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  Hints and Tips for: Cat Cafe Manager 
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 Cat Cafe Manager Cheats

Cat Cafe Manager

Submitted by: David K.

How to Get All Cats (What Lure to Use):
Written by Trui On Twitch

This guide will show you the most effective lures that you can use 
to get all cats in Cat Cafe Manager.

-=Kinds Of Lure=-
There are different kinds of lure that can lure in different kinds of 
cats. To lure all cats you must unlock all lure first.

-=Canned Stray Lure=-
Unlock: This is the lure you start off with.
Cats: Brian, Missy, Ezra, Nico and Debrah

-=Premium Canned Stray Lure=-
Unlock: Shrine; Stray Lure I
Cats: Olli, Tucker, Zipper, Mallory and Freddy

-=Blessed Lure=-
Cats: Cat Sith

-=Hearty Homecooking Lure=-
Unlock: Shrine; Stray Lure II
Cats: Mixtape, Lazy, Peanut and Professor

-=Lovely Potluck Lure=-
Unlock: Shrine; Stray Lure III
Cats: Lucky Cat

Cats: Robocat 9000

Cats: CT

-=Opulent Feast Lure=-
Unlock: Shrine; Stray Lure III
Cats: Cleo, Ringo and Cormic

-=Strange Doll=-
Cats: Boo-Berry

Cats: Mingus

-=Cat Information=-
All Cats have different perks and you can lure them in with specific lure.

-=Cat: Zipper=-
Perk: Cool Cat; adds +2 cool to your cafe
Lure: Premium Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Freddy=-
Perk: Hunter; has no food need
Lure: Premium Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Mingus=-
Perk: Definitely A Cat; Has all customer types, doubles trash rate
Lure: Trash?

-=Cat: Lucky Cat=-
Perk: Lucky; Sometimes when a customer leaves, gain 200 gold
Lure: Lovely Potluck Lure

-=Cat: CT=-
Perk: Out Of This World; Resources just keep materializing in your cafe??
Lure: Meteorite

-=Cat: Cat Sith=-
Perk: One With Nature; Every time you complete a task gain 1 delight
Lure: Blessed Lure

-=Cat: Mallory=-
Perk: Story collector; +10% on all resources for every vagabond in your cafe
Lure: Premium Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Boo-Berr=-
Perk: Into The Void; Trash never seems to appear in your cafe anymore
Lure: Strange Doll

-=Cat: Peanut=-
Perk: Tiny tummy; -1 food need
Lure: Hearty Homecooking Lure

-=Cat: Mixtape=-
Perk: Groupie; +1 on all stats for every four cool score in your cafe
Lure: Hearty Homecooking Lure

-=Cat: Tucker=-
Perk: Playmate; provides 2 entertainment for your cats
Lure: Premium Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Professor=-
Perk: Observer; every time a task completes, gain a little cat xp
Lure: Hearty Homecooking Lure

-=Cat: Olli=-
Perk: Smell Fishy; +10% on all resources for every fisherfolk in your cafe
Lure: Premium Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Lazy=-
Lure: Hearty Homecooking Lure

-=Cat: Missy=-
Perk: Clean Cat; -1 Bladder need
Lure: Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Ezra=-
Perk: Chill; -1 Stress Need
Lure: Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Debrah=-
Perk: Sharer; Provides 2 food for your cats
Lure: Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Nico=-
Perk: Party Cat; Adds +2 entertainment to your cafe
Lure: Canned Stray Lure

-=Cat: Brain=-
Perk: Tiny Tummy; -1 Food Need
Lure: Canned Stray Lure?

-=Cat: Robocat 9000=-
Lure: LubricantCat: Brain
Perk: Tiny Tummy; -1 Food Need
Lure: Canned Stray Lure?

-=Cat: Robocat 9000=-
Lure: Lubricant

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