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  Hints and Tips for: Company of Heroes 3 
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 Company of Heroes 3 Cheats

Company of Heroes 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Establish the East India Tea Company as a Powerhouse in the Mediterranean:
Written by DzikaKielbasa

The rookie commanders handy guide to giving a rough pounding to any Jerry/non tea 
drinking opposition located in and around but not limited to the Mediterranean Sea. 
For King and Country!

The first thing you have to do after starting a new campaign and selecting the only 
suitable approach (The British one) is get yourself enough fuel for an Indian 
Artillery Company. To do this you will most likely have to engage in your first Skirmish.

This will usually be the capture of your local airfield to allow for importing and 
exporting several hundred tons of tea and Indians.

Once you have captured said airfield you will most likely need to invade and colonise 
more territories before you have enough resources.

If you're worried that this sounds like too much of a hassle or even difficult, 
quickly proceed to slap yourself and drink 3 litres of Yorkshire's finest. Having
drowned away your problems remember that you are British and colonising territories 
is what you are made for.

Now that basic brain function has been restored execute a wonderous roadtrip through 
several Italian towns possibly enlisting the help of your local Naval Armada to 
motivate the locals to be more accepting of you and your various questionable 
practices and shipping habits.

Now that you have conquered half of Italy, it is now time to bring the Indians and 
dominate the battlefield.

Find your local port and open the unit production menu selecting the UK units.

Proceed to order as many Indian Artillery Companies as your supply lines allow.

Once the Indians have been ordered forget about any trivial objectives such as 
'Capturing monte cassino' or 'Rescuing the partisans' and skip days until they 
have arrived (This is step 43, remember this for later).

Now, realising that 1 or 2 companies is not nearly enough, proceed to disband every 
Regiment and Company you have been given to aid the Indian importing efforts.

Once every unit that isn't an Indian artillery Company has been ordered to go home 
repeat step 43 multiple times until you the game no longer lets you produce Indian 
Artillery Companies.

Now, sip on your tea as you bare witness to the making of history, for the world is 
about to change. Unleash your artillery companies upon every town that you suspect 
of having Germans in it. Do not be discouraged by any obstacles in the way such as 
so called 'minefields' or 'anti tank gun detachments' as nothing can stop you now.

As you proceed to annihilate any and all opposition, you may find yourself worried 
by some of your companies being destroyed. When this happens, revisit your closest 
British-occupied port and simply, crank out more.

Having successfully reenacted the entire Soviet COH2 campaign but with Indian 
artillery companies as your conscripts you have now reestablished the East India 
Tea Company as a powerhouse in the Mediterranean.

You may now bask in the glory of your creation and rest easy, for you, have made

How to Access the Essence Editor:
Written by Logan

This guide will show you how to access the essence editor.

-=Accessing the Essence Editor=-
The Essence Editor is launched via EssenceEditor.exe located into the COH3 
installation folder. 

* In your Steam Library, locate Company of Heroes 3. 
* Right click -> Hover over “Manage” 
* -> Click on “Browse local files”. 
* This will open up File Explorer to the installation folder.
* Scroll down in File Explorer until you find "EssenceEditor.exe". 
* Double-click this file.

How to Enable Ultra Textures:
Written by KiRiASU

Guide on how to enable Ultra Textures on a GPU with less than 16 GB of VRAM.

* Go to “C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 3”
* Open “configuration_system.lua” with a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++
* Go to [28] setting = “texturedetail”
* Set variantUInt = 0,
* Save and exit!
* No need to make the file read-only. 
* It won’t reset unless you do change texture setting manually.

How to Counter Axis Tanks (Early Game):
Its not too bad if your counting on it.

Get 2 squads upgraded with the boys AT rifles, the sticky grenades are not 
really reliable as a decent axis player will do everything he can to keep 
his tanks away.

* That should help for a little while but not long, try to get bazookas out 
  asap or tech to guards infantry.
* The boys AT will hold off light to med till then, a field gun will also 
  hold them off but thats all you can do until you get aggressive power units.
* Keep the mentality “hold them off” while trying to inflict casualties on the 
* Very early on you can upgrade one or two of your soldiers with the anti-tank  
* That will scare away any early vehicles and they can be used on the tanks later.
* Also get the anti-tank grenades, which you can get very early.
* Beyond that, build the tier 2 & 3 buildings and bring out tanks yourself, and 
  anti-tank guns.

