AirMech Wastelands Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: AirMech Wastelands 
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 AirMech Wastelands Cheats

AirMech Wastelands

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Edit Unit Loadout:
Written by ZAGI

I see this is common question asked so i decided to make guide for it.

-=Switching units in active loadout=-
First you will need to get in any mission that allows you to use units. 
This is example of how will your starting loadout look:

Next thing you do is just right click on any square in it and unit menu will 

Once unit menu is there just right click again on unit you want to put in 
active loadout in place where you first right clicked to open it up.

Thats it.. you can switch units as much as you want atm ... 
just remember to restock them after each mission.

If you cant find unit you are looking for try clicking on orange filters 
in unit menu to show only specific units.

-=Switching thru multiple loadouts=-
There is more loadouts than one.. you can simply switch them with TAB 
key while in game...

Great use of thoes are if you are playing survival map and run out of your 
main units you can have second set of units in second loadout.

Or make each loadout for one type of units for example > whole loadout of 
anti air units or tanks.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
Here is example of balaned loadout with units for almost any scenario.

How I use thoes units > Gatty is second line dmg dealer and good for light 
units that come in between bigger tanks. Honypot is my main healer and I put 
them behind gattys usualy. Statis Mine thies are great for survival they make 
huge difrance and your units wont miss thoes faster units. Devastator is my 
main dmg soaker and dmg dealer I put them infront of gattys just in range of 
honeypots so they can get repaired. Vacuum Scrapper is my hero for collecting 
salvage. Lunchbox is good for making your fort alive even after all thoes 
drops that bots do and very good in survival too since it gives a little extra 
hp to fortress. Gorgon is great AntiAir also has nice hp so i dont have to 
worry about few rockets being shot at them. Shooter is best lazy unit for 
taking whole map just send few on capture and they will do work.
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