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  Hints and Tips for: Capitalism 
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 Capitalism Cheats


100% Stocks:
Start the game with yourself owning 100% of the stocks in your company.
Build up a fair company in wich you produce ( internal sales only ), 
research and sell one product ( I personally recommend the Cola or Bed
industry ) so you get some cash to gamble with and the stocks are worth
a little more. Then you go to the finance-window and issue the maximum 
amount of new stocks for the maximum price ( remember the price you get
for them ). Then quickly open the stock market-window and you'll see 
the price of your stocks falling way down.

Now you need a little timing, when the stocks have stopped falling they
will rice again. Buy back all the stocks with the money the company 
earned selling them. Did you get them all back? 
Or did someone else buy a couple? Not to worry, if you now look at the 
cash of your company you will see that you earned quite a lot, nice huh.
With that money you can buy out anyone who bought some shares in your 
company, whatever the price they want and you'll still have a lot more
money than before the issue. But this is not all, watch the stock 
value... it goes right up through the roof! When they are reaching 
the peak issue new shares ( this time you will get a lot more money for
them ) and do it all over again. Every time your company will get more 
cash and the stocks will go up ( that means that you, personally, will 
get richer, because you own the stocks). 

Discover New Products:
To discover all of the latest products, type ???***??? during the game!

Get $100,000,000:
To acquire one hundred million dollars, type $$$***$$$ during the game!

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