Amazing Princess Sarah Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Amazing Princess Sarah 
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 Amazing Princess Sarah Cheats

Amazing Princess Sarah

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Awesome Combo" achievement:
Near the end of Level 3: "Dark Dungeon", there are seven torches in a 
corridor. Hit all seven torches and one enemy quickly to get the "Awesome 
Combo" achievement. Note: If needed, just wait a few seconds until a bat 
appears from either side of the screen.

Easy "That Was Really Close" achievement:
You can get the "That Was Really Close" achievement at the first castle 
in Vampire mode (last mode unlocked), which gives you the ability to 
double jump, has harder enemies that respawn outside the visible area, 
and drops health hearts when you throws any enemy. The following is a list 
of how much damage you take from each enemy of the first castle in Vampire 
mode, and how much health you can regain with the hearts they drop. 
Use those numbers to add and subtract from your health until you get 
exactly 1 HP left, then go to the save statue.

Wall torch (does not respawn): +5 health 
Yellow skeleton: -10 damage, +4 health 
Grey/blue zombie: -16 damage, +4 health 
Pink archer: -6 damage by touch, -6 damage by arrow, +4 health 
Pink bat: -6 damage, +2 health 
Grey bomber with red bombs: -16 damage by touch, -33 damage by explosion, +9 health 
Fire demon woman: -16 damage by touch, -10 damage by fire, +14 health 
Gray/red fat man: -54 damage by touch, +49 health 
Blue skeleton: -6 damage, +2 health 
Purple animated armor: -50 damage, +39 health 

Easy "The Great Killer Vampire" achievement:
If you need more kills after completing the game, start a new game in 
Vampire mode (last mode unlocked). Go to the first castle, and keep killing 
enemies. A message will immediately appear after killing 500 enemies. 
You do not need to complete the level to get the achievement. 
Note: Consider earning the "That Was Really Close" achievement first, as 
it can involve killing a number of enemies repeatedly until you get the 
correct amount of health.

Easy "What A Healthy Girl!" achievement:
During Level 2: "Ice Castle", progress to the last section just before the 
Boss. It has no enemies between the two checkpoints. Jump across a number 
of disappearing platforms while dodging some bats, and reach the next (and 
final) checkpoint with full health. The bats always spawn randomly from 
either side of the screen, but they are easy to dodge. 
If a bat damages you, intentionally lose a life by falling and try again.

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