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  Hints and Tips for: Company of Heroes 3 
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 Company of Heroes 3 Cheats

Company of Heroes 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Establish the East India Tea Company as a Powerhouse in the Mediterranean:
Written by DzikaKielbasa

The rookie commanders handy guide to giving a rough pounding to any Jerry/non tea 
drinking opposition located in and around but not limited to the Mediterranean Sea. 
For King and Country!

The first thing you have to do after starting a new campaign and selecting the only 
suitable approach (The British one) is get yourself enough fuel for an Indian 
Artillery Company. To do this you will most likely have to engage in your first Skirmish.

This will usually be the capture of your local airfield to allow for importing and 
exporting several hundred tons of tea and Indians.

Once you have captured said airfield you will most likely need to invade and colonise 
more territories before you have enough resources.

If you're worried that this sounds like too much of a hassle or even difficult, 
quickly proceed to slap yourself and drink 3 litres of Yorkshire's finest. Having
drowned away your problems remember that you are British and colonising territories 
is what you are made for.

Now that basic brain function has been restored execute a wonderous roadtrip through 
several Italian towns possibly enlisting the help of your local Naval Armada to 
motivate the locals to be more accepting of you and your various questionable 
practices and shipping habits.

Now that you have conquered half of Italy, it is now time to bring the Indians and 
dominate the battlefield.

Find your local port and open the unit production menu selecting the UK units.

Proceed to order as many Indian Artillery Companies as your supply lines allow.

Once the Indians have been ordered forget about any trivial objectives such as 
'Capturing monte cassino' or 'Rescuing the partisans' and skip days until they 
have arrived (This is step 43, remember this for later).

Now, realising that 1 or 2 companies is not nearly enough, proceed to disband every 
Regiment and Company you have been given to aid the Indian importing efforts.

Once every unit that isn't an Indian artillery Company has been ordered to go home 
repeat step 43 multiple times until you the game no longer lets you produce Indian 
Artillery Companies.

Now, sip on your tea as you bare witness to the making of history, for the world is 
about to change. Unleash your artillery companies upon every town that you suspect 
of having Germans in it. Do not be discouraged by any obstacles in the way such as 
so called 'minefields' or 'anti tank gun detachments' as nothing can stop you now.

As you proceed to annihilate any and all opposition, you may find yourself worried 
by some of your companies being destroyed. When this happens, revisit your closest 
British-occupied port and simply, crank out more.

Having successfully reenacted the entire Soviet COH2 campaign but with Indian 
artillery companies as your conscripts you have now reestablished the East India 
Tea Company as a powerhouse in the Mediterranean.

You may now bask in the glory of your creation and rest easy, for you, have made

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