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  Hints and Tips for: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition 
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 Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Cheats

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Clone Level 5 and 6 Attack Elements with Cuscus:
Written by Sky Render

More level 5 and 6 attack elements never go amiss, and you can have literally as 
many as you can afford Traps for as long as you have at least 1 to start with. 
This guide will help you amass a truly terrifying treasure trove of tools for 
tormenting enemies!

There is a single enemy in Chrono Cross that is shockingly powerful despite its 
unassuming form. This enemy is the Cuscus, a little lemur-looking fellow in the 
Shadow Forest who has a curious attack pattern. Cuscus will always use the exact 
attack you do on them in retaliation. This includes the exact Elements you cast 
on them too. Thanks to the Element trapping mechanics of this game, this means 
that they are effectively infinite sources of trappable Elements… as long as 
they survive the initial attack, that is.

-=Cuscus Stats=-
It’s important to know what you’re up against when Element trapping against a 
Cuscus, as its stats will determine how well (or poorly) it survives your attacks. 
As Another World’s Cuscus are too weak to use for Element trapping, we’re focusing 
on Home World Cuscus.

* HP: 190 (F) to 210 (M)
* Attack: 32
* Magic Attack: 10
* Defense: 30
* Magic Defense: 0
* Innate Color: Green
* Party Composition

As you can probably imagine, you want a party that has very low Magic Attack to 
do this right. You also want to equip the weakest weapons possible, as you still 
have to build your Element grids up to use traps and Elements. 
Dreamer’s Scarfs/Sarongs/Sashes do help, obviously, but I’m not going to assume 
that you have access to those.

Your best choices for each Element are:
* White – Pip, Starky
* Black – Skelly, Grobyc
* Red – Greco, Zappa, Orcha
* Blue – Pierre, Korcha, Fargo, Orhla
* Green – Glenn, Sprigg, Karsh, Turnip
* Yellow – All Yellow innates, they all have low Magic Attack!

Stick each trappable Element as low on the grid as you can (so level 2 for level 
5 Elements and level 4 for level 6 Elements). You will also want a Turn (Color) 
Element for each ally of the color of the Element being trapped equipped, and a 
Turn (Color) Element for each ally of the opposite of that Element’s color. 
Alternatively you can also use (Color) Field Elements, but these only work for 
the base four colors and not for White or Black. Place level 5 Elements to be 
trapped on characters whose innate color is opposite of the Element’s color.

You can “cheat” the Element grid a bit with Sprigg, as she is able to transform 
into enemies that might have level 5 or 6 Elements that you lack. 
This is especially handy for getting Black Hole early!

-=Obtaining Traps and Turn Elements=-
Obviously you need some Elements first to be able to do this! In Marbule (Another), 
you can buy Turn (Color) Elements from G’s Shop, which is run by the pink demi-human 
in the small pool just north of the entrance. You can buy trap Elements from Bro of 
G’s Shop, which is run by the pink demi-human standing beside the same pool. 
Bro of G does not appear until after the Ghost Ship sequence, which is well before 
you can start trapping Elements en masse anyway.

If you’re willing to hold out ’til the last dungeon, you can get (Color) Field 
Elements for Red, Blue, Yellow and Green from the bosses of said last dungeon. 
Of course, you can also get free copies of Black Hole and Ultra Nova there too, 
so if you’re not in any great hurry to up your arsenal, this might be your best 
bet. Personally I think the earlier the better when it comes to high-powered 
Elements, but that’s just me.

-=Cloning the Elements=-
Once you have your party set up, head to Shadow Forest in Home World and find a 
Cuscus wandering about. They’re pretty common, so that shouldn’t be hard. 
Eliminate anything that’s not a Cuscus from the fight (and try to have only 
one Cuscus left alive by the time your preparations are done). 

