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  Hints and Tips for: BtS - Evacuation 
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 BtS - Evacuation Cheats

BtS - Evacuation

Submitted by: BoneK

Steam achievements:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

Achievement                 How to unlock
And Your Enemies Closer   - Compete with Gordo at night on Day 2 (Day 2 Only)
A Big Day Ahead of You    - Go to bed at the end of Day 3. (Day 3 Only)
A Whole Day - Play BtS    - Evacuation for a total of 24 hours.
Accessorized              - Obtain and carry at least one of every accessory in the game.
Almost There              - Reach 75% completion.
Amor                      - Meet Angie. (Day 1 Only)
Awkward Encounter         - Meet with an advisor named Alphonse. (Day 1 Only)
Bass Hunter               - Reach level 99 in the Fishing skill.
Beginning of a Friendship - Meet with an advisor named Lelan. (Day 1 Only)
Big Talk                  - Find Lonn, the poor resistance’s leader. (Day 4 Only)
Blessed                   - Pray at Church 25 times.
Bookworm                  - Read every book in the Library,
BtS - Easy - Beat BtS     - Evacuation on easy difficulty.
BtS - Hard - Beat BtS     - Evacuation on hard difficulty.
BtS - Insane - Beat BtS   - Evacuation on insane difficulty. Impressive.
BtS - Normal - Beat BtS   - Evacuation on normal difficulty.
Budding Rivalry           - Meet an advisor named Gordo. (Day 1 Only)
Buzzkill                  - Inform the tourist area hotels about the evacuation. (Day 1 Only)
Cartographer              - Explore every area of the Town and Castle maps.
Checking Up               - Check Angie’s house to make sure she’s safe. (Day 5 Only)
Chef                      - Reach level 99 in the Cooking skill.
Collector                 - Collect all 25 collectable necklaces.
Completionist             - Reach 100% completion.
Counting Stacks           - Carry 100,000 Gold or more on you at one time.
Crazy Talk                - Find Blaine, the middle class resistance’s leader. (Day 4 Only)
Credits                   - Watch the credits.
Cul-De-Sac Messenger      - Inform the middle class about the evacuation. (Day 2 Only)
Double Check              - Check official buildings for important documents. (Day 5 Only)
Dueller                   - Learn how to fight. (Day 2 Only)
Endurance Master          - Reach level 99 in the Endurance skill.
Escape!                   - Escape from the underground maze. (Day 5 Only)
Fighter                   - Learn the Double Attack on Day 2. (Day 2 Only)
Finders Keepers           - Find a key to the Castle Basement. (Day 3 Only)
First Date                - Take Angie out on a first date. (Day 4 Only)
Free Stuff                - Claim a free item from a Potion Shop. (Day 5 Only)
Freedom                   - Free a person in bondage.
General                   - Learn all of the fighting moves the soldiers have to offer on 
                            Day 3. (Day 3 Only)
Halfway                   - Reach 50% completion.
Helper                    - Complete one sidequest.
High Society              - Inform the rich about the evacuation. (Day 2 Only)
Hired                     - Accept Basilio’s request. (Day 1 Only)
In The Basement           - Solve the Castle Basement’s puzzles. (Day 3 Only)
In The Red                - Enter debt by staying at the hospital without paying.
Informed Evac             - Inform the shops about the evacuation. (Day 1 Only)
Just a Dream?             - Wake up on Day 5. (Day 4 Only)
Keep Your Friends Close   - Hang out with Lelan at night on Day 2. (Day 2 Only)
Lights Out                - Get caught in Gordo’s trap. (Day 4 Only)
Loading Time              - Help load some things onto the ships. (Day 5 Only)
Lockpicker                - Reach level 99 in the Lockpicking skill.
Logic                     - Persuade Blaine to stop resistance against the evacuation.
Looter                    - Find and loot 3 treasure chests you couldn’t before.
Lucky                     - Reach level 99 in the Luck skill.
Magician                  - Master one alchemy spell.
Mailman                   - Deliver 30 letters to the citizens of Roseville.
Man Up                    - Ask Angie out on a date. (Day 2 Only)
Man’s Best Friend         - Adopt either a cat or a dog.
Master Alchemist          - Reach level 99 in the Alchemy skill.
Master Quester            - Complete 100 sidequests.
Mi Casa                   - Find your house. (Day 1 Only)
Minor Details             - Inform the King about how the evacuation is going. (Day 3 Only)
Money Talk                - Find Percy, the rich resistance’s leader. (Day 4 Only)
Multi-Tasker              - Help out in the Castle Chore Room. (Day 3 Only)
Musician                  - Change your house background music with a piano.
Night on the Town         - Visit the Town Square during the night.
Otherworldly Influence    - Defeat the demon Daemalum. (Day 5 Only)
Party Up                  - Join forces with the other advisors to rescue Angie. (Day 5 Only)
Persuasion                - Persuade Lonn to stop resistance against the evacuation. (Day 4 Only)
Pocket Change             - Carry 10,000 Gold or more on you at one time.
Policeman                 - Arrest 10 criminals.
Prepared                  - Go to bed at the end of Day 2. (Day 2 Only)
Proper Training           - Train with the soldiers and complete soldier training. (Day 3 Only)
Quarter Down              - Reach 25% completion.
Quarter Millionaire       - Carry 250,000 Gold or more on you at one time.
Quester                   - Complete 25 sidequests.
Respect Your Elders       - Meet an advisor named Winston. (Day 1 Only)
Rock Bottom               - Find the lowest point in the Town.
Saver                     - Save the game 100 times.
Secret System             - Enter the rich passageway system. (Day 4 Only)
Sightseeing               - Find the highest point in the Town.
Speed Demon               - Defeat the demon Daemalum quickly. (Day 5 Only)
Speeding Bullet           - Reach level 99 in the Agility skill.
Spirited                  - Reach level 99 in the Spirit skill.
Strongman                 - Reach level 99 in the Strength skill.
Suit of Armor             - Obtain and carry at least one of every armor in the game.
Survivor                  - Survive the attack by the Assassin. (Day 2 Only)
Swordsman                 - Obtain and carry at least one of every weapon in the game.
The End?                  - Watch the ending. Thanks for playing! (Day 5 Only)
Time Saver                - Teleport 200 times.
Tower I                   - Complete the West Castle Tower. (Day 3 Only)
Tower II                  - Complete the East Castle Tower. (Day 3 Only)
Traveler                  - Take 50,000 total steps.
Treasure Hunter I         - Find and open 10 treasure chests.
Treasure Hunter II        - Find and open 50 treasure chests.
Treasure Hunter III       - Find and open 100 treasure chests.
Walk Tall                 - Inform the poor about the evacuation. (Day 2 Only)
Winning                   - Find the King’s Gold Coin (Day 3 Only)
Without a Trace           - Escape from Gordo’s trap. (Day 4 Only)
Wizard                    - Master all of the alchemy spells.
Zzzz                      - Go to sleep at the end of Day 1 (Day 1 Only)

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