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  Hints and Tips for: Championship Bass 
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 Championship Bass Cheats

Championship Bass

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: by nico aka NIX 
Press ~ during gameplay to open the command prompt. 

Code                     Effect 
powerup twominute      - two more minutes 
powerup fiveminute     - five more minutes 
powerup powercast      - power cast 
powerup superpowercast - super powercast 
powerup silentcast     - silent cast 
powerup stealthboat    - stealth boat 
powerup shallowboat    - shallow boat 
powerup bigbassflag    - show all 5lb+ bass 
powerup bassflag       - show all bass 
powerup lunkerbassflag - show all 10lb.+ bass 
powerup skipcast       - skipcast 
toggle manualcam       - manual camera move 

All these work but if there is a problem with da cheats, e-mail me at with the subject line "cheat error chmp bass" 
(without "") otherwise it'll will be deleted by my spam filter

Trout City:
This is a way to get a lot of Trout.

Location       :Mead
Season         :Spawn
Weather        :Clear
Wind Direction :North
Wind Speed     :5
Air Temp       :60
Water Temp     :60
Water Clarity  :Clear

Bass City:
Location      :Rayburn
Season        :Spawn
Weather       :Clear
Wind Direction:North
Wind Speed    :5
Air Temp      :60
Water Temp    :65
Water Clarity :Clear 

Bass City:
Get a bunch of bass.

Location      :Mead
Season        :spawn
Weather       :rainy
Wind direction:south
Wind speed    :5
Air Temp      :80
Water Clarity :stained 

Submitted by: arun prakash

Bonus Lures:
You can get tons of Bonus Lures in Bass Challenge Mode. How is if you catch
the bass that has goldish skin and red eyes.

Easy Catch:
After you set the hook, start reeling in and don't stop reeling in until it
jumps or the red on the drag gauge gets close to the end. 
(make sure the rod is all the way up.)

Catch 50 to 100 pound:  
Lake Toho
Deep part

Use a Crawdad Red and Brown:
I almost had a 100 pounder it went one centimeter from ripped for the whole time
it dragged it and ripped it so GOOD LUCK!

Catch more catfish, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass:
Use the following settings, then go to the northern area of the lake in shallow
to middle depth water. Look around and you should see plenty of fish.

Location : Table Rock
Season   : Winter 
Weather  : Overcast 

When you use the trick to get more fish of any type, go to a place on the map 
where there are trees, rocks, weeds and other fish hideouts. Use the Crawdad lure
with Carartruse and you will catch bigger fish.

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