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  Hints and Tips for: America Online 
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 America Online Cheats

America Online

Display detailed version information:
Select the "Help" and the "About America Online" options. Press [Ctrl] + R
at the about window to display the detailed version number. 

Display module versions:
Select the "Help" and the "About America Online" options. Press [Ctrl] + T
at the about window to display the version number of each module. 

Smiley face:
Enter smile4u as a keyword. Click on the animated smiley face that appears
to hear various sounds, including Nelson from The Simpsons. 

Virtual fruitcake:
Enter "virtualfruitcake" as a keyword to send a virtual fruitcake to another
AOL member. 

Cartoon characters:
Enter one of the following keywords to view the corresponding 
cartoon character.

Character                     Code 
Yogi Bear                   - igoy 
Boo Boo Bear                - ooboob  
Shaggy (from Scooby Doo)    - yggahs  
Wilma Flintstone            - amliw  
Betty Ruble                 - ytteb 
Dino (from The Flintstones) - onid  
Astro (from The Jetsons)    - ortsa  
Snagglepuss                 - ssupelggans  
Top Cat                     - tacpot

Dice roll message:
Type //roll while in a chat room. The OnlineHost will say "OnlineHost: (your 
screen name) rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 5. Everyone in the chat will be able to
see this. A different outcome will appear each time this is done.
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