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  Hints and Tips for: Creatures 3 
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 Creatures 3 Cheats

Creatures 3

Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+ C during game play to display the "CAOS Command Line". 
Then, enter one of the following Cheats.

Effect                          Code 	
Click for pickup activation   - Scrp 2 24 4 1 mesg wrt+ ownr 12345 50 5 0 endm
Change number of Creatures    - setv game "c3_max_creatures" [number] rgam
Change number of Norns        - setv game "c3_max_norns" [number] rgam
Debug mode                    - Setv game "engine_debug_keys" 1 rgam
Extend life span              - targ norn chem 125 1
Kill all indicated agents     - Enum [x x x number] kill targ next
Maximum Bioenergy             - setv game "Bioenergy" 1000
Norn ages by 1                - Targ Norn Ages 1
Teach all Creatures languages - Enum 4 0 0 vocb next

Hidden song:
Play the "DJ_G.wav" file in the game's sound directory to hear a hidden rap song 
from Grendel. 

* Give your Norn something to interact with, such as a ball, as soon as you can.
  These guys learn on their own, but the more you nudge them, the better they 
  become. Also, dump them in the Learning Room when they're little and set the
  Learning Machine on Auto Teacher. 

* Be careful when rewarding your Norn. Instead of tickling them, you might slap
  them by mistake. Wait until they sit still. Also, hitting your Norn more than 
  a few times terrifies it, and if it can speak, it will tell you so. 
  Repeated abuse causes it to die. 

* To defend Norns from Grendels, try this setup: Take a Sludgegun and connect it
  to a Creature Detector. Then connect the Detector to a radio set to ten or more
  (this increases the rate of fire). Program the Creature Detector to look for 
  Grendels, and place the contraption near the entrance portal. Now, whenever a 
  Grendel approaches, the gun locks onto it and blasts it with gobs of sludge. 

Debug mode:
Submitted by: cheatbook
After enabling the "Debug mode" code, enter one of the following codes during 
game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                                 Code
Cycle through display resolutions    - [Shift]+[Home]
Force a tick, even when debug paused - [Shift]+[Space]
Move to next Metaroom                - [Shift]+[Page Down]
Move to previous Metaroom            - [Shift]+[Page Up]
Debug pause                          - [Shift]+[Pause]
Toggle map line display              - [Shift]+[Insert]
Toggles object of attention box      - [Shift]+[Delete]
Toggle faster skeleton update speed  - [Shift]+[End]
Disable autokill                     - [Ctrl]+[Shift] + F
Toggle windowed fullscreen display   - [Alt]+[Shift] + Enter
Wolfing run mode                     - [Ctrl]+[Shift] + W
Faster time in Wolfing run mode      - [Ctrl]+[Shift] + F

No Grendels:
At the start of a new world (or a present world with no Grendels yet), go to 
the Grendel World and wait for a Grendel egg to be made. Before the egg hatches,
throw it in the Pahranna Pit. The egg will never grow or hatch. Do not leave yet.
Wait for the second egg and do the same thing. Then, no Grendels can be born.

Kill Grendels:
You can kill Grendels quickly with a Mud Cannon. If can place it together with a 
thing to indicate Grendels, you can defend your Terrarium. 

No Grendles on your ship:
There is a limited amount of creatures that can be on one ship so if you have a 
whole bunch of Norns there won't be so many Grendles. If you have reached the limit
some of your eggs won't hatch until another creature dies. 

Bouncy items:
To get an egg bouncing around your ship follow these steps:

1. Get an egg, any egg will do. It can even be a Grendel egg.
2. Put it in your briefcase (that little thing on the right side of the screen 
   hat can hold items.)
3. Go to the Airlock on the bridge. That is the airlock on the right side of the 
   metal area with the door to space facing left.
4. KEEP YOUR BRIEFCASE OPEN and start the airlock countdown.
5. Move the briefcase so that it covers the area where the airlock is.
6. When the airlock opens, the egg should start bouncing from side to side. 
   Now you take it, still in the briefcase to the room where you want the egg to be 
   flying around forever (you CAN catch it if you want later.)
7. Carry the egg high up in the hand, then just as you are letting go, move the mouse 
   sharply in one direction. (I usually throw it up and a little right.)
8. Now be amused, and don't be surprised if while a norn is eating or sleeping, when 
   you least expect it, an egg flies by your screen.

(Note: This can be done with other items, and SOME animals. I haven't tested all the
different animals yet.)

Get Rid Of Grendals:
When you have hatched your norns go into the jungle area of the ship and next to 
the piranha pool there should be a grendal egg pick it up and put it in the piranha
pool. Once you have done this wait a while and another egg will appear put that egg
in the piranha pool then no grendels will hatch because they're in the piranha pool
and there are only two grendals a time allowed on the ship!

No Grendels:
At the start of a new world (or a present world with no Grendels yet), go to the
Grendel World and wait for a Grendel egg to be made. Before the egg hatches, throw
it in the Pahranna Pit. The egg will never grow or hatch. Do not leave yet. Wait 
for the second egg and do the same thing. Then, no Grendels can be born.

Delete item or creature:
Submitted by: suttree lowery

using this can be useful, such as deleting a grendel from existence. 

HIt ctrl+shift+c.
A menu should pop up.
type this exactly:
kill hots

Hit enter when your mouse is over what you wanna delete.
to close the menu hit the same set of keys you did to open the menu.

NOTE: If you try to delete the grendel egg layer, it will be deleted but it won't

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