Alien Trilogy Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Alien Trilogy 
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 Alien Trilogy Cheats

Alien Trilogy

Cheat Codes:
Code                         Result
ifyouthinkyouarehardenough - All weapons and unlimited ammo
comeandhaveago             - All weapons
nadiapopovXX               - Level warp (where XX is 01-34)
gotsoomqueen2              - Become a Queen alien

Level Select:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

In the password box, type G0LVL and the number of the 
Level you want. (e.g. G0LVL5 and you will go to Level 5).

Submitted by: George Tampakidis

At the Options screen, go to Password and enter the 
following codes to go to that level: 


Find all of the ID Tags you get from the security guards. You
can eliminate them with the pistol. They will drop 9mm clips 
if you need ammunition. Once you have found all of the tags, 
find the battery in the blue lit room with some alien warriors.
Use the shotgun to dispose of them, then return to the room 
where the security guards are. Power up the left one, then the
battery console. It will not say "Lift Activated", but when you
go into the chestburster room it will display. Return to the 
beginning of the level where you encountered the first warrior.
You will see a lot of things. Shoot the facehuggers down with 
the pistol or flamethrower. You can pick up a flamethrower 
canister, pulse rifle, TAG, shotgun, and armor.

Defeating the Queen:
At the end of the each episode, you have to eliminate the most
powerful alien in the game. You will find her in the egg chute.
This is where she is best left. First, use any gun to take care
of the eggs and facehuggers. Once the eggs are destroyed, shoot
the Queen's chute to bring her down. The battle requires a lot 
of ammunition. Use the heavy weaponry such as the pulse rifle 
and smartguns. She will eventually die and you can move on to
the next level.
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