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  Hints and Tips for: AdventureX 2 
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 AdventureX 2 Cheats

AdventureX 2

Submitted  by: RM

A walkthrough for some of you, in case you need it

1. Get the cup under bed in bedroom. Notice the paintings near the bed. 
2. Go right to fireplace. Notice the 2 arrows? They point to a certain 
   tile. Click on the tile and get the valve. 
3. Go right to the gym. Take a weight (needed later). 
4. Go right to the toilet. Click on the pipe below the rightmost urinal 
   and get aerosol. 
5. Zoom in to sink. Click on left sink to get pliers. 
6. Go back one scene. Use the valve on the H20 pipe. The taps will now run. 
   Use the cup to take some water. 
7. Go right to the bedroom again. Use the water on the paintings. (you need 
   to keep refilling the cup to use at the paintings. 
   At the end, you should have 4 numbers. 
8. Use aerosol on mirror. You’ll get the 5th number. 
9. Use pliers on wiring near dresser. You’ll get a wire. 
10. Go to fireplace. Put out the fire with water. (refill the cup 1st!) 
11. Go to Gym. Connect the wire. Work out the sum, and key in the result 
    using the cycling bike 11114321 
12. Take out the key and the wire you previously attached. Go to fireplace. 
13. Insert key into hole. Go down. 
14. Take cutter and funnel. Go back to bedroom. 
15. Use cutter to cut the lamp and take the pole. 
16. Go back to basement. Put pole into the hole at the ground and put the weight 
    u had taken earlier on. You need to put 4 of the weights in. Also, fill the 
    cup with the green liquid. (if cup is not empty, empty it at the urinal) 
17. After putting all those in, the door should open. 
18. At the red box, fill the box up using funnel and green liquid. Attach the wire, 
    and you’ll see 8 boxes of numbers. Notice the symbol that is “pi”. You’ll need 
    the numerical values of “pi”. 
19. Here’s the catch: Look at the grey boxes above the exit sign, and compare those 
    to the ones on the red box. Put the value of “pi” in the grey boxes, and you’ll 
    see that the 10th grey box is actually the 9th decimal place in the value of 
    “pi”. Thus look for the values, as according to the white boxes, but -1 placing.
    (look through my previous posts for the explanation) 37249013 
20. Key in the correct values, and you’re out! Get into the hall of fame!

Other wire:
Go back to Gym again and bring back the connected wire.

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