Civilization 4 - Colonization Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Civilization 4 - Colonization 
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 Civilization 4 - Colonization Cheats

Civilization 4 - Colonization

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Joseph Dotolo 
Submitted by: RM

Note: Use a text editor to edit the  "civ4config" file in the game directory. Change the 
"Cheat Code = 0" line to "Cheat Code = chipotle". Then, press ~ during game play and 
enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function. 

Effect                                   Code 
Display all console window codes       - help
Stop music                             - Sound.noMusic
Reload audio scripts                   - Sound.reload
Stop Soundscape from playing           - Sound.stopSoundScape
Play sound - AS2D, AS3D, ASSS          - string [filename]
Finds entities with black emissivity   - Graphics.FindBlackPlotsAndCities
Hide attachables                       - Graphics.HideAttachables
Force light update on all entities     - Graphics.ForceLightingUpdate
Rebuild terrain and lighting           - Graphics.ReBuildTerrain
Set Hill scale                         - Graphics.SetHillScale [floating number]
Set Peak scale                         - Graphics.SetPeakScale [floating number]
Set water plane height                 - Graphics.setWaterHeight [floating number]
Set render depth for quad tree         - Graphics.quadTreeDepth [integer]
Toggle water                           - Graphics.toggleWater
Display terrain                        - Graphics.displayTerrain bool bOn  
Toggle grids                           - Graphics.toggleGridMode  
Dump texture palette                   - Graphics.showTexturePalette  
Set texturing                          - Graphics.setTextureMode bool bOn  
Set wireframe                          - Graphics.setWireframe bool bOn  
Morph the globeview count times.       - Profile.morphGlobe [integer]
Rebuild city indicated number of times - Profile.rebuildCity[x coordinate],[y coordinate],[integer]
Rebuild plot indicated number of times - Profile.rebuildPlot[x coordinate],[y coordinate],[integer]
Dump console command history           - Console.History
Clear the console                      - Console.Clear
Display current logging status         - Log.status
Toggle logging                         - Log.toggle
Clear the log file                     - Log.clear
Erase units and cities from map        - Map.empty
Replot Goodies                         - Map.generateGoodies
Replot Bonuses                         - Map.generateBonuses
Replot Features                        - Map.generateFeatures
Replot Rivers                          - Map.generateRivers
Change the active landscape info       - Map.setActiveLandscapeID [landscape number]
Erase all plots                        - Map.erasePlots  
Reload Game Text xml files             - Xml.reloadGameText  
Reload Civ4TerrainSettings.xml         - Xml.reloadLandscapeInfo  
Reload Civ4ArtDefines.xml              - Xml.reloadArtDefines  
Toggle Animation Test Tool             - Game.toggleAnimationTest  
Show GFC directory chooser             - Game.gfcDirChooser  
Show GFC file dlg window               - Game.gfcfiledlg  
Show GFC test popup                    - Game.testGFC [integer]  
Show test popup                        - Game.testFont bool bEnable  
Show the Python test popup             - Game.testPythonPopup  
Show test popup                        - Game.testPopup  
Scroll to the bottom                   - Game.scrollBottom  
Scroll to the top                      - Game.scrollTop  
Clear the listbox below                - Game.clear  
Display the help popup                 - Game.helpScreen  
Toggle debug mode                      - Game.toggleDebugMode  
Debugging                              - Game.showWBPalette bool bCreate  
Set debugging value                    - App.setMooseDbg2 [integer]  
Set debugging value                    - App.setMooseDbg1 [integer]  
TGA full screen shot                   - App.takeFullScreenShot
TGA screen shot                        - App.takeScreenShot
Set maximum frame rate; 0 to disable   - App.setMaxFrameRate [floating number]
Update existing value in the ini file  - App.setIniFile [group key], [key], [value]
Crash game                             - App.crash  
Return the application link time       - App.getBuildTime  
Test player unit iteration             - Player.testUnitIter [integer]  
Change players gold                    - Player.changeGold [player number], [gold]
Set players gold; 0 is active player   - Player.setGold [player number], [gold]

Debug mode commands:
Use the following commands after enabling the Game.toggleDebugMode code. 

Effect                                        Command 	
World editor                                - [Ctrl] + W
Decrease highlighted unit's strength by 0.2 - [Shift] + [
Increase highlighted unit's strength by 0.2 - [Shift] + ]
Increase gold by 1000                       - [Ctrl] + 4 	
Display debug menu                          - [Ctrl] + D 	
Insert unit/city                            - [Ctrl] + [Shift] + Left Mouse Button
Increase highlighted city's population by 1 - [Shift] + [Plus] 	
Increase highlighted city's culture by 10   - [Ctrl] + [Plus] 	
Instant production completion               - [Plus] 	
Level up highlighted unit                   - [Ctrl] + [Plus] 	

City editor:
Highlight a city, then press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + Left Mouse Button.

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