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  Hints and Tips for: Bloons TD 6 
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 Bloons TD 6 Cheats

Bloons TD 6

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Use Benjamin:
Written by Corrupt_Angel

-=Why is This Guide a Thing??-
Everyone who has used benjamin might have noticed that you get a lot of early
game cash, but later in the game, it seems harder to afford stuff. ever wondered 
why? Level 7. bloon trojan. this as well as ben's second ability, syphon funding, 
have been the cause of a ton of lost money. 

So i decided to make this guide to show ways that i have either worked around 
his flaws, or done something else entirely.

-=Thing Number #1=-
So what if you want to place him down, then not worry about it? I feel you, so 
heres an idea. When he hits level seven, start to spam some banks. the bank buff 
from benjamin should help you recover some lost money from the bloon trojan.

Okay, but what if you dont wanna use banks? 3-2-0 farms. like 8 of them. all 
around a farmer. that'll do it.

Lol for real though, you technically can use a 0-3-2 bank, as wierd as it is. 
they will automatically collect when they get full, so you dont have to worry 
about them. the bank buff would help a ton with 0-3-2 banks, because they dont 
get as much money per round. but it is fun to use crosspaths that you wouldnt 
normally use.

As for when he gets to level 10, don't use the ability. Further beyond level 
10, get more farms or income generators, because he will end up buffing bloon 
trojan a lot, so you will need to compensate for it.

I know it seems like a lot, so... TLDR: if you wanna get money but not have to 
worry about it, spam 0-3-2 banks. spam more of them, then more.

If you wanna get the most amount of money, its like farming normally, you just 
need to get banks more.

Don't use the level 10 ability. Ever!

-=Thing Number #2=-
So, you want money. Understandable, i like money too. and you know that level 
7 ben makes you lose money.

Well imagine if you didnt have to deal with that.

So you sell him at level 7,its weird, i know. Selling your hero is weird.

Check his level every few rounds, sell him if hes at level 7 or higher. 
It makes more sense once you get started.

You wont really have to use farms that much, so i really like this strategy.

So, you might like these ideas, but keep this in mind:

* He is a hero, so you wont be able to use obyn or any other heroes.
* He takes a lot of micro if you use the second method.
* He takes a ton of compensation if you use the first method.
* His first ability can leave you very vulnerable at times.
* Why not use obyn? what does ben have over obyn?
* Farms are better, in every way imaginable.

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