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  Hints and Tips for: Cave Story 
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 Cave Story Cheats

Cave Story

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Alternate endings:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending. 

Bad    - Leave with Kazuma after your second time through the Egg Corridor.
Normal - Complete the escape sequence without going through the Sacred Grounds.
Good   - Complete the Sacred Grounds area.

Fat weapons:
If you do not trade in your Polar Star for the Machinegun, you can later trade
in your Polar Star and another weapon (no name given = no spoiler) for an 
extremely powerful weapon later in the game.

Secret Weapon: Bubbler:
After obtaining the Jellyfish Juice, use it on the fireplace in the Assembly
Hall in Mimiga Village to get a very useful weapon, the Bubbler. You can hold
down when it's equipped and form a total of 100 bubbles that deflect enemy 
attacks [The ones that are blockable, since not all can be with any weapon at
all] and cause a lot of damage because of all the sharp stars it releases after
holding it down for awhile. It's also good for a lot of enemies, like the hordes
of birds that fly over to you and follow in the Sand Zone. Another good way to 
use it is when you're in the Labyrinth for example, and an enemy traps you in a
spot by jumping up and trying to attack. You can stay still in any spot and 
charge up the Bubbler, it'll release those stars and hit enemies for you. It's
very useful in the Sand Zone, if you have any trouble with enemies, use it as
a shield and launch a full-all out scale of those shuriken stars. You can even
use it to get the nifty ARMS BARRIER, I can her the noise of oohs and ahhs right
now. ANOTHER way to use it would be fighting Monster X, and infamous boss in 
Cave Story that made several amazing players give-up. When he shoots and 
releases heat-seeking fish-like missile projectiles, Bubbler protects you and
eliminates them in a single hit. You can even use it against the boss, Balfrog,
and block all his missile attacks.

Early Jet Pack:
The Machine Gun can be used as a "jet pack" when its at Level 3. Just jump and
aim it downward to float up until your ammo runs out.

Curly's underwear:
Collect the Map item while going through the Mimiga Village. Use the Map in 
the back room after defeating Curly in the Sand Zone to find a secret passage.
Use the Map to reach the end of the passage, then use the "Look" command on the
ledge on the left to get Curly's underwear.

Chaco's lipstick:
Talk to Chaco about the Jellyfish Juice, then rest in her bed. You will wake 
up with Chaco in the bed and her lipstick in your inventory.

Hold Out for the Spur:
Once you get to Curly and beat her in the Sand Zone, avoid trading your Polar 
Star for the Machine Gun. Later in the game, you can trade it for the Spur -- 
the strongest weapon in the game.

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