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  Hints and Tips for: Club Football - The Manager 
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 Club Football - The Manager Cheats

Club Football - The Manager

Now load a Hex Editor such as the one in the NU package,
and pop-up the file called CMSAV1.DAT from the main Club
Football directory. When the file is displayed, use the 
cursors to guide yourself to the Hex Location 244F3, and
change the "00 20 A1 07" you find there to  "7F FF  FF FF".
Now save these changes and quit back to DOS.

From the  command prompt, load the game back up again, 
and this time click on the icon to load save-game 1.  
When the game is loaded, just to prove how much money 
you've got, go to the screen with all your finances on,  
and you  will see that your bank balance has risen from 
a measly 500000 to a whopping great 2131206432!

This amount of money is probably the maximum you can have,
so it  is important  to spend  a lot of it before you earn
some more,  otherwise your money-total will  scroll around
from the  maximum possible  to the  minimum, so it reports
that you are in the red!  It shouldn't really be a problem
to get  rid of  lots of  that money  anyway, 'cos  there's
plenty of very expensive players on the transfer market!

I found that some very strange things happened to the game
a short  while after  getting this much cash.  It is quite
possible it is just that I run out of memory, because I am
attempting to  run the  game on  a  very  minimal  system.
However, if  you get  similar problems, it may because the
money-total is  too high.   If that's the case, simply put
it down to something like "50 00 00 00" which should still
be enough to see you to the top of the table.

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