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  Hints and Tips for: Battle Islands 
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 Battle Islands Cheats

Battle Islands

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Do not wait for the protection to expire before attacking. Begin attacking
  as soon as you have the Barracks and 18 soldiers trained in order to get 
  resources and build your base faster. 
* To get access to new troops, research them in the Command Bunker after you
  have enough resources. Research requires a lot of time, but can be done at
  the same time as an upgrade. 
* When selecting an opponent, choose those that have a small amount of medals.
  Chances are, they will be easy to defeat. When early in the game, focus on 
  getting more resources and not medals.

* Upgrade the Command Bunker as soon as possible in order to unlock new buildings
  as well as to allow you to have more resources. Also upgrade Factories early to
  maximize resource production. 
* Do not fortify your buildings when first starting. Instead, first upgrade your 
  buildings to maximum capacity, research new troops, and clear the land. After 
  your base has been established, begin to fortify the buildings, starting with 
  the Supply Depot and Command Bunker.
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