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  Hints and Tips for: Amnesia: Memories 
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 Amnesia: Memories Cheats

Amnesia: Memories

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Ukyo Walkthrough (All Endings):
Written by AlexWuxian

Complete Walkthrough for Ukyo

-=August 1=-
Itís because Iíd be limited, right?
I donít.
Create Save File 1

Iíll pass.
I think we can trust him.

-=August 2=-
Until about 3 minutes ago.
No, I feel fine.
Can I work inside instead?
Where is it?

-=August 3=-
Why did you save me?
Iím sorry, I donít remember

-=August 4=-
Were you alright, ukyo?
Would you like to come over?
Iím fine, thank you.
Create Save File 2


-=August 5=-
I donít know.
No I havenít.
Iím fine.
How can you predict the future?
Have we held hands before?
Your logic doesnít make senseÖ

-=August 6=-
Welcome home, Masters.
Sorry, I canít decide.

-=August 7=-
Sawa, did you know Rika?
I guess I do.
Are you alright, Ukyo?
Why did you tell me?

-=August 8=-
What would his purpose be?
Create Save File 3
Iíll stay home.
Would you like to come in for tea?

-=August 10=-
Create Save File 4
Let me go!
I was just kidding.
So can I approach you when youíre awake?
Are you homeless?
Did I used to have feelings for you?

-=August 12=-
Iíll talk it over with Ukyo.

-=August 13=-
Maybe we shouldnít goÖ?
Iím a little worried about Ukyo.
I think I should.
I wanted to see you.

-=August 14=-
Donít worry about it.
Create Save File 5
I think it was just a prank.
I want to know him more.

-=August 15=-
Yeah, letís go out.
How about places where Ukyo might be?
Should I sue you, then?
Okay, I understand.

-=August 16=-
Do you speak another language?

-=August 18=-
Why donít we stay here and talk?
As long as Iím not near you, weíre good, right?
Would I not be good enough to talk to?
Is that the only reason?

-=August 19=-
Letís go outside.
Do you like the outdoors?
Would you like to nap at my place?

-=August 20=-
Maybe Iíll go to kandagawa park.
So I canít look at you at all?

-=August 21=-
Letís go to Myouga university.
I was just curiousÖ

-=August 22=-
Did you text me earlier?

-=August 23=-
I want to go.
Would you like to come over?
ÖMaybe I shouldnít have.
Please donít go.

-=August 24=-
Create Save File 6
NoÖ I think itís better to keep it from himÖ

-=August 25=-
Iím curious about Ukyo.
Create a Save File 7

I forgive him.
Normal Ending
Load Save File 7

-=August 25=-
I canít forgive himÖ
Bad Ending 1
Load Save File 4

-=August 10=-
So can I approach you when youíre awake?
Are you homeless?
How do you feel about me?

-=August 12=-
Iíll talk it over with Ukyo.
August 13

Maybe we shouldnít goÖ?
Yup, yup.
We should probably stay insideÖ

-=August 14=-
Donít worry about it.
I think it was just a prank.
I think heís a bit scary.

-=August 15=-
Letís stay home today.

-=August 16=-
Do you speak another language?

-=August 18=-
I just feel like walking around.
Is that the only reason?

-=August 19=-
Iíll stay inside.
Good luck with studying!

-=August 20=-
Maybe Iíll go to Meido no Hitsuji.
You sure are popular.

-=August 21=-
Letís go to Seichi University.
Iíve made friends.

-=August 22=-
Did you text me earlier?

-=August 23=-
I donít really want to, butÖ
Would you like to come over?
Itíll be fine.
Create Save File 8
Okay, that sounds good.

-=August 24=-
NoÖ I think itís better to keep it from himÖ

-=August 25=-
I wonder what ďfate of deathĒ mean.
He would never do that.
Bad Ending 2
Load Save File 8

-=August 23=-
Please donít go
Bad Ending 3
Load Save File 1

-=August 1=-
Bad Ending 4
Load Save File 2

-=August 4=-
I donít know about thatÖ
Bad Ending 5
Load Save File 3

-=August 8=-
Iíll go
Bad Ending 6
Load Save File 5

-=August 14=-
Ikkiís fanclub did this to me.
ÖI donít know
Bad Ending 7
Load Save File 6

-=August 24=-

Iíll try..

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