Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 
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 Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Cheats

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fighting Guide:
Written by Enderspoons

Do you need a few tips and tricks on destroying all of the various robots 
that Clone Drone in the Danger Zone can and will throw at you?

Well, as it so happened, you ended up in the right place by some miracle of 
coincidence, because this is a guide on doing just that.

-=Armored Sword Robots=-
This is an armored sword robot. It so happens to be a player as well, 
but that's beside the point.

These guys are harder to attack than the normal robots, because they have 
armor that can take multiple hits. Obviously. That is what armor is for, 
and it's doing its job, and you don't want it to because they're using it.

So, where should you hit them? Well, if you have a:

Sword: Attack from one side repeatedly to break both the armor and them. 
Interestingly, there's another way to kill them with a sword in one  hit: 
When a sword robot raises its sword to strike, it opens up a weak-point 
in its armor. Swinging straight through slightly-lower-than-the-middle 
will hit that weakspot and cut the robot in half.

Bow: Shoot it in the head, obviously. Unfortunately, some sword robots 
can block, so you probably want to kick them first, or shoot them in the 

Hammer: The hammer, when hitting armor, throws the target around like a 
kick, which can be good for setting up a second kill-strike to the torso 
or something. 

Flame Breath: Flame Breath ignores armor. Press F, aim well, and enjoy. 
Not necessarily in that order, though.

Kick: Well, the kick does technically do its job on armored foes just 
as well as non-armored, you're still going to need something to kick 
them into. 

-=Fleet Overseer=-
This is the fleet overseer, dispatched with using an unupgraded sword. 
They're rather pathetic in how easily they die, but then again, combat 
is not their job.
The fleet overseer has a lot going for it: Always armored, massive 
blocking-kicking fire sword, spidertron bomb jump attack, and that's 
not even to mention their signature super laser.

There are a few ways to deal with them, if you have a:

Bow: The fleet overseer has arrow block. Sorry, chap. 
you can still shoot it in the back of the torso, though.

Hammer: Another of the hammer's excellent qualities, aside from armor 
kicking (the overseer is kick-proof, sadly), is the ability to destroy 
spider legs in only one or two hits very easily. Stay out of the laser 
and the sword, and just keep swinging.

Flame Breath: The easiest way to kill the fleet overseer, just walk up 
to it (carefully) and press F. You do need to have some aiming competence, 

Kick: The fleet overseer, as stated above, is kick-proof. Whelp.
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