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  Hints and Tips for: Bomb Jack 
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 Bomb Jack Cheats

Bomb Jack

Submitted by: rickHH

An important piece of information to remember is that you can pick
up the bombs in a certain order to get the maximum points. If you 
pick up most of the bombs while their fuses are lit, you get the 
following bonuses: 

Bombs       Bonuses
20      -     10,000
21      -     20,000
22      -     30,000
23      -     50,000

So of course, you'll want to try to get 23 each time. (This is of 
course, VERY difficult!) The P (Power) coin appears after every 
ninth bomb is collected. The points value of the P coin ranges from
100 (Blue) to 2000 (Silver). Since the color changes each time BJ 
jumps, you can control the bonus level by making small jumps until
the coin turns silver. 

Extra credit:
The B (Bonus) coin appears every 5,000 points, and advances the bonus
multiplier by 1. There is a maximum of 5 B coins per level. 

Mechanical bird:
Picking up the S (Special) coin awards one free credit. It will also 
take you to the next level automatically. You can control where the 
mechanical bird appears by holding the joystick in the opposite 

Example: Hold the joystick to the right as soon as the round starts 
and the mechanical bird appears on the left of the screen. If the 
stick is held diagonally, the bird appears in the opposite corner.
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