Bendy and the Ink Machine Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Bendy and the Ink Machine 
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 Bendy and the Ink Machine Cheats

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret mini boss in Chapter 2:
With the release of Chapter 4, theMeatly included a hidden boss fight. After 
you turn the second pipe wheel and gain access to Sammy Lawrence’s office,
head to the room where you first started the chapter. 

There, in the pentagram, where you regained consciousness, is a searcher 
with a miner hat. It’s larger than the other searchers you encountered 
so it’ll take 4 swings to take it out.

Chapter 2 Hidden Boss Glitch:
After spawning the hidden boss in Bendy Chapter 2, instead of killing it lead 
it to the hallway that leads to Sammy Lawrence’s office. Then, quickly go in 
to Sammy’s office and flip the pump switch. Next, lure the hidden boss to the 
area where Sammy knocks you out. If done right, after Sammy knocks you out,
 the searcher will attack you and you’ll be sent to the tunnel(the one you 
have to go forward in order to get back in to the game) After Sammy’s finished 
with his "Rest your head, it’s time for bed" phrase , you’ll transition from 
the tunnel to the area where Sammy does his monologue. But, you’ll be in 
"Bendy Limbo" and the screen will look as it does during the first jump scare 
in Chapter 4.It’ll even play the whispers you hear during said jump scare. 
After you break out of the ropes, the Searchers will spawn but they won’t 
attack. In fact, they just die, no axe whacks needed. When Bendy jump scares 
you, don’t bother running away, because he’ll just be stuck in place and the 
best part, even if you get up close to him, you won’t die! When you reach the 
end of Chapter 2 and you’re gonna transition to Chapter 3, during the loading 
screen, you’ll still hear the whispering and when you actually get into 
Chapter 3, the Bendy Limbo look is gone but the whispering still goes on.

Happy Boris Challenge:
Written by Kittanimates

A fun challenge you can do alone or with friends to unlock achievements through 
BATIM Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, and experience tons of spooks!

Welcome to the guide for the Happy Boris Challenge! This is a BATIM Chapter 3 - 4 
challenge that focuses around everyone's favorite wolf - Boris. In this challenge, 
you will make sure to give your Boris the best life he can possibly have throughout 
the time of knowing him. You can do this challenge alone, or with your friends! 
It will also act as a walkthrough in finding some achievements throughout these 
chapters. I hope you enjoy!

-=Happy Boris Challenge=-
Step 1 - Acquire the Bone

The bone is the first and most crucial step for this challenge. As soon as you 
feed your Boris, send him outside to wait. Go back into the bedroom and find a 
bone sitting under his hammock. Even though it doesn't shine, it is indeed 
collectable. Go back to your Boris, and "Knick-Knack Paddywhack", give the poor 
doggie a bone.

Step 2 - Supply food
Your Boris is bound to be hungry throughout your treacherous adventure through the 
studio. Make sure to keep him fed by collecting every last can of Bacon Soup you 
can find. A hungry Boris is a sad Boris. Bring Home the Bacon!

Step 3 - Supply a light source
The darkness of Joey Drew Studios is probably one of the scariest things there, 
and you don't want your Boris to be shaking alone in the dark, right? Do not let 
Boris shake in the dark, he has very spooky nightmares. Extreme spook.

Step 4 - Don't support the angel
The angel wants your Boris all to herself! You must keep away from her as much 
as you can. Do not walk the way of the angel, that only shows your Boris that you 
support the one out to get him. You must walk "The Path of the Demon".

Step 5 - Never leave him alone
If you go down, Boris is basically a flashing target for whatever took you. Your 
Boris is a very defenseless wolfo, don't leave him stranded by dying on the job, 
he still needs your protection.

Step 6 - Acquire the most powerful weapon
You need something to protect your best buddy with, right? Well, lucky for you, 
you have the power to get "Blazing Metal". All you have to do is at Jacksepticeye's 
Sean Flynn's tape recorder, turn the ink blob into the shape of the original Ink 
Machine. Continue the previous steps, and if you did it right, you will have 
unleashed the Tommy gun.

Step 7 - Your (third) biggest threat
You have the angel, who hides behind class. You have the demon, who has a deadly 
touch. And then you have the Projectionist, who can easily find their way to the 
elevator where your Boris is. Make sure there's no risk of that happening, and reveal 
"Norman's Fate". Shoot the Projectionist and bring them down to the ground.

Step 8 - Entertainment (optional)
Boris left by himself in the elevator isn't very fun for him. What IS fun however 
is bringing a bouncing barrel inside with you! With the Tommy gun, get a movable 
barrel inside the elevator. As you travel around with the elevator, the barrel will 
bounce around with you two. Now picture that: A bouncing barrel in an elevator with 
video game physics. Now doesn't that just sound like barrels of fun? (Editor's 
Note: Unsure if this is still a possibility with the recent Chapter 4 update, if 
not, than you can have a free pass).

Step 9 - Search and rescue
What?! The angel took your precious Boris boy? We can't let her get away with this! 
Go through Chapter 4 without dying once, rescue your friend as fast as possible!

Step 10 - Give an advantage
Okay, so, unfortunately, as most of you probably know already, we can't save our 
Boris. However, we can make sure we put him through as little pain as possible. 
Before you head into the haunted house, go back to the fourth area. On the second 
floor, go around to where you turned the lights off on the Projectionist. You'll 
see a case, open it up, and see that there is a turn dial for the Gent Machines. 
Collect it, and you'll give yourself an "Unlikely Victory" by fighting Boris with 
a plunger.

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