Here’s how the trapping portion of the fight should go:
* Cast Trap (Element) on the enemy party for your chosen Element.
* Cast Turn (Color) of the same color as the Element you’re cloning on the 
  target Cuscus.
* Guard until it counters with the same Turn (Color).
* Cast Turn (Color) of the opposite color as the Element you’re cloning on 
  each party member to get the field opposite color 
  (or use (Color) Field if you have that).
* Cast the Element you want to clone.
* Guard until the Cuscus casts the same Element back at you to trap another copy!
* Defeat the Cuscus to end the fight.

Some notes: Black Hole can cause instant death, so it can be worth it to leave two 
Cuscus alive for it. Element cloning gets harder as your Star level gets higher, 
as your sheer power starts to become overwhelming compared to the enemy’s own stats. 
That said, it should be doable until nearly the end of a second playthrough of the 
game as long as you’re very careful.

-=Finding Level 5 and 6 Elements to Clone=-
The real trick, of course, is actually having any level 5 or 6 Elements to 
clone! They are easy to get in small quantities, but tedious to acquire in 
large amounts normally. 
Here’s where you can find them “fairly” early on…

– Basically everywhere after a while, there’s a chest with one on the Isle of the 
Damned (Home) and Will’o’Wisps drop it frequently there too. You can get one very 
early by trapping it off of the boss Bunyip’s first form in Fort Dragonia (Another).

– Have Sprigg use it when transformed into Gerridae or SideSteppa.

– Have Sprigg use it when transformed into Bulb.

– Trap from Centaurpede in Hydra Marshes (Another) or Cybot from Fort Dragonia (Home).

Free Fall 
– Have Sprigg use it when transformed into TotalChaos. You can also trap it from the 
boss Bunyip’s second form at Fort Dragonia (Another).

Holy Light 
– Trap from SonOfAGun (boss in Fort Dragonia (Another)), Marbule Sage (boss on S.S. 
Zelbess), or find in a chest in the Tower of Geddon.

– Trap from Tragidienne in the Tower of Geddon or TutanShaman in Fossil Valley (Another).

– Trap from GiantGloop (boss in Fort Dragonia (Another)) or Orhla (boss in Guldove (Another)).

– Trap from Tragidienne in the Tower of Geddon.

Thunda Storm 
– Trap from Marbule Sage (boss on S.S. Zelbess).

Black Hole 
– Have Sprigg use it when transformed into TotalChaos.

Ultra Nova 
– Trap from MegaStarky (boss on Sky Dragon Isle (Home)) or Sky Dragon (boss on Sky Dragon 
Isle (Another)).

Note that you can find 1 each of the Volcano, Iceberg, Tornado, and Thunda Storm Elements 
at Fort Dragonia in Home World by going through the Element areas of that location (normally 
you can skip them during the plot, but this is a good reason not to!). The only really hard 
Element here to acquire is Ultra Nova, as it has few sources prior to the last dungeon!

Shiny Material Easy Farm:
By Captain Black

Quickly and easily farm any shiny material for forging rainbow gear.

-=If you go into the woods today=-
Make your way to Shadow Forest and save before you enter.
We’re going to farm bulbs as they’re easy to kill with the elemental and it’s easy to pick 
a fight with three at a time without to much fuss. They also tend to lead with a melee 
attack, if they attack at all. (If you don’t get a mob with three units, simply run away 
and rejoin the battle until you do).

-=Turn on battle enhancement=-
Serge casting Saints having turned the field white. Each party member having cast Magnify.

Choose at least one party member for whichever colour you wish to farm the material for 
and put the summons on the last section of their grid.

If we wish to farm Shiny Embers.. Starting with the elemental caster, each party member 
will cast weaken to change the field to red.

Additionally on the last grid for each party member put something innocuous, whether 
it’s cure, a tablet, magnify or whatever. Change field is also handy but unnecessary.

Starting with the character who has the elemental cast your first element. Repeat with 
the other two party members and then cast the elemental attack.

There are four bulb mobs, (providing 12 materials), in the first two sections of the 
forest. Once these have been eliminated, leave the forest and save your game. Then reload 
your game and enter the forest again. (Reloading will reset the area).

Or change party members and select a new elemental.

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