Cowpocalypse: Episode 1 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cowpocalypse: Episode 1 
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 Cowpocalypse: Episode 1 Cheats

Cowpocalypse: Episode 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

*Take the blanket from your bed and the knife which is in front of the door.
*Combine knife and blanket.
*Go on the balcony and use the rope to get down.
*Take the tape and go around the house (to the right).
*Inspect the buttons on the well and speak with Santa afterwards. 
 Repeatedly pick top choice.
*Go inside the cabin.
*Listen to the record on your mobile phone.
*Take the wrench and the chair.
*Place the chair below the map/picture, stand on it and use the wrench to get 
 rid of the screws.
*Obtain the red bucket.
*Head back to the entrance of your house and use the wrench to get the lamp.
*Interact with the tree on the right to get some nuts.
*Head back to the cabin. Use the wrench on the nuts and put them into the bender.
*Mix the nuts and put the peanutbutter in the jar.
*Give the jar to Rudolf. Speak with Santa to get the cable for the well.
*Combine the cable with the tape and repair the electricity box. 
 Press the green button on the well.
*Put the bucket on the hook and lower the rope with the red button. 
 Get the bucket back.
*Estinguish the fire with the water bucket.
*Go to the left.
*Try to pick the rubber duck and speak with Fred, the tree. 
 Repeatedly pick top choice.
*Walk to the right and inspect the other side of the broken bridge.
*Speak with Fred again. Always pick top choice.
*Inspect the crowns of the trees in the forest and talk to Fred again. 
 I noticed something, while looking around.
 Well you seem to be so alone here.
 But they canít talk, right?
 Isnít that makes you feel lonely?
 Youíre welcome.
 Everyone you ever cared about is gone.
*Go to the right and examine the mountains.
*Head back to Fred. 
 You lost your old life, but you could go anywhere. Discover the world.
 Here you are with your big brain, you can talkÖ
 Look at me. I have two legs. I can run, I can climb mountains.
 Donít you want to see the ocean? With its help, you could drift anywhere.
*Go down the rabbit hole and catch the beaver with your sock.
*Talk with Fred and always pick top choice.
*Kill Fred with the beaver and cross the bridge.
*Speak with him Fred 2.0 for the last time and pick top choice twice.
*Take the long branch next to the right side:
*Head to the right.
*Find a bowl on the very right and a deodrant in the rubbish.
*Combine deodrant with tape, use the branch with the spider web and follow the path.
*Find some matches in the trash behind the tree and go to the very left.
*Speak with Melissa, the car and exhaust all dialog options.
*Pick up the hammer.
*Take a closer look at the window next to the big tree on the right.
*Get a nail (top right) with the hammer and the key with your branchweb.
*Combine the hammer and the nail.
*Go back to the path on the right and use the hammer/nail with the toxic barrel.
*Put the bowl below the barrel and use the hammer to get rid of the nail.
*Take the toxic bowl.
*Head back to were you killed Fred 2.0.
*Place the deodrant and the bowl on the purple crystal Ė set it on fire.
*Obtain the crystal and give it together with the key to Melissa.
*Inspect the car trunk and get two ropes. Place and connect them:
*Start the engine and go inside the barn!

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