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  Hints and Tips for: Ambush at Sorinor 
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 Ambush at Sorinor Cheats

Ambush at Sorinor

Most of these missions are pretty short, which is just fine with
me, but I personally feel that the time limit is a pretty stupid
idea considering that you have all the time in the world to kill
everybody. Oh well, you can always go in and edit the mission. 
The mission and terrain builders are, as always, a welcome addition
to the game, and are easy to use and figure out. 
No real documentation is required for the editors, as they are 
self explanitory. These editors have become a trademark of Mindcraft
games. Only their role playing games like The Magic Candle lack 
these editors.

The troop rosters have been expanded to include many more troop
types, as well as civilian icons for rescue missions and the like.
The landscape tiles are wonderful to look at, and all fit together
perfectly.  Since this game is about small scale scirmishes and 
ambushes, castles are not involved, although you will battle in 
woods, frozen tundras, cities, and swamps.

It is important to note that enemy troops will work to directly
accomplish their objectives, and if that requires escaping they
will head DIRECTLY for the exit as fast as possible. In missions
where you must stop enemy troops from exiting the map, you must 
carefully position your soldiers to block their path, and should
set up traps in areas they are likely to pass through. If you don't 
succeed, tell the game not to record the results and try again.

Keep a close eye on your money, as the better troop types will
usually cost you a bundle. If you need a lot of troops, it is 
sometimes wise to buy a lot of cheap mercenaries for stopping 
escaping troops.  When power and brute force are needed, purchase
heroes and wizards. They will run up your tab quickly, but no one
can deny the great results brought about by these troops.

Enemy troops will try to complete their objectives directly. If a 
retreat is required they will move directly to the exit as fast as
possible. Use this behavior to your advantage in missions where you
must stop enemy troops from exiting the map. Position your soldiers
to block their path and set up traps in areas they are likely to 
pass through.

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