Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion 
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 Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Cheats

Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

K. Kuss
L. Land

Train driving mode:
To access train driving mode, bring up the train window for one 
of your trains. Make sure the train is fully stopped (red flag icon), 
and that the train window is the topmost window on the display. 
Then hold [Insert] while typing driver, then release [Insert]. 
If you access the stop/go menu on the trains flag icon you should 
find a new third option in the menu called "Manual"
Select the "Manual" option, and the window will change to show a slider 
control to allow you to control the train. When the slider is at the 
lowest position, the brakes are fully on. The half way position is 
when the brakes are fully off but no power is applied. The highest 
position is for maximum power. Start driving your train, but first 
make sure it is facing in the correct direction. Be careful so you 
do not drive it off the end of the track. Then use the mouse pointer 
to move the control slider up to release the brakes and apply power.

Easy money:
The best source of money are coal and passengers. The coal business is
one of the best ways to start a game; do passengers second.

General strategies: 
* When starting off, start small (for example, a bus route or tram). 
  They may produce low income at the start, but at least it is an income.

* Try not to build too fast. Avoid a two track system until you know you
  have a good income. Just use one train at first.

* Trains still are not very smart and will take the quickest route to its
  destination, even if it means going into a dead end. To avoid this, build
  overhead wires to go to your other station and use a train that needs 
  overhead wires.

For Increase Money to more:
Submitted by: Akram Abbas

Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] and type expressmotion during game play.
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