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  Hints and Tips for: BMX Star 
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 BMX Star Cheats

BMX Star

Submitted by: David K.

* Read the help page inside the game. You press space to turn around, and lean
  backwards while riding to gain extra speed.

* For riding on the walls and ceiling: Ride a wheelie almost vertical and hit 
  the wall, you will stay in the wheelie on the wall and ceiling while still 

* If you are sliding upside down, and have some speed, tap the brakes to flip 
  yourself upwards. Remember, you need to be facing the way you are sliding or 
  it may not work.

* When your health gets low, let it get all the way up before trying anything 

* Try playing BMX backflips to gain riding experience.

* On Slippery Slopes II, use the drop time at the start to do a frontflip. 
  It only works with frontflips, not back.

* When you flip over onto your back, try to find a slope or jump to go off of.

* When trying to get to high places, hit the jump as hard as you can, then in mid
  air be completely vertical. Then, when you get close to the landing, lean forward
  and it'll push you further to your landing.

* When you land on your back, accelerate and then hit the brake while leaning forward.
  With a little training, you can get back up again most of the time.

* To go up a high ramp and come down properly, place your front wheel so it barely 
  touches the ramp and hit the spacebar. It'll put your back wheel in its place. 
  This really helps.

* If you see the red star right next to you, but you think your score is low, you can 
  try doing backflips to gain points, then collect the star.

* When you rotate, you rotate primarily around the back wheel. When you are going for
  a big jump and spinning, you can use the space bar to change which wheel is your 
  back one, and use that to propel you farther.

* When you go off a quarter pipe and are going straight up, but need to get over a 
  ledge at the top, make sure your back wheel is facing down.

* When going up a quarter pipe with the intention of turning around and using it to 
  gather speed, keep your back wheel down a little longer, and use it to keep your 
  front wheel against the wall, then when you turn around, your back wheel is against
  the wall, and you can make a smooth and speed-increasing transition.

* If you lean too far and start to go over backwards hit the brakes. This immediately 
  corrects your angle at the cost of some speed. You can use this technique to do extreme 
  wheelies. Note that your front brakes also work and are very helpful in some situations.

* If you are trying to get up on a high ledge but only manage to clear your front wheel,
  you can still make it. With your front wheel on the ledge, immediately hit and hold 
  your brakes, start leaning onto the ledge, and then hit space to change directions. 
  Keep leaning and holding your brakes. Lean ALL THE WAY back, pulling your wheel up onto
  the ledge and over your head. As soon as you start to tip over, change directions again
  and start pedaling. Once the other wheel touches the ground, you can use Jesper's trick
  to flip yourself upright (get some speed and then hit the brakes). This will take about
  90% of your health, but it usually works. I use this trick all the time on Extreme 

* When you jump and are about to hit the ledge above you, flip so your wheels hit the 
  ledge instead of your head. This way you'll keep your health.
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