Bombernauts Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Bombernauts 
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 Bombernauts Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Sandbox Mode Cheats

-kick [ip]
-kick [id]
-forcekick [ip]
-forcekick [id]
-powerup [powerup] [playerid]
-powerup [powerup] [playername]
-kickban [ip]
-kickban [id]
-forcekickban [id]
-powerup [powerup_]
-chatsize [size]
-map [cmd] [mapname]
-map [cmd] [mapname]
-trailer_mode [on_]
-cam_dist [dist]

-help [cmd]

-crates [cmd] [min] [max]
-crates [cmd] [max]
-autocam [on]
-freecam [on]
-respawn [on]

-season [season_string]
-weather [weather_string]
-set [varname] [varvalue]
-if [condition] [command]
-ifnot [condition] [command]
-ifelse [condition] [commandtrue] [commandfalse]
-do [iter_count] [cmd]
-greater [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-less [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-equals [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-add [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-subtract [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-addinto [varname] [rhs]
-subtractinto [varname] [rhs]
-increment [varname]
-decrement [varname]
-not [varname] [lhs]
-and [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-or [varname] [lhs] [rhs]
-notinto [varname]
-andinto [varname] [rhs]
-orinto [varname] [rhs]
-execute [cmd]
-execute [cmd] [p1]
-execute [cmd] [p1] [p2]
-execute [cmd] [p1] [p2] [p3]
-function [functionname] [command]
-event [eventname] [command]
-call [eventname]
-call [eventname] [p1]
-call [eventname] [p1] [p2]
-call [eventname] [p1] [p2] [p3]
-removeevent [eventname]
-timer [time] [cmd]
-timer [name] [time] [cmd]
-ticker [name] [time] [cmd]
-ticker [time] [cmd]
-canceltimer [name]
-ignoredefaut [id]
-message [message]
-foreachplayer [cmd]
-gamemode [gamemode]
-spawnbomb [x] [y] [z]
-crates [cmd] [boxid]
-crates [cmd] [boxid] [powerupid]
-sing [notes]
-fancysing [notes]
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