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  Hints and Tips for: Book of Travels 
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 Book of Travels Cheats

Book of Travels

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Winds, Starting Skills:
Each Wind comes with 3 perks to choose from:

N-Northern Wind
S-Southern Wind
W-Western Wind
E-Eastern Wind

Mind of the Tactician – (Passive) – [Adds +2 Ward if in a Group]
Read Strengths – (Ability) – [Shows Ward and Force of others]
Tricks of the Messenger – (Passive) – [135% Walk speed on Roads]

Deep Rest – (Ability) – [Restores Energy every second]
Read Hearts – (Ability) – [Finds out Personality and Traits of others]
Mystic Arm – (Ability) – [Draws a vertical line on the ground for others to see]

Assemble Fireplace – (Ability) – [Makes a Fireplace]
Guiding Spark: Shelter – (Ability) – [A spark guides the way to the nearest Shelter]
Affinity for Water – (Passive) – [+75 Energy when submerged in Water]

Glinted lamp – (Ability) – [Conjures up a magic lamp illuminating a small area]
Conceal Identity – (Passive) – [Makes you an “unknown traveller” to others]
Align – (Ability) – [Reveals spirits of the dead within 50m]

-=Fun Facts=-
*The Crested is the Tallest of all Characters.
* The Reachant is the Smallest of all Characters.

Combination Phrases:
Written by Clockwyrk

Person + Swords = Aggressive Persons/People (Bandits, Thieves and other malfactors).
If an Arrow is used afterwards, they mean in that direction. If an exclaimation (!) 
is used followed by an Arrow, then its a dangerous Person or People ahead.

Animal + Swords = Aggressive Beasts.
This is in tandem with the above, with an Arrow indicating direction. An 
exclaimation (!) followed with an arrow, however, means a dangerous beast is ahead.

Travel Marker + House = Nomad’s Rest.
This is a rather important one because it often means a fireplace and good shelter.. 
better than getting rained upon. An arrow usually means direction, however using a 
Spiritual after means they wish to perform a magic, and a useful one at that.

Person + Broken Heart = Needs healing.
This is one not seldom seen, but good to look out for. As you know of the way we 
remain in this world, we must take care of ourselves bodily. usually when someone 
exudes this, they wish for healing, so don’t be afraid to perform some goodness 
if you can.

Tips and notes for beginners (no real spoilers):
Written by Zandbergen

These are just basic tips, without detailed information. Just to get the idea how 
to proceed when you still like just a little help after the basic setup and tutorials. 
I dont think it spoils anything except some practical starters.
On every map, there is a lot to discover. Make sure to scout every corner and inch 
at least one time. Trust me, you often will overlook things, its worth the effort in 
most cases. Also, clicking the “eye” icons often offer both information and free 
-=Talk and communicate!=- 
Most non-player characters can be approached, and a chat-cloud appears. Sometimes, 
a trade icon will also be available. Avoid persons with a red-lined/colored name or 
description, they can be hostile.
-=Timing matters!=-
Some events, discoveries and meetings are connected with some time of the day, or 
night – and something particular days. Visit places on different time periods to 
find out.

-=Choose your own pace and danger=-
Except with some particular mission, there isnt a real deadline for your player. 
Yes, you can miss a train or ferry, but in most cases, its not a disaster.
Same applies to the level of danger, like combat and robbers. With some experience, 
you can avoid 99% of dangerous situations, if thats not on your mind. Also, you 
can replenish life petals when the exception hits your person.

Just to remember: when your character loses 3 life petals and dies, it remains 
death. But in general, perma-death can be avoided, even for starting players. 
Most suspicious persons and situations can be avoided by common sense on your 
-=Boost your specialization with different stuff=-
Talents like mechanics and social skills can be buffed with the right equipment 
and tools. You can gather sets for special goals to optimize your ability. Same 
applies to warden, speed, force and burden capabilities. 
Debuff penalties are also possible.
-=Increase your stock and wealth=-
While there is no money, you can barter for good equipment. There are plenty 
ways to increase the value of your possessions. Besides trading, many adventures, 
exploration and offers ensure you will prosper with time. Finding out a trade 
route can take some time.
During such journeys, extra possiblities to gain stuff will emerge. 
So make the best of your travels. Without spoiling too much: focus on goods 
that are light but expensive.
Compare the worth for the trader and the general price of an item. 
Great difference = good to sell. No/small difference = good to buy.
*Determine your goals, plan strategies. Or forget it, just have fun
*Play in your own style and explore appropriate options and buffs
*Make pen-paper notes. You can place notes on maps as well.
*Check other good guides
*Revisit places and talk with people again (new xp, chances and info)
*Expect fast gains in trade routes. It requires some experience and time
*Loose 3 life petals in a row. Your character dies permantly
*Expect this pre-release game to be without some minor issues
*Expect your xp to rise quickly. It takes time
*Consider this guide to be complete – these are just some pointers.

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