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  Hints and Tips for: Boot Hill Heroes 
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 Boot Hill Heroes Cheats

Boot Hill Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Ambitious Rider" achievement:
Begin riding your horse while chasing after Monty down the river to 
get the "Ambitious Rider" achievement.

Easy "Comforting Conversation" achievement:
Find Higgins near the railway to the east in the starting town. Repeatedly
talk to him until he begins repeating himself to get the "Comforting 
Conversation" achievement.

Easy "Is There a Doctor in the House?" achievement:
Have all four characters fall in a battle until they can no longer revive.
You must lose the battle with all your character's wound slots filled. This
is difficult, as if all four characters are down and waiting to be revived,
you will lose the fight. All characters have three wound slots except for 
Doc, who has four. Find a single haberdasher enemy after completing the 
game. Do not attack them when engaged in battle. Equip Moon dancer with 
her healing vantage. Have her keep the other characters as healthy as 
possible while allowing her to die and revive two times. Then, keep Moon
Dancer alive and allow all the other characters to die until they can no
longer revive and let Moon Dancer die as well. You will then lose the 

Easy "Super Star" achievement:
To get a 4X star shot on an enemy, equip the kid with star shot. Try and 
use as many other vantages with a potential negative enemy status effect 
on all your heroes. Save your action points and hit a single enemy with 
as many negative status effects as possible. Get them to have four all at
the same time then hit them with the star shot. It will be a 4X star shot.
You can determine if a negative effect has been inflicted, by the small 
square icon near the enemies health bar. Examples of negative status 
vantages are as follows. 

* Poison Whip 
* Whip Crack 
* Hog Tie 
* Fire Arrow 
* Lunar Crush 
* BoneBuster 
* Coldcock 
* Tackle 

You can also imbue certain weapons by visiting various characters in towns.
They may give attacks from the weapons a chance to add negative status effects;
for example, fire or poison. 

Easy "You Otter Know" achievement:
The otter is found in the river at the Indian village. While walking through
the village, stop on the bridge. Interact with the otter to learn some facts
about otters. Continue doing until he exhausts his responses. 
Note: You cannot go back after leaving the Indian village.

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