardrobe try it out!
Female Cutie:
Hairs:Messy Color:Black outside,Inside Red
Skin Color:White
Eyes:Girl number5 color:red or white
Emotions:Sad(The last one and The pink one)
Symbols:Thanks for adding me!
Tops:Plaid Top Color:Red
Bottoms:Plaid Skirt Color:Red
Hosiery:Fishnet stockings Color:Red
Shoes:Platform Boots(The last one)
Gloves:Arm Warmers or Wrist Warmers Color:Red
Belts:Skull Belt
Scarfs:Skull Scarf Color:Red
Necklaces:Spiky Choker
Bracelets:Spiky Bracelets
Earrings:Skull Earrings
Bags:Pumkin Bucket or Pumpkin Bag
Hats:Skull Barette Color:Red

Outfit ideas:
Submitted by: Low

Ok, so here ill give you a unlocked warderobe and a zcard outfit soo.. Ill start 
with the unlocked warderobe outfit. (Btw i will not take any scenes/signs/pets)

Face: Girl1 in dark brown/purple
Skin: The 6th colour (the 6th box)
Emoticons: Sad or angry, what u prefer.
Makeup: -Lips: light pink or the skin colour. -Mascara/Eyeliner/Eyeshadow: 
White. - Blush: none or dark red.
Top: Skull top in all black or whatever, but it has to be in one colour.
Bottom: Hotpants in original colour or in black.
Hosiery: Border leggings in black/white or in original colour.
Shoes: Lace up boots in black and dirty light blue.
Scarf(optional): Org. colour
Belt(Optional): Grossgrain belt in org. colour.
Earrings: Spider web
Necklace: Diamond chain
Misc: Sparkler
Hat: Pirate hat in any colour u like.
Hair: Ponytail2 in dark brown (663300)

so there u go ;) A kinda emo inspired look i guess O_O so.. ill start with the zcarded outfit :

Face: invisible face (ill give you the cheat for that one in the end)
Skin: Tan or the 6th box.
Shirt: Leopard top in a yellow brown colour, or Woven top *Daily Keepsake* in any colour u like.
Bottom: cute shorts *The surf shop(Zcarded)* or Boxed Shorts(Im not sure from what store it is 
from but i think its from Rocawear) (For the Leopard top)
Shoes: Skecher Keepsakes Postage.
Belts(For the Leopard Top): Shore Chic Belt. *The Mix*
Necklaces: Pearl necklace.
Misc: Snoop dogs or Star Tattoo *The Mix*
Hats:Headband in any colour u like, or Oversized bow(Daily Keepsake* in any colour.
Hair:Cotton Candy Hair * The Mix* or Updo *The Articans* (or what i like to call it: Hairsalon.*

So theres two kinda "nice" outfits.
Soo if anyone wants more outfits then mail me at :

Faceless Cheat:
Submitted by: Low

Ok so i found out that i had forgotten to make the faceless cheat, so ill do it now.
Here i go : 

Go to warderobe > Purchases > Masks/Hats > Take one on(dosnt matter who) > Go to faces > 
Dont click a face > Click on to box where the hat/mask appears > Click on the mask/hat > 
Click Save > Take away the hat/mask if you want to.

So here you go ! Simple ;))

Email me at if u didnt understand 
or if you want more stuff from me ;))

Goth outfit:
Submitted by: isobelprincess

so first u have to go to t lair an get cut sleeve top black,

then get seveth color skin
then get girl 4(black eyes)
then brown lips
then black eyeshadow an eyeliner(etc)
then fur jacket all black
then black jean skirt 
then black dressy sandals
then skull belt
then dimod chain
then 6 stone thingy
then black cat 
then dragon wins2 all black
then skeeleton theme,
then the symbol BE AFRAID.

Faceless Cheat (New Version):
Submitted by: Rachel

1: First Go To Ur Wardrobe.
2: Then Create An Outfit, Or Click On A Saved One.
3: Go 2 Apperance, Then Click On Face.
4: Click On Any Face, Then Click On The Face Again And There You Have No Face! Enjoy.

Beauty Tips:
Submitted by: Supermanga

Theese are some awsome beauty tips:


-Skin Colour: 4th Box.
-Hair: Straight n' long3
-Face: Girl3
-Make up: None
-Emotions: 1st Box
-Tops: Waist shirt (University Club)
-Bottoms: None
-Socks:Tight jeans
-Shoes: Jewled heels.
If u want 2 talk my name is Supermanga on zwinky.

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