Covert Front 3 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Covert Front 3 
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 Covert Front 3 Cheats

Covert Front 3

Submitted by: David K. 

1. railway station

- scroll to the man with gazette, collect gazette, open it from inventory, collect 
  wallet and a document.
- enter the station and go left to the tickets window. Buy a ticket, doesn't matter 
  which one. Go back to the main hall and into the lounge, and then into the locker 
- click on locker 102 and enter code 2340 (From a hint contained in the document). 
  Collect everything from the locker.
- Go back to the tickets, now window on the left is open. Buy a swiss army knife.
- find restaurant and go into the toilet. Enter the far right toilet booth and look 
  up. Unscrew the window using the knife, and click on open window.

2. safe house

- enter the hotel, talk to the manager, buy key 14.
- go upstairs, unlock room 14 and enter. Find bible on the bed, collect a document 
  from the bible. zoom on the telephone, take off the ear-piece (drag it to table on 
  right side), and enter the number you got from the bible.
- open the closet and go into the secret room. Collect lever from the carton box on 
  the ground and key from the far right drawer of the desk. turn around and use them 
  both on the device next to the exit. Then turn the key and lever. Both lights should 
  go white. 

- now turn left and approach the machine. Zoom on the codename input and enter m-24-7-69 
- now the machine should display "Kara"; zoom out and click the main button on that 
  machine. A print comes out. collect it. 
- Get out of the hotel into the street, and click on the exit that says "old town";

3. the library

- zoom on door on the left wall. Use newspaper to break the window. Click on window to 
  unlock the door. click on handle to enter the library.
- go right once and enter the door that's in front of you. There should be a rail. 
  Open it by clicking the lock on the gate. Now open the drawer, take the large key. 
  zoom out and click on the machine on the desk. enter 32185 and collect the print out. 
  Exit that room.

- go right and into the big main hall with a star on the floor. Enter the middle door 
- open the gate with the large key. Enter the room. Click on the "n" closet and "e" 
  drawer. Collect the book card. Go back to the main hall.
- enter the left door (books). Open the gate and zoom on the machine input slot. 
  Use the book card and press button. Collect the book.
- look at the book in the inventory, collect photograph from it. Look at the photograph. 
  go back to the main hall. 
- enter door on the right (newspapers). zoom on the machine and click on the button that 
  says "Zurichsee Zeitung". Click on the set of newspapers and on one active newspaper. 
  Zoom out. Look at the newspaper on the table, click on von Toten's picture and again on 
  his suitcase. go back to the main hall and click on the star on the floor.

4. trapped

- click on Manfred and talk to him. After he leaves, zoom in on the bed grating and 
  collect four metal rods (first one is to be taken by hand, other using the first rod). 
- turn around and face the wall with cracks on it (you should have the gate on your 
  right side and window on the left). Find four spots to place the rods in, and click the 
  corner beneath the ceiling. 

5. the airfield.

- click on the building twice, so you're facing its front wall. click the rainspout near 
  the open window. Inside turn on both levers. Exit the building.
- go near the plane. Zoom on the wheels and take out the blocking logs. zoom out. 
- click on the pilot's cabin, beneath the wings and turn the horizontal lever. get out.
- zoom in ot the propeller and turn it.
- get back to the pilot's cabin and turn the main steering lever.
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