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  Hints and Tips for: Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source 
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 Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source Cheats

Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source

Submitted by: David K.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award

Super Saver          - Build one Triple energy Saver house.
Demolitions Expert   - Demolish 100 houses.
Main Perfection      - Earn a speedy ribbon on every level of the main campaign.
Undamaged            - Complete a level with no damaged houses.
Brilliant Brushes    - Paint 50 houses.
Variety Show         - Create neighborhood with unique structure on every lot.
No Blackouts         - Play through 7 levels without any blackout.
Challenge Perfection - Achieve a speedy ribbon on every level of the Challenge Campaign.
Master Builder       - Construct all of the houses in one level.
City Planner         - Construct all of the buildings in one level.
Superpower           - Construct all of the power generators on one level.
Amazing Appeal       - Create a Neighborhood with a +500 appeal.
Shopping Mall        - Construct all of the shops on one level.
Wind Power           - Complete a level with 7 Wind Farms.
Money Bags           - Earn at least $50,000,000 in cash.
Nuclear Appeal       - Create a neighborhood with 3 Reactors and a +400 appeal.
Green Thumb          - Landscape 75 houses.
Tech Savvy           - Employ at least 50 technicians.
Mega Mall            - Construct all of the fancy shops on one level.
Expert Perfection    - Achieve a speedy ribbon on every level of the expert campaign.
Baker's Dozen        - Construct 13 Bakeries.
Play Day             - Construct all of the recreation facilities on one level.
Film Festival        - Construct 6 Cinemas on one level.
Everything           - Obtain every other available award in the game.

Spring Garden Casual Mode Walkthrough:
Submitted by: Darkblade

There is a good solution to spring garden casual mode that i always use. 
It is very simple and all i have to do is this:
 1(Build and sell A Georgian) 
 2(Build A Hydro Turbine on your waterfront lot) 
 3(Get the other waterfront lot and demolish the house on it as soon as possible) 
 4(Build A garden center on the waterfront lot) 
 5(Work on the upcoming steps while you do steps three and four) 
 6(Get three empty lots horizontally and next to each other) 
 7(Build two apartments on the edge lots and A ampitheater on the middle lot) 
 8(Upgrade the two apartments to three stars and paint them) 
 9(Build A workshop on a empty lot) 
10(When houses buy the workshop come for sell, buy them if you can, paint them, 
   then sell them) 
11(Inspect your two big daddies -Big Daddies means apartments-) 
12(When both big daddies are inspected, get Efficency Training) 
13(When the garden center is built, landscape your two big daddies) 
14(Dmolish the garden center) 
15(Put a big daddy in the garden center's place and upgrade it to three stars, 
   paint it, and inspect it) 
16(sell your three big daddies ONE AT A TIME and if a sell for another house comes
  up, low ball it to help get full price for your big daddies)
17(Congrats! You have got through Spring Garden casual mode!)

Saber Creek Casual Mode Walkthrough:
Submitted by: Darkblade

Note: CAUTION! Do Not Start Playing Until You Read EVERYTHING!

Hi! I am back for another casual walkthrough. This walkthrough is for saber creek.
This level is tough because unlike spring garden, you have to make $50,000,000 
money and +150 appeal, and because of this, I will not be showing you the solution 
step-by-step because it would take a long time to show you all the steps. So instead, 
I will give you coordinates on what things to put on what lots. 
Let Start With The Buildings & Powers. The Letters Represnt The Lots. X's are lots 
we will not be working with, but the Y's are the lots we will be.


The Four Y's Make A Square On The Bottom Left Corner, As Shown. Those Will Be The 
Exact Four Lots We Will Build The Buildings & Powers On. Use The Zoom-in of the four 
Lots on the bottom to build the right things.

These are the four Y lots. Use The A/B/C/D Coordinates to build the right things on 
the Y Lots:

A B A - Garden Center B - Workshop
C D C - Nuclear Reactor D - Wind Farm

We have seen the four buildings, now the recreations:


Build Ampitheaters On All Five Y's (Even Though They Are All In Line With Each Other, 
They Will Strongly Increase The Appeal).

Finally, The Houses (You Will Not Be Building Shops On This Level). The Lots:


The Z Lots We Will Be Using For Houses, But Not Right Now, Later. 

Sence All The Coordinates Have Been Seen, It Is Time For The Steps. 
I Told You Earlier I Would Not Steps, But The Coordinates Will Make Them A Lot Shorter:

 1) Build And Sell Two Regular Apartments.
 2) Build A Third Apartment, Double Upgarde It, Double Energy Inprove It, And Sell It.
 3) Get All Four Y Lots For The Buildings & Powers.
 4) Use The A/B/C/D Coordinates And build the buildings and Powers, But Build Two Nuclear 
    Reactors For C and D.
 5) Build A Tech Center, Supercharge C ONLY, Then Demolish The Tech Center. 
 6) Train Technicians Until You Have Twelve Of Them.
 7) Get Efficency Training At The Workshop And Hire Workers Until You have 25 Of Them
 8) Build The Five Ampitheaters On The Five Top Row Y Lots.
 9) Slowly Buy All Ten House Y Lots And Build The Ten Houses (Sence You Have To Make 50M, 
    Make All Ten Houses Apartments. Triple Upgrade All Apartments, Triple Energy Inprove 
    All Apartments, Paint All Apartments, Landscape All Apartments, And Inspect All 
10) Demolish The Un-supercharged Nuclear Reactor And Build A Wind Farm In It's Place.
11) Make Sure You Have The Two Remaining Lots. On One Of The Lots, Build A Tech Center, 
    Supercharge The Wind Fram, Demolish The Tech Center, And Hire Another Technician To 
    Get Back To Twelve.
12) On The Two Z Lots, Build Apartments. Give The Apartments Everything That The Other 
    Ones Have.
13) When You Have $35,000,000 Money, Start Selling Your Apartments One-By-One Until 
    You Have $50,000,000 Money.
14) CONGRATULATIONS! You Have Passed The Final Level Of Build-A-Lot 4: Power Source 
    Casual Mode!

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