Casebook 1899 - The Leipzig Murders Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Casebook 1899 - The Leipzig Murders 
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 Casebook 1899 - The Leipzig Murders Cheats

Casebook 1899 - The Leipzig Murders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Official Game Guide:
Written by gregormueller07

Official walktrough guide for the first case of Casebook 1899.

-=Police Station=-
* Wait for the tutorial on interacting with objects to come up
* Interact with the board next to the door to see that the keys are missing
* Look at the big filing cabinet
* Look at the desk
* Scroll down to open the notebook
* In the notebook click on one of the clues and then on the other
* Click on the drawer labelled ‘R’ in the filing cabinet twice to pick up the key
* Click on the oil lamp on top of the filing cabinet to pick it up
* Scroll up to open the inventory and use the key on the door
* Talk to Patrolman Welm
* Talk about two options of your choice, then choose "give up"
* After the dialogue with the patrolman pick up your hat from the coatrack 
  left of the door
* Click on the door to leave and choose "Könneritz-Bridge"
* Talk to Patrolman Welm about the body to get a new clue and a new location
* Look at the body to get a new clue
* Interact with the brake band to the left of the car tracks to get a new clue 
  and the item brake band
* Try talking to the builder
* Interact with the toolbox to the right of the builder to pick up the hammer
* Open the inventory and use the hammer on the left scaffolding
* Pick up the lunchbox
* Give the lunchbox to the builder
* When talking to the builder choose to consult the notebook, then click on 
  "the brake band tore", then end the conversation
* Click on the lower left of the screen to leave the scene and choose "Villa Uhlich"

-=Villa Uhlich=-
* Click on the bush on the lower left, then on the small bowl of berries on the 
  hedge on the right of the house to get a new clue
* Open the inventory and use the lamp on the dark garage to pick up the scissors
* Open the inventory and use the scissors with the lamp to get a new clue
* Talk to the mechanic Max Töpfer about all options under the topic of Eduard 
  Uhlich, then end the conversation
* Talk to Emma Uhlich about Max Töpfer
* When talking to Emma Uhlich, consult the notebook, then choose "Lately, the 
  Uhlichs argued very often" and "A bowl of belladonna is in the garden" to 
  pick up new clues
* Talk with Max Töpfer again, consult the notebook and choose "Max Töpfer argued 
  with Eduard Uhlich over withheld wages", then close the notebook and end the 

-=Combinations in the notebook=-
* "Eduard Uhlich was talking nonsense on the morning of the crime" + "Emma Uhlich 
   allegedly collected the belladonna by mistake"
* "Eduard Uhlich kept several mistresses" + "Lately, the Uhlichs argued very often"
* "Max Töpfer has quit his job as Eduard Uhlichs’ mechanic" + "Max Töpfer argued 
   with Eduard Uhlich over withheld wages"
* "The edge of the brake band and blades of the scissors resemble each other" 
  (on page Villa Uhlich) + "The brake band tore" (on page "Könneritz Bridge")
* "The driver suffered a head wound" + "The driver neither tried to swerve nor
  to jump off" (both on page "Könneritz Bridge")

* Click on "Emma’s Motive"
* Click on "Max’ Motive"
* Click on upper left scrap and choose "Emma Uhlich knew exactly of the dangers 
  the belladonna posed"
* Click on lower middle scrap and choose "Eduard Uhlich could not react in time 
  to avoid the accident. This indicates that he was not conscious during the accident."
* Click on the newly appeared "Poison" scrap
* Click on lower right scrap and choose "The edges of the brake band match Max Töpfers’ 
  scissors. He cut the brake band to provoke an accident."
* Click on lower middle scrap and choose "Eduard Uhlich tried to brake in order to 
  avoid the accident but it was in vain. This indicates that he was conscious during 
  the accident.
* Click on the newly appeared "Sabotage" scrap
* Choose the newly appeared "Two Murderers" scrap, then click "End investigation".
* Congratulations, you beat the first case of Casebook 1899 – The Leipzig Murders!

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