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  Hints and Tips for: A Bark in the Dark 
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 A Bark in the Dark Cheats

A Bark in the Dark

Submitted  by: RM

1 - Go left. Take the mouse food and the empty glass. 
2 - Go left again and take the dog bone and the statue that the bone is on.
3 - Go left again. Between the door and the couch there is a piece of the
    baseboard that doesn’t look quite right. Take it. 
4 - Go right to the mouse cage. Put some mouse food on top of the tower at 
    the right of the cage. When the mouse goes to get the food, he will knock 
    over the cup. 

5 - Place the piece of baseboard (wood) over the knocked over glass. It will look 
    like a see-saw. Take the statue (sculpture) and put it on the piece of wood. 
6 - Once again, put some mouse food on top of the tower. The mouse should land on 
    the see-saw when he comes back down. He will fly into the air and knock over 
    the green vase that is next to the mouse cage (on the right side). 
7 - Go left and get the red key that fell out of the green vase. 
8 - Go left three times and use the key on the blck sports bag that is on top of the 
    couch. A black extension cord will be on top. Nothing else will come out of the 
9 - Go left once and use the extension cord (cable) on the outlet and the cord from 
    the arcade game. 
10- Play Bark Bark Bark. It can be a little tricky, but there are only nine levels 
    and you have three lives. 
11- After the game is completed, there will be a four-digit number at the bottom of 
    the screen. Remember it. 
12- Go left twice and click on the phone receiver. It should fall to the ground. 
    Remember that four-digit number? Well, take the first number and click the button 
    (next to the red light) that number of times. For example, say mu number was 3441.
    I would click the button three times. Then I would look at the bottom of the screen 
    and wait for it to say 3 beeps!?. Then I would push the button four times. 
    The bottom of the screen would say 4 beeps!? Then I would press the button four 
    times…etc. Then the door should open. 
13- Go out the door and get into the garden. You’re going to have to have your mouse 
    food handy. Not much I can do for you here, you’ll have to figure out the sequence 
    on your own. Basically, you have to put food on the proper platform (on the right 
    of the ropes) at the right time to make the light bulbs flicker at the right time.
    You can do any number of combinations any number of times that you want, you won’t 
14- When you beat all of the levels, you’ll see a dog. Finally thr dog bone becomes 
    useful. give it to the dog, then the game is over. 

Take the empty glass, the box of “tasty Mouse Food”, the dog bone, the sculpture and
the piece of wood near the door. Put the glass in the Mouse cage and put a some food
on the top of the tower, then put the piece of wood over the knocked over glass and 
the sculpture on the left side on the wood and then put another some piece of food on
the top of the tower. Take then the small key and open the bag. Take the extension 
cable and put on the gamebox. Do the 9 levels and the code that you became (for 
example 3494) and then click so often the telefonbeep like the code that you became. 
On the garten put the mouse food in the right order so that the light go on.

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