How to Obtain Lest We Forget Achievement:
Written by Pyrrhic Genocide

March 7, 2023 0

How to get the Lest We Forget achievement, plus a tip for Campaign Skirmishes.

* Collect all Soldier Stories

-=How to Get the Achievement=_
To get the achievement, you have to fight as many battles/skirmishes in the 
campaign as possible. Every time a loading screen is present with a letter to or 
from a soldier, it counts to the goal. I believe that you do need to get every 
single letter at least once. In my experience I have noticed that if you are 
constantly fighting and actively trying to engage in every enemy unit that you 
can you can get the achievement around turn 30.

-=Campaign Skirmish Tips=-
To help streamline beating skirmishes, I have found that the easiest method is 
to get around 2 units that use explosives (i.e. SSF and Paratroopers, Bazookas, 
etc.) and use an M3 Half track or a M29 Weasel to bring your troops into the 
enemy HQ.

Once in the enemy HQ unload your troops and unleash high yield explosives on 
the main HQ. Destroying the main HQ will ALWAYS result in a mission success no 
matter the progress in your goals and will ALWAYS give you the bonus objective 
skill point even if you did not complete it.

Its so much easier to do this than actually fight in every skirmish, they get 
very boring very quick.

For the Paratroopers, just drop them in the enemy HQ making sure that you have 
enough Munitions to upgrade to their M9 Bazookas

For the SSF, try to upgrade them to get their timed explosives as they are 
completely busted and will almost one shot an HQ. When trying to deploy the 
timed explosives you need to have them hold fire, or it will auto cancel. Once 
the explosives are set have them run away before opening fire.

For the Bazookas, I recommend building 2 squads and loading them in a Medical 
M3 Half track. This way they can get healed while destroying the enemy HQ. If 
possible try to send supporting infantry or a machine gun squad to cover them 
while they rain hell on your enemies.

Destroying Axis:
Destroying Axis can be done by killing and taking any MG you come across, that 
sets them back pretty badly. Furthermore destroy armor viciously on sight.

They can repair a damaged vehicle but a destroyed one is a huge loss of early 
fuel resources. (That’s the secret no one wants you to know, actually losing 
units early on loses you the game)

The same applies to you so retreat your units before they’re killed. For 
infantry you want to do this not only to conserve manpower but more importantly 
to conserve their veterancy Experience. Veteran units wreck regular units all 
day any day.

How to kill MGs? Honestly I don’t have much trouble just rushing a Grenade or 
2 on them, maybe move a cannon fodder unit in first to attract most of the 
suppression (sorry starting engineers). – Build an MG of your own early on too.

Early armor, AT grenades and build an Early AT gun and keep it safe behind 
the bulk of your units.

My starting strategy is typically:
* Send starting infantry to cap
* Build 2 basic Infantry, send to cap immediately upon production
* Merge all of my units to push the expected center focal point(s)
* By this time I’m building MG units/AT guns
* Retreat at any point where my units might die, avoid losing an entire 
  unit at all costs.

If I retreat my frontline I need to quickly move my MGs/AT guns back before 
they’re overrun.

If I’m playing well I can predict when I don’t have the upper hand and will 
move my units back rather than a full retreat back to base waiting for that 
first MG/AT gun/Medical Half-track to back my units up just as the enemy 
begins their expected push.

Get an healing half-track out as early as possible btw.

After this point I can usually relax and bring out my first Anti-Tank vehicles 
and the game is basically over, you want to aggressively push the enemy points 
from the start until the end to starve them of resources.

PS: Learn some of the basics of RTS games like grouping units by number (1 for 
my main infantry, 2 for either auxiliary Infantry or MGs, 3 for tanks, 4 for 
Anti-Tank units, 5 for support, 7 for Arty is what I normally do).

Que your actions, for example at the start send your starting unit off to cap 
4-5 points in a row so you can ignore him for a little while and he’ll complete 
each task in sequence, do the same for various other things such as repairing 
a row of vehicles and so on. Stay aware of what’s happening at all times, when 
you’re new it can be easy to neglect a portion of the map where you might have 
a unit just standing in the open doing nothing but soaking damage until you 
hear “We’ve lost a unit” bla bla bla which is a rather rude way to find out 
that you forgot about something.

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