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  Hints and Tips for: Chaos Child 
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 Chaos Child Cheats

Chaos Child

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Getting The True Ending (Silent Sky End):
This is Serika Onoe’s ending, and is also known as the True Ending. Upon completing 
all other endings, an option to begin the True Ending will be made available on the 
title screen.

-=Bad Endings=-
Chaos;Child contains a few bad endings, though none are required to achieve the true 
ending. The following sections will show you how view every bad ending.

-=Common Route Bad End=-
In Chapter 4, when you have to choose options for the map, select both of the incorrect 
options. Be warned that if you attempt to do this before finishing the Common Route, an 
incomplete version of the ending is shown.

-=Dark Sky Bad End=-
Have all negative delusions while on this route. This ending largely the same as the 
main ending of the route, aside from a few missing scenes near the end.

-=Deep Sky Bad End=-
Simply choose the wrong locations on the map.

-=Dream Sky Bad End=-
Dream Sky End has 4 bad endings.

The first is reached by choosing the negative delusion in the delusion trigger you 
are shown right before the chapter’s title card.

The second is reached by selecting the negative delusion while at the café.

The third is reached by not choosing a delusion at the delusion choice in the café.

The fourth is reached by choosing positive before the chapter’s title card, neutral 
at the house, and positive at the café.

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