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  Hints and Tips for: Agents of Mayhem 
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 Agents of Mayhem Cheats

Agents of Mayhem

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Black & White Cartoon Mode:
In the R+D lab there is a valve you can interact with. When interacted 
with the game will turn black & white & all the characters will start 
to bop up and down very similar to a 1920ís cartoon.
Info: The valve can be found in the very back of the room to the right.

Easy money:
Relic Trading Company outposts become available shortly after you unlock 
the Requisitions department on the ARK. Once one is captured, they reward
you with $180 per minute of game play each. There are four in total and 
once captured, they generate $720 per minute. The cap on money is $99,999.
Simply leave the game idle while doing other things to gain a lot of 
money quickly.

Agency level unlockables:
Reach the indicated Agency level to unlock the corresponding feature(s) 
for your agents:

Level  4: Armory and R&D Upgrades Gremlin Tech.
Level  5: Wreckroom, Operations.
Level  6: Vehicle Bay.
Level  7: Black Market / Requisitions.
Level  8: Global Conflicts.
Level  9: Legion Tech in R&D.
Level 10: Additional items in Requisitions, Mayhem Database Upgrade.
Level 14: Additional items in Requisitions.
Level 16: Mayhem database update.
Level 18: Additional items in Requisitions.
Level 20: Mayhem database update.
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