BloodRayne Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: BloodRayne 
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 BloodRayne Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54
Update by: BXR na wp
Update by: Carlos Lourenco

Enter the options menu and select "Enter Cheat".
A message will appear to confirm correct code entry.
Pause game play, then enable the cheat from the menu.

Code                         Effect
LAMEYANKEEDONTFEED         - Restore health
ANGRYXXXINSANEHOOKER       - Fill bloodlust
ONTHELEVEL                 - Level select
DONTFARTONOSCAR            - Enemy freeze
SHOWMEMYWEAPONS            - Show weapons
INSANEGIBSMODEGOOD         - Gratuitous dismemberment mode
JUGGYDANCESQUAD            - Juggy mode
BRIMSTONEINTHEBAYOU        - Secret level

Unlock the Game:

First of all make sure to make a backup of "rayne.exe".
Now open rayne.exe with your favorite hex editor.
Locate offset "000F9DAB". 
It begins like this "74108A460183".
Now replace that string with "0F8525F9FFFF".
That's all. Run the game
Go to option>>cheats, simply press enter twice 
[do not enter any cheats.]

Defeating Beliar and Wulf:
To defeat Beliar, you should have guns, and grenades. The blades do not work
on him. Use the Magic Eye to find Beliar's weak point and shoot it. When you
run out of guns, shoot the grenades at him. He must be defeated quickly, 
because if he powers up enough, you will lose. After Beliar is dead, go after
Wulf. He will run around the room and attack you. Hit him as much as possible.
After a few hits, Rayne will stop and say "That was for Mynce". Wulf will tell
her that she is pathetic, and the fight will continue. Repeatedly hit Wulf to 

Defeating the Hondrox:
When you are fighting the Hondrox you must break down the pillars (long wooden 
objects) and the floor will fall. Do this twice to complete the level.

Indiana Jones reference:
In one of the small corner rooms in the Nazi part of the game, you can break 
a box to find the Ark Of The Covenant from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

The wrath of God:
In the Louisiana level, destroy the crucifix in the church or the cross on top 
of the church. You will hear a loud roll of thunder, and the ground will shake.
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