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  Hints and Tips for: Crescent Pale Mist 
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 Crescent Pale Mist Cheats

Crescent Pale Mist

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlock Boss-Only Mode and Music Room:
After finding Artifact, the Boss-Only Mode and the Music Room can be unlocked.
To unlock Boss-Only Mode, obtain the Mysterious Button from D’Artagnan in 
Chapter 5, Area 002. There is a chance the item may not be dropped from 
D’Artagnan, so equipping the Thief's Dagger may increase the chance of finding
it. After obtaining the Mysterious Button, at the Title Screen, press the Pause
button and you can fight the bosses of each chapter. To unlock the Music Room, 
look for the Music Room Key at the bottom-most part of Chapter 6 just before 
reaching the corridor housing power-ups and enemies leading into the final 
bosses. After obtaining the Music Room Key, you can listen to the music of 
the game from the Title Screen.

Unlock Terror and Nightmare difficulty:
After obtaining a specific Artifact in the game and meeting certain conditions,
two extra difficulty levels can be unlocked. To unlock Terror difficulty, you 
must find the Terror Medallion from of the Black Star armors found hidden in 
Chapter 4, Area 017. After getting the Artifact, clear the game on Hard mode
and slay a total of 8,000 or more enemies in the game to unlock Terror Mode 
(your progress of how many enemies you slain can be seen in the Results screen
and the Title Screen becomes increasing more red with each enemy killed). There
is a chance you may not get the item from the Black Star armors, so bringing 
the Thief's Dagger may help increase the odds of earning it. 
To unlock Nightmare difficulty, you kill the Nightmare of Legend in Chapter 3,
Area 040. Once it's defeated and you've earn the Nightmare Medallion, clear 
the game on Terror difficulty to unlock Nightmare Mode.

Boss Only mode:
Obtain the Mysterious Button from D'Artagnan on Chapter 5, Area 002 under 
the Normal or higher difficulty setting. Note: Because the item may not be 
dropped from D'Artagnan, use the Thief's Dagger to increase the chance of 
it to appear. To activate Boss mode, press [Pause] at the title screen. You 
will then fight the Bosses of each chapter.

Terror difficulty:
Obtain the Terror Medallion from one of the three Black Star enemies on 
Chapter 4, Area 017 under the Hard difficulty setting. 
Note: Use the Thief's Dagger to increase the chance of it to appear. 
Then, complete the game under the Hard difficulty setting with over 
10,000 enemies killed.

Nightmare difficulty:
Obtain the Nightmare Medallion after defeating the Nightmare Of Legend
in Chapter 3, Area 040 under the Fear difficulty setting. Then, complete
the game under the Terror difficulty setting.

Music room:
Locate the music room key on Chapter 6 under the Normal or higher 
difficulty setting. It is found at the bottom-most part of the chapter,
just before reaching the corridor with power-ups and enemies leading 
into the final Bosses. You can now listen to the game's music at the 
title screen.

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