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  Hints and Tips for: Cafe Rouge 
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 Cafe Rouge Cheats

Cafe Rouge

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

How to Get Antiones Good Ending (Complete Walkthrough):
Written by torn

This is what I did to get the good ending. There are sections where I can see you 
choosing something else to get the good ending but here ya go.

Antiones Good Ending Walkthrough

Selection Choices

-=Selection 1=-
Get up now
Sleep five more minutes

-=Selection 2=-
Kick Valen
Yell at him to give back your notebook

-=Selection 3=-
Stay awake and try to move around
Succumb to the darkness

-=Selection 4=-
Text him back
Don't text back

-=Selection 5=-
Head to class
Skip class

-=Selection 6=-
Take bucket
Leave the kitchen

-=Selection 7=-
Head out first to the lobby, then clean up later
Clean up your mess before you head out to the lobby

-=Selection 8=-
Help others
Help Aldo

-=Selection 9=-
Ask about Demian
Donít ask

-=Selection 10=-
Night bar
Front Lobby/Pastry Room

-=Selection 11=-
Head to the Bar

Head to the Stage

-=Selection 12=-
Hear him out
Walk away

-=Selection 13=-
Ask who was following me
Ask about Antoine's background
Ask what happened

-=Selection 14=-
Help Aldo
Clean up

-=Selection 15=-
Talk back
Give cold shoulder

-=Selection 16=-
Find Chris
Find Antoine

-=Selection 17=-
Go through all the options (Diane, Chris, Candice, Aldo and Demian)
** You will only be able to talk to Aldo when he is the last option.

-=Selection 18=-
Ask later
Ask now

-=Selection 19=-
Ask him if he is okay
Follow him later

-=Selection 20=-
Inspect floor
Inspect oven
Inspect body area

-=Selection 21=-
Go investigate the stage and dining hall
Visit Chris's bar

-=Selection 22=-
Untangle yourself
Call out for help

-=Selection 23=-
Why does she look like me?
Why does Antoine have this portrait?
Who is she?

-=Selection 24=-
Sigh, just continue please
Please tell me you guys didn't do it

-=Selection 25=-
Run to the door
Grab the knife

-=Selection 26=-
Run out the kitchen door
Stay and hide

-=Selection 27=-

-=Selection 28=-
Crawl over and take a peek
Don't move

-=Selection 29=-
Run out of the cafe
Run back to the kitchen

-=Selection 30=-
Run out of the cafe
Continue to stay with him


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