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  Hints and Tips for: Age of Wushu - Legends of Mount Hua 
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 Age of Wushu - Legends of Mount Hua Cheats

Age of Wushu - Legends of Mount Hua

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The following is a brief description of the new features available in
this expansion:

New PVP Contest:
Only the top players will earn the right to enter the final contest upon the peaks 
of Mount Hua.

New Legendary Titles and Costumes:
Eastern Heretic, Western Venom, Southern Emperor,Northern Beggar & Central Divine.
Thefamed Heavenly Swordwill be granted to the last man standing, the legend, the One.

The 'Yanmen Pass:
Travel to this magnificent historical pass and defend against the invading Tartar 
army with this new 18-man instance. Players can take part in the epic tale of defender
General Fang Wuhen, torn between fulfilling his family’s vengeance and the heinous sin
of treason. There will be three separate storylines with escalating difficulty and 
strength requirement.

You'y'un Sixteen Prefectures Battle'ground:
Join the Mongolian invaders or Ming Dynasty defenders and fight for conquestin this 
large-scale PvPbattleground filled with supporting tasks and multiple ways to total 

The Apprentice: Age of Wushu Edition:
A new Martial Brothers system that bridging the gap between old and new players: low
levels can quickly power up and enjoy discounts on learning skills by mentoring under
a veteran player.

Epic New Martial Skills:
Dominate your enemies with two new available Jianghu martial skills: The Astonishing 
Goose Blade and the Flowing Cloud Sword. These epic skills can be acquired through 
the Yanmen Pass instance.

Faction & Reputation:
Increase your fame amongst JiangHu factions through questing as you unlock special 
titles, costumes, henchmen and more!

Gratitude & Revenge:
Players can now earn favors from certain NPCs to unlock special quests or have them 
install lethal distraction upon your blood enemies!

Treasures & Artifacts:
Mysterious new additions to your equipment will increase basic stat and improve martial 